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Subscribe to this thread Vanth created by MobileCrusader on April 11, 2014

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MobileCrusader4/28/14 4:50am
Dave confirmed two weeks ago that she is without pupils.

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SuperTurbo45/2/14 3:23pm
Oh. Mystery solved.

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MobileCrusader5/2/14 8:11pm
Yea, its somewhat nice to have answers, but somewhat sad since no more wild theories.

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DanWithTheHat5/3/14 1:07pm
Its not the end of the wild theories just yet! There will be much more to speculate about Vanth next week when we get another page of prelude. I know this Prelude is the "Bast" Arc but now I'm way more interested in how Vanth's life is at this point. Where does she live and does she have any family? From what it seems like so far, she doesn't really have any friends at the school except probably Bast, if Bast even attends there.

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MobileCrusader5/3/14 3:23pm
Its really divergent from my expectations on Vanth, for sure.

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CalicoYorki5/4/14 7:25am
[Edit! Nevermind me, I neglected to notice that Harmony had a thread where that had been mentioned.]

I don't think Vanth is necessarily blind. Anise had completely blank eyes, and seemed to have no trouble seeing. Plus, if Vanth was blind, Nannyduruna would have equipped her with some kind of aids to feel her way around, or something, I dunno.

I get the feeling that it's more of an artistic choice, but I just don't know. Still, that little bat girl has a lot to prove and nothing to lose. * save for use of her legs

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MobileCrusader5/4/14 7:31pm
Yea, we don't know if she's blind or not. With the amount of wild designs for DKs, its not really safe to assume.

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DanWithTheHat10/25/14 6:04pm
Well with the new Vanth centered preludes, it is pretty obvious now that she can see just fine. Her biggest disability is her wings. One thing I don't understand though is how she puts on shirts over them. Does her jacket have expandable sleeves or something?

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Asora10/26/14 5:02pm
I think I know the answer to this.

If you pay close attention to the amount of detail of her clothes, you can see that there are large zippers on her pants/shorts. I think the reason being that that type of clothing she is wearing exist is because that it is specifically made for people who have unusually large feet. In Vanth's case, you can see that her feet are positioned in a slant position and are very wide and have huge hooks-like nails. If she tried to wear regular pants, it could result in her either not fitting, or tearing them apart. But with the zipper pants however, she could easily just put the pants on, and zip them up, so that her feet have more room.

But with her wings however, that's a little tuff. I suspected at first that all she needed to do was bent her wings outward so that the wing itself is barley touching her arm and can some how slip in fit into the sleeve. But, then again, there would be the problem of her aposable thumb coming into play, with that thumb having a huge sharp-looking hook. I am not sure.

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CalicoYorki10/30/14 4:20pm
I'm fascinated by the position that Vanth is in, within the Prelude comics. She's in a position where her parents have given her such a nice room, and lots of toys, and all kinds of things like that...But it's all kind of empty, because she doesn't have what she really wants. Freedom. Agency. Independence. Also, if you notice, she gets a lot better with negotiating around her wings in the GNS than what she deals with here in the Preludes.

I think that shows a difference in how mainstream Anduruna society handles problems, and how outliers like the streetclans handle them - Anduruna's government tries to safety-pad everything, and kind of help people avoid their problems. Depending on how long she's spent in the street clan, Vanth may have just had to pick herself up and figure out solutions to her problems - maybe with some help from other members of the Neon Knives?

And that brings us to another interesting point: how Vanth could have ended up in the streetclan. It seems like she and Bast wound up in different situations, and here is where my theory comes in: I think that in some way, Bast was born into the Neon Knives, or was forced to join them out of necessity. Vanth was attracted by freedom, agency, and being able to forge her own way through problems. So, she left a fairly well-provided-for life, in exchange for one where she would need to really learn how to solve her own problems, but in exchange, where she would have self-reliance along with that self-responsibility.

What do you all think?

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 8:42am
I think that is a very fair statement, Yorki. Its true that she does seem to be yearning for freedom. And the narrative fits with what we have seen of Andura to this point.

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Kymastrider11/18/14 5:51pm
I've recently looked at a character sheet David made prior to Volume 3, if you remember in volume 3 Vanth has a flying Ryuu-neko, and according to the character sheet it's name is Harmony.

If anyone recalls the recent prelude Harmony volunteered to be her hands since she doesn't have hands, she has wings. Also its odvious from the latest prelude that harmony is Vanth's best friend (I suppose only friend until Bast came into her life) the only thing her wings are good for is flying and she cant even do that, so I suppose it make sense she'd have a flying Ryuu-neko in the future.

But what do you suppose happens to Harmony between the prelude and graphic novel saga, does she die? Did Vanth name her pet after her deceased best friend in the world. I also sort of have a theory that the reason she fell in with a gang is despite coming from a wealthy family with good parents she probably joined out of spite for the world, or her family, or both. People can come from good families but join street gangs for the wrong reasons.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/21/14 7:31pm
Vanth makes me wonder if all the other bat's have wings for hands. So would that mean that they would all be 'disabled' in this world, given the lack of things they can do with their hands?

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CalicoYorki11/21/14 8:18pm
Well, we have Anise, and she had hands. Just wings on her back.

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 12:07pm
I think its a case by case basis for Dreamkeepers. They are all unique enough to have members in both pools.

As for Harmony, I am sure she is no longer around. It could be she is dead, could be that she moved on with her life. Maybe after Vanth left for the gang they parted ways.

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