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House5/25/14 5:56pm
Eywin grinned, and shrugged. "Guess we can find out another time then," he mused, and led the way on to the bar.

It was more of a dive, really. Within a nearby bundle of buildings, an alleyway gave room to a stairwell that led deeper into the earth. Below, the bar was little more than an expanse of a room, with a wooden ceiling riddled with lights, and a spattering of bat tables dotting the floor. It was loud, to say the least, and brimming with people, though most were crowded around the back.

He ushered them on to the actual bar, slapping one of the patrons on the back and nodding away. The man looked at him, then to Calv, and grinned, before hopping up and vanishing into the crowd. Eywin took a seat just as a loud shout from the back rang out, followed by a chorus of cheers and boos mashing together.

"One round for both o'us, on me," he said, and the Keeper tending behind the table nodded, going off to grab their drinks. Eywin gave her a smile, and patted the stool beside him. "G'on, take a seat, ain't the firs' Shock these lot've seen."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 6:05pm
Calv hopped up on the stool, propping her elbows on the table. "Yeah, I'd figure not." Her ears popped up, eyes skimming the area--yeah, a bit dirty, a bit loud, but she could do that. Never rich, after all, and though she hadn't exactly frequented places like this, she did to to college, have the experience, get plastered and dragged home from skeevy dives. After a moment waiting for the drinks, she offered a quick conversation sparker: "So where's the accent from?"

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House5/25/14 6:11pm
The tender came back and slid them their drinks before too long, and Eywin took it gratefully, before downing it in a broken, but single swig. He then signaled for another, and swiveled a bit to face Calv. Confidence, this was home-field, he could get a grip on the suave if he tried hard enough.

"Well t'be fair it used to be a tad more refined, but s'from my folks. Norvondire, north-ish. But /I/," he said, slapping a jovial hand down on the table. "Am Calypsan. Love it'ere. Been more than a home. How about 'cherself? Where's a pretty lil' thing like you tumble from?"

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 6:14pm
Calv cracked a grin, and matched his chug, tipping her head back and downing it in a single motion, before clunking the mug back onto the bar. "We-ell, all over kinda. Mom was a Shock, Dad was a something-not-there, so just bounced a lot. Liked it though, seen most of Anduruna by now. Granted, in this work, not the prettier parts, but y'know, something to be said for the rougher bits." Her grin tugged at a corner, one brow cocking up as her eyes skimmed down his form, around the back of the bar, and then back to his own gaze.

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House5/25/14 6:21pm
He grinned back. It was a shame about her parents -or her dad at least-, but he figured prying and reminding wasn't a good thing. "So yer well-seasoned then, thas' lovely. How d'ye like the Shocks? Ye get situations like this often? The power-usin' monster hunter situations, I mean, not the royal-escort ones."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 6:26pm
Calv paused, then shrugged. "Monsters are new--but not the power users and illegal weaponry. I mean, it isn't /common/ per se, but I see it often enough. That's what took my mom out, actually--out of the field, I mean. Power user, this big kinda knife-circle-maker-thing, caught her in the leg. She was pretty high up though, so she got a nice cushy desk job, working right under the top guy. And there was once a guy with this experimental springer--nothing too big, but they had me go get 'im, and I got two months out of commish and a nice scar to show for it. You wanna see the scar though, it'll take three dates or a helluva lot more alcohol." The words were plain--not quite rehearsed, but information she'd gotten used to, nothing that phased her any more. Her mouth pulled back into a grin at the last bit, though, and she accentuated it with a pointed wink.

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joeden5/25/14 6:30pm
Voodoo scratched his chin before going down to the far end of the wall and looked at Fel and then pulled out a seven foot long bow, he then pulled a short bow and a cross bow bringin them back and said, “dis what got. Long-bow short bow cross bow, but wha no powa use these do nothing ta nightmas an powa usas?”

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House5/25/14 6:34pm
Eywin couldn't help but grimace at the retelling of the stories. There was a reason powers always freaked him out, and it was people like that, with the weird, deadly ones. Who the hell finds a practical use for a ring of knives? He might have commented with concern on her own injury story, but then she quickly turned it another direction.

Not wanting to spoil the light-hearted mood, he grinned and started on his second drink. "Three dates eh? Betcha I can do'et in two. Two an'a half if ye like slow walks an' movies."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 6:39pm
Calv's brows popped up, her lip pulling back between her teeth, and there was a clear challenge in her eyes. "Ooo, question is whether you're more bark than bite." She swiveled on the stool, side to the bar and facing him fully, arms spread in a "come at me" gesture. "Alright big boy, impress me. Date one has officially commenced, timer's going."

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FelGrey5/25/14 6:53pm
Fel patted the steel rod he intended to use as a club, and flicked the pouch of ball bearings

"I've got these and my power for the nightmare. I will use the bow for keepers. I don't want to kill them. I was planning on using a Springer for limbs and incapacitation. A blunt arrow should be enough, though.And, it has the bonus of being silent."

He took the shortbow, and tested the draw. He grunted, it was tough but not unusable. This was good.

