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FelGrey5/25/14 3:36pm
"I am not into firearms, I do thank you sincerely for the offer. I wouldn't want to deprive someone of a familiar weapon in a life threatening situation, however."

He offered a slight bow, hoping not to offend.

"Thank you for the insight as well."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 3:48pm
Calv smiled, stuffing the weapon in her pocket. "All good, no problem."

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FelGrey5/25/14 4:02pm
"I think I shall be off for the moment, I will see if I can acquire a weapon from the establishment."

So saying he looks around, searching for Jamie, wishing to ask about lightweight, accurate weapons.

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joeden5/25/14 4:13pm
Ollow was taken aback at this, he meant no disrespect by this at all and said, “sorry wasn’t trying to be rude just curious of how you liked to fight that was all.” He then ran his hands through his face trying to figure out what to do next.

Specter found this to be insulting the people who he lived with have been nothing but nice and kind he then typed, “What do you mean not care about me? Everyone in the compound has been nothing but nice ever since I was rescued from the Bloodshots, and I suppose the shocks care?”

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 4:19pm
"If they really cared, dontcha think they would have warned you about things that they're having you do that could potentially get you in a lot of trouble?" She cocked a brow up, lip curled slightly. "Shocks bring somebody in, we make sure they know what kind of world they're living in. Shelter's only good until the roof caves in, and if it's something like /this/ it's always gonna cave. They can be as nice as they like, but at the end of the day they're keeping important information away from you, information that could potentially--whether it actually does or not doesn't matter--change your mind about the kind of place they've got you in."

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House5/25/14 4:22pm
"Not offended at all," Eywin said flatly. "I'm just sarreh I can't be of more help t'ye. Ye look young, ye fight a lot?"

It was somewhat troubling. He wasn't sure how old Ollow was, but he did look young. If he wasn't, well then the guy was lucky to have a young face, but if he was, and he was mixed up in business like this...well, it was more than a bit disturbing to him. Sure, he'd taken off young, but he'd never been mixed up with power users and monsters.

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FelGrey5/25/14 4:29pm
Fel wandered around the property, finding his way toward an arsenal of sorts. Asking of others around, he grabbed a medium sized Springer and was pointed toward three clips withthe proper ammunition. He figured out how to put in clips and take them out, but needed a hand learning the specifics.He started to look around some more...

((Think the SMG sized Springer vi is carrying in a sneak peak of v4))

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joeden5/25/14 5:04pm
Ollow liking the answer he got responded with, “yea I sparr all the time with my brother and my friends when we’re not in classes or doing odd jobs for the farms outside the city or the elderly in the city.”

Specter rubbed his chin for a second before coming to the answer, and began typing as the device said, “now that you mention it they did say not to use your power in the city only when you’re outside the city and no where’s near the place. At least not until the government topples on its own weight and the city falls into ruin.”


Voodoo, was down in the armory looking through some boxes for whatever it was needed, when he noticed Fel coming down and looking at one of the SMGs. He went over and said, “Ay mon ‘ow ‘ou doin, don’ think dat springa ya style. It make many body fast, high recoil hurts. ‘ou don’ look like body maka ta me.” He then looked around the stocks and pulled out a couple of tonfas handing it to Fel and said, “less a killin more a painin.” The two tonfas consists of a stick with a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of the stick, and was fifteen inches long.

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 5:06pm
Calv let out a laugh. "Convenient! Glad to know you've been taken care of so well. Super handy, definitely doesn't sound excuses for them, so handy that the /second/ I point out a flaw in your little system, it's got a nice little patch."

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House5/25/14 5:15pm
"Thas' uhhh...thas' real sweet'a ye, kid," Eywin said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sure yer on yer way to uh... great thangs, yeah."

Spirits he was bad with inspiration. At least he did nice things, though the boy did sound like he was piling it on rather thick, so perhaps he was lying, too. He looked around, hands finding their ways once again back to his pockets.

"Well, since we've got a few hours, ah thenk I might go out fer a bit. Prior obligations an' such like," he said, giving Ollow a nod before making his way off.

And just in time too, it seemed. Calv wasn't looking all too happy with the other guy. Worked for him, as long as she was still up for getting out of there -which he honestly wouldn't doubt.

"Calv, 'ey," he said, moseying over to the two of them. "We've got a couple'a hours, wonderin' if maybe ye still might wanna grab that drenk before all this starts up, eh?"

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 5:21pm
Calv turned, head cocked up. The hardness that had settled in her eyes morphed to a flirtatious spark. "Y'know, sounded like you were heading that way earlier--but y'know, proper Knight and all, prefer a more official declaration of intent from my Princesses." Still, she leaned up off the wall, moved to follow him.

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joeden5/25/14 5:39pm
Ollow knew that Eywin thought he was lying and said before going over to the couch, “okay have fun.” He then jumped over the back of the couch stretching out he pulled out his data scroll and went through his games.

Specter looked absolutely confused at what Calv said, what did she mean by nice little patch? He honestly didn’t know what that meant and went to the fridge to get a drink.

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FelGrey5/25/14 5:39pm
Fel grinned when Voodoo approached him, he knew this guy! He considered the tonfas that were proffered, unshure of taking them.

"Thanks Voodoo, but I wanted something ranged that I didn't have to use my power for. Now that I think on there an old fashioned bow around? I can make some blunt tips for it..."

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House5/25/14 5:43pm
"Aye, yer formally invited to a shady lil' bar I know of not too far from'ere," he said, offering something of a bow before continuing on and out of the warehouse. "So, might I ask if my Knightly companion's a lightweight?"

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 5:47pm
Calv grinned, her hands dropping into her pockets as she trotted alongside him. "That a challenge, good sir? I'm not, I'll have you know, and were we not about to go pick a fight with the biggest sunuvabitch we can find, I'd take it up."

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