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Subscribe to this thread Harmony created by Prometheus on April 24, 2014

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MobileCrusader5/3/14 3:16pm
The fact that the insect is looking out for the bat is very ironic.

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ezioauditore975/4/14 9:56am
Correction to Dan's statement;there have been a few threats regarding getting eaten.O'Naicul for example threatens Bast that way so I'd imagine the larger and more twisted DK's know few bounds for their depravity.

I do have to say that Harmony's design is certainly a different one and it does help variety.

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MobileCrusader5/4/14 7:28pm
The fact that there are a few crazy people willing to eat another is not surprising to me. I'm sure those people exist in our world too.

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CalicoYorki5/4/14 7:51pm
Yes, they're called cannibals, Mobile.

I seriously love Harmony's design, and I wonder if she could perhaps be a mayfly.

As I recall, mayfly females are very beautiful flying insects, whose eggs are spawned underwater before hatching upon entering their juvenile or adult stage...And perhaps significantly, are doomed to only live a single day after their maturation.

I don't know if Harmony is a mayfly, or if such a designation could affect her storyline role.

We shall see.

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MobileCrusader5/5/14 2:55am
Her design alone makes her one of the most interesting characters to date.

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Prometheus11/18/14 7:08pm
So, it would seem Harmony is indeed a mother figure of sorts since Vanth's parents can't seem to do their job. I wonder how long Harmony has been Vanth's assistant, hence been her friend.

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MobileCrusader11/19/14 7:56am
I didn't realize just how short she was at first.

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SuperTurbo411/19/14 11:26pm
Does anyone think Harmony looks like Princess Atta from A Bug's Life?

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MobileCrusader11/20/14 8:40am
Yea, sorta.

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ZycantAlpha11/20/14 6:29pm
A little bit, yeah. Though the colors are definitely different.

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DanWithTheHat11/20/14 9:27pm
Oh wow, If Princess Atta had colorful wings like Harmony she would look very similar...

Offtopic: Is it just me or did the Bugs Life animation didn't age well at all? I looked it up just now and remembered it looking a lot better than it does now...

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SuperTurbo411/20/14 11:19pm
I didn't notice. But if that's that case, then Hopper would look extra hideous.

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:09pm
Ive not seen it in years so i dont remember. I should have watched it when I went on the 7 Samurai binge I had this summer.

I watched Seven Samurai, Samurai 7, Magnificent 7 all in one week. A Bugs Life is also based off the tale.

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crazyhead421/22/15 7:32pm
Personally, I think her design may have been purely so he could do both the cross-arms and hands-on-hips stance at the same time. (

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Prometheus1/23/15 1:57pm

XD It really wouldn't surprise me if that were the reason.

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