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Subscribe to this thread Vanth created by MobileCrusader on April 11, 2014

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crazyhead422/27/15 6:55pm
I could see a hookup thing being best though. Why not give the wrist one remote control over a larger one? That seems like the best solution for most things.

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Kirito2/28/15 7:29am
so what you're saying is to have the wrist scroll control what the large scroll is doing?

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crazyhead422/28/15 10:47am
Yes. That way she has a large screen, but an accessible control pad.

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Kirito2/28/15 11:03am
That would be an interesting invention, especially helpful to her.

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Kymastrider4/10/15 2:00pm
I was amazed the Vanth and Bast prelude came to an end so soon, We didn't even get to see much Bast in it aside from window breaker.

I'm rather curious to know what Vanth and Bast's Relationship as children was, I can imagine Vanth was tempted to presume the gangster lifestyle observing Bast.

I can also imagine at one point Vanth had a crush on Bast or atleast she wanted Bast to be her boyfriend, but it didn't work out or Bast never noticed Vanth felt that way about him or he never returned her love.

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Kirito4/10/15 7:39pm
Well we know Bast was part of the Neon Knives at some point, so I assume she joined because of him.

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NatChon7/1/15 6:59am
That would make sense. Unless she joined out of spite of her parents and teachers not giving her the one thing she wants most in the world. Why else would someone like her be in a group like that?

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Alej7/1/15 1:16pm
I wonder if Vanth's power is flight... hmmm...

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FoxBrethren7/1/15 1:51pm
Nah... I just had a cruel idea. Her power is to grant flight to others.

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NatChon7/2/15 12:56am
That is cruel. She can allow others to fly but can not fly herself. Although, grunn kinda has that power already.

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Kymastrider2/15/16 1:22pm
The Vanth thread has sort of been quiet for awhile, but I had a theory of her powers.

We know here desire since she has no hands to grab things and wings that don't allow her flight is to fly.

Perhaps her power allows her to project spectral wings over her own that are long enough to allow herself flight. Perhaps her body weight also becomes much lighter when her power is activated allowing her to ascend to the sky more easily.

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Javelin2/15/16 10:12pm
And probably enables her to slice things with the spectral wings as her defense

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Dawonguy2/26/16 9:49pm
It's kind of hard to tell, but doesn't Vanth's wings look proportionally bigger in the GNS than the prelude? If so then maybe she can fly in GNS.

What if her power can control air/wind? That way she can still use her wings and can possibly do other stuff with it.

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Kymastrider2/29/16 9:04am
I was sort of thinking how Vanth would get dressed and undressed without the use of hands.

Well I can guess she probably gets help dressing since she cant pick anything up. Though how does she manage to fit her shirt through those wings. I sort of wondered if her shirts just happen to have zipper pulls on the sides to allow easy take offs. Would her pant's have side zipper pulls too?

I remember reading that tailoring is a very needed profession in andaruna due to all the unique DK body types, shapes, and sizes.

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Javelin3/1/16 3:07pm
Or maybe she sticks her thumb through the ring on her jacket and the rings on the side of her pants to get in and out of her cloths

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