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Subscribe to this thread Vanth created by MobileCrusader on April 11, 2014

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Asora11/23/14 9:00am
That could be true. Maybe.

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Kymastrider12/12/14 9:09am
I imagine that since Harmony is Vanths only real friend at the moment (I imagine Bast becomes her other best friend later on) that supposing something does happen to her let say she dies. Then I imagine that would probably give her the push she needs to run away from home since she is approaching that age where young people want more freedom and rebel against there parents. (I have the feeling that the more they try to disopline her thinking there doing the right thing. The more there going to push her into doing the opassite of what they want)

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Kymastrider1/8/15 10:46pm
Here's something I didn't notice before. The page isn't uploaded yet but after bast trys to misslead the gang leader and they are chasing him up the building. Vanth says on page 85 "shit bast you dingus idiot retard" you can then see her fidgeting with her wrist scroll. I imagine she must have called in the shock troopers in an attempt to save bast's life.

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crazyhead421/22/15 9:51am
Wrist scroll? What is a wrist scroll? Is it a variation of the data-scroll easier for Vanith to use? (Also, is it wrong that I desperately want to propose a new scroll type which would be easier for Vanith to use? Instead of picking up hand movements, it is only triggered by a specific stylus, allowing her to only hit the keys she wants, not all of them at once.)

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Kirito1/22/15 11:34am
Datascrolls can come in many sizes. You have wall mounted DS or normal, or wrist watches.

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/15 8:20pm
The data scrolls are like our modern smartphones and tablets that we used today. We even have that "watch phone" technology; I've seen it myself that you can use a specific watch to receive phonecalls already.

The only difference is that theirs can roll their devices and are made of hologram tech, which is yet to be discovered in the Computer Engineering and Science department.

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crazyhead421/22/15 9:45pm
Well that does sound easier for Vanith to use if the keyboard is similarly scaled, even just to that of a smartphone.

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DanWithTheHat1/24/15 11:35am
The folding OLED Screens being developed now are scarily similar to the data scrolls in DK. We can be using our own data scrolls in the very near future...

I'm sure Vanth could get something to attached to her wing tips that can touch things with more accuracy. Maybe she just needs to get a Google Data scroll with GoogleNow or an iScroll with Siri...

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Kirito1/24/15 1:12pm
that would be cool! Too bad we can't utilize holographic technology yet...

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crazyhead421/24/15 11:31pm
"Okay Google, type 'H' 'A' 'R' 'M' 'O' 'N' 'Y'"
"Okay Google, Call Harmony"
"Okay Google, type <insert crazy long paragraph about the history of Anduruna"

I could see it working, but it would need tweaking first. If she has to say "Okay Google, Type" every time she wants to begin typing up an answer, that would be a pain in the butt. Admittedly, less than what she has now, but still a pain in the butt.

What I don't get is why they have all this technology, and no one thought to invent the stylus. Once you have stili, you can design something that ONLY accepts input from synched stili, which would allow Vanith to use a computer with more ease. She could also have wearable stili which she uses to turn her thumbs into the only accepted keyboard input.

Yes, I am putting too much thought into this. Why do you ask?

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Dawonguy1/25/15 10:09am
It shouldn't be that hard to make something that could secure a pen or stylus to Vanth's thumb.

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TFeathersB1/30/15 12:41am
Is Vanth's mother blind, or at least she has bad eye sight? It's odd to have eyes like that, but there are stranger Dreamkeepers after all. They same could be said for Vanth herself.

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Dawonguy1/30/15 3:24pm
I'm pretty sure that Vanth and her mother can see. (Yeah, at first the no pupil thing threw me off cause it looked like Vanth's eyes were always closed.)

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Kymastrider2/6/15 8:32am
I wonder what other sporting activitys she could be good that could help take her mind off flying. And would have to use hands for.

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crazyhead422/6/15 11:15am
Soccer. (personally not a fan, but why not?) Can't do hockey, but Track might be a reasonable fit. Figure skating might work well, though she'll need help finding a good costume. Swimming is still the best fit in my opinion though. She's big in all the right places with a lower dead-weight (not an actual term, just one I'm using to describe the torso and other non-helpful body areas) body mass. The only question is how buoyant she is, which can't really be determined until she is in the water. But just imagine how much force would be applied by a single kick, or an individual stroke! That body is just SOOOOO perfect for the water!

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