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Subscribe to this thread Vanth created by MobileCrusader on April 11, 2014

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TFeathersB2/6/15 12:08pm
I've mentioned it elsewhere, but in this page: on the bottom panel you can see another Dreamkeeper with the exact same wings as Vanth (who also has a flying friend). This could show that Vanth isn't alone and there are other Dreamkeepers like her, perhaps some kind of club for flightless winged Dreamkeepers would work? It does for many similar problems in the real world.

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crazyhead422/6/15 12:35pm
But her friends also has small wings, so she might be also unable to fly. But even if they are both in the club for winged flightless people, her winged friend still gets the benefit of hands. HANDS!! Do you even know just how USEFUL these things are?

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crazyhead422/9/15 7:07pm
<----- Why has no one done this yet?
<----- Seriously, it doubes her wingspan (Looks like more than, actually), which could potentially make her qualify
<-----for flight school!

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DanWithTheHat2/9/15 8:12pm
You're right. She just needs a wing suit and she would fly no problem.

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Kirito2/10/15 3:33pm
She wouldn't qualify for flight school because she's not 'naturally' flying. Any DK could potentially strap a wingsuit on. At least this is my assumption.

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TFeathersB2/10/15 4:39pm
I hate how the people who are supposed to be supporting her are the ones who believe in her the least, and as such are pushing her to more radical "jumping off the roof" ideas. If she can't fly with her wings then if she tries putting the same energy into finding a different way to fly then she surely would one day make it, but no one is giving her that option.

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crazyhead422/10/15 5:22pm
... MUST RE EDIT PICTURE TO MAKE IT MORE AWESOME! New form: instead of jumping off, she's going to be jumping IN! :D (On that note: YIKES! THE EARS! How could I have put them IN FRONT of the flight-suit?!?! *fixed now*

Also, note how my picture quality is pretty decent until I actually have to DRAW something (like a wall for her to be breaking threw. Edit, yes. Drawing, no.)

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Kirito2/10/15 5:28pm

Hey I don't know if you want it but I redid your profile without the text bubble. You can use it if you want =)

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crazyhead422/10/15 5:38pm
It's certainly better than I did when I tried, but I don't think I'm going to use it. I like the reference to flight being there.

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Kirito2/10/15 5:43pm
ah, that's fine. Thought I would give you the offer anyway =)

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Kymastrider2/27/15 2:47pm

It took awhile for that page to be uploaded but basically that's the wrist scroll or watch scroll if you prefer to call it.

Sort of like how datascrolls are based on our tablets, what she's wearing is similar to the watch phones that are coming out but aren't so common yet.

Since Anyone who's read the graphic novel already knows that shock troopers arrive sometime after, I believe It was Vanth that called them out of concern that they were going to kill Bast.

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crazyhead422/27/15 2:58pm
... Why didn't her parents get her one of those? I know that she had a computer, but even if the wrist scroll was say, attached to a small sphere, it has to be easier for her to use than a full computer-sized one. After all, she only needs a thumb for this one.

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Kirito2/27/15 6:44pm
Well a full sized one would allow for both thumbs to be used so I guess they each have the pros and cons

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crazyhead422/27/15 6:48pm
@Ki, although a larger one may allow both thumbs, I'm not sure she can navigate her wings well enough to manage the keyboard or not bump the screen in the wrong place. Plus, she actually has to hold the scroll.

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Kirito2/27/15 6:52pm
yeah, true, but like I said they each have their pros and cons. Wrist scrolls are smaller and have a tinier interface but are easier to navigate through while the larger ones she is able to type faster although sacrificing navigation speed.

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