"I've only used them a few times, but it should work for me okay. As long as I'm not trying super far, it should be fine."

The bow came with a quiver of broadhead arrows. He frowned, he would have to remove them and cap them with something blunt. That would be more than enough to knock an unsuspecting keeper out when pegged in the head.

"Are there any spent Springer casings around? The shell should make a good field blunt"

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House5/25/14 6:54pm
He slapped the empty glass down on the table, and turned to face her too, leaning on one arm as he looked her over.

"A'right Missy, yer askin' for'et. I'll have ye know that I am th'most carin', sincere, romantic an' honest individual this side'o-"

Eywin was not allotted the time to finish his little speech. A man grasped him from behind in an iron-grip of a bear hug, and hoisted him a few inches up off of the chair for a few brief moments before setting him back down.

"You little bastard!" the man roared, but a grin was on his face. "Was beginnin' to think you weren't gonna show! Riggers've been lookin' all over for you today where the hell have you been?"

He hopped up out of his seat, giving Calv a nervous grin, and squeaked out a chuckle before whirling around and slapping the man on the shoulder, dragging him a few feet off and falling into a huddle with him. The man looked back at Calv a few times, each time his look growing more sour, before he gave a puzzled frown to Eywin. Eywin just put his arms out, as if to hug the man, and after a few moments the other caved, grinned, and hugged him back, before heading over to the crowd of people again.

"Aheh...sarreh about that. Big ol' fucker's a bit confused," he said, taking a seat beside her again. His ears flitted towards her, but his eyes had trouble, and danced from her, to the bar table, to his glass. He cleared his throat and signaled for another drink.

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 7:00pm
Calv leaned forward as he spoke, eyes getting brighter with each word, wheels already turning for a good comeback, but just as excited to hear what he had to say--

But it was interrupted, and she jerked back a bit, giving the two some space. Her first thought was relative--but then, no. She frowned a bit, lips pulling down at the corners as the little ordeal finished itself up, and turning into a legitimate frown as Eywin excused the incident, and her body turned a bit more to the bar.

She lifted her finger as well, calling for another mug, and her voice was sharp at the edges when she spoke. "Y'know, sexism is still a problem. Everywhere, I mean--people try and say it's not, and it's definitely better than it has been, but if you think I've never been talked down to or told to pick an easier job just 'cause I'm a woman, you'd be wrong. And if you think a trained police officer and public safety official is too dumb to see when somebody's lying to her, you'd be dead wrong."

The drink arrived, and she downed about a third of it in one swig. "Eywin, you seem like a nice guy. And really, I don't care if you--I don't even know what it's called, box in bars for drunk people's money--I don't care if you do. Not my problem, not my division. But if you think for one second that I'm gonna put up with a guy lying to me, you've got another thing coming, and good a time as I'm having, I'll walk right out that door."

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House5/25/14 7:14pm
He took what was coming without much complaint. He'd figured somewhere in the back of his mind that she was too smart to fall for some half-assed excuse, but he had to try, if for nothing else than out of reflex. When she was done, he went to take a drink, but instead set his glass down and sighed.

"Aye, aye yer right. Was rude'a me to lie, but y'got it wrong, at least a bit. I ain't lyin' cause I think yer stupid, or cause yer a lady, I couldn't give a way to Sunday about what ye got between yer legs quite frankly," he said, immediately regretting his jab at humor. "Look, th'people here're here cause this is et. Y'don't /choose/ this, y'end up with this. Et ain't you they don't trust, et's that there uniform o'yers. But if I didn't think I could trust'ye down here, I'da brought us somewhere else 'till then."

He gathered up the strength to take a drink, but this time didn't quite finish the mug. Nevertheless, he went on. "I didn't think I'd have to explain m'self tonight, kinda wanted t'lay down the whole 'good guy' thing b'fore I dropped the whole 'underground boxer' thing. I wouldn't stop ye from leavin', thas' your choice to make, an' I'll respect it either way. For what et's worth tho', ye'd have my word from ere'on."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 7:18pm
Calv's ears were back a bit--she listened, silently, chewing her lip again. When he finished, she paused for a moment, letting the words sink in. She lazily swirled the drink in her mug, then took another long swig of it. She gulped what she took in, let out a sigh, and then turned back to Eywin. A glance up, a glance down, a twist of her mouth, and then, "'Honest individual this side of' what, exactly?"

Her mouth pulled up again, flare back in her eyes--oh, he wasn't quite off the hook, not yet, but honestly, he was acting on instinct, and she'd known plenty of people who'd done the same and not had the strength to apologize for it.

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joeden5/25/14 7:26pm
Voodoo blinked and said, “If inconpastating all want then ya wan tha vall thar.” He pointed to a wall down the other side next to the med centre full of weapons that were all easily seen as incapacitators. Voodoo also had gotten a quiver of weird looking arrows as he said, “we gat everythin fram your shockies to your sleepies to immovabliatiors. Bat ya want bow still, ve gat these shockie arraws they sting bat don’ kill.”

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