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Dreamkeepers Forums - What Comic Books/Graphic novels do you read?

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Subscribe to this thread What Comic Books/Graphic novels do you read? created by WiseOwlReader on April 2, 2014

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WiseOwlReader4/2/14 1:39pm
I've built up a decent collection of comic books/graphic novels and quite frankly, I love them. From the writing, to the characterization, to the art style.

If I want a gritty sort of story, I usually go with: Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, A Death in the Family, The Killing Joke, Hellblazer.

Then for more thematic purposes: V for Vendetta, The Watchmen.

As for an epic sort of story: SaGa. I came across this one on Amazon, and the story is incredible and the plot kicks off with bits of dialogue supplying exposition and exposition itself, it's been called: "Romeo and Juliet meets Star wars Meets Game of Thrones." Check this one out folks. It's a bit graphic with nudity, but it's a fantastic piece of work worth checking out.

I've also got the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Can't wait to get to that and read it.

I'm a picky sort of person and I think I can make an allowance for a Marvel or DC story as long as it's decently written, has incredible twists and makes a reader think.

What graphic novel/comic books do you read aside from Dreamkeepers?

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MobileCrusader4/2/14 3:47pm
I dont really read comic books much these days, but webcomics are something that takes up a lot of my time.

I Read Original Life, Housepets!, Sandra and Woo, Faux Pas, Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Prequel, and The GaMERCaT right now, but thats all becuase those are still releasing. I have read other comics that are finished.

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WiseOwlReader4/2/14 4:08pm
Oh, I completely forgot about Sandra and Woo. That's one of my favorites. I have delved into Housepets! from time to time, never got fully invested. I love Sandra and Woo because it's inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and has it's own unique approach.

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MobileCrusader4/3/14 5:41am
Housepets and Faux Pas are my favorite two strips, but Sandra and Woo is definitely in my top 5.

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p3nguin326/23/14 10:54pm
The Sandman is an excellent series, (my favorite actually) but if I were to suggest some others I would probably go with Fables and Preacher.

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MobileCrusader6/24/14 8:07am
Wise owl is a fan of The Sandman. I personally have never read it though.

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Asora8/20/14 7:33pm
I used to read the Bone series a lot. Though I think I only got to book 5.

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Prometheus8/21/14 11:33am
I read Original Life, TwoKinds, SNAFU webcomics and VGCats alot.

I try to keep up with the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books by Archie whenever I can, but ever since the whole controversy that caused the book to be rebooted, I haven't really felt compelled to stay up-to-date with it.

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BryanDimmsdale8/21/14 8:01pm
I read Bone, Amulet, Geronimo Stilton, and Warriors

I also read some webcomics like Carciphona, Off-white, and Vangard if that counts

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Xeverusmiller8/22/14 10:15am
I'm kinda waiting for Original Life to progress a little more before I read it again, I don't really like the wait between updates xD;

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DanWithTheHat8/23/14 6:46am
Here is my list:

Printed Comics:
- Rocket Raccoon Comics
- BlackSad
- The Amory Wars (I was a huge Coheed & Cambria fan back in high school)

WebComics (Here's my top 4 not including DreamKeepers):
- Housepets!
- Gunnerkrigg Court
- Lackadaisy
- Stand Still. Stay Silent.

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Asora8/23/14 12:51pm
Last night one of my friends showed me a sci-fi horror romance comedy web comic called "Romantically Apocalyptic". I think you guys should really check it out, is has really fantastic art of a sci-fi horror setting followed by a touch of romance comedy at some points.

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DanWithTheHat9/3/14 4:41am
I just read through Beyond the Western Deep. It is Written by Alex Kain, the guy who co-wrote the game Dust: an Eylsian Tail. The art is also pretty good.

In addition to that, I got around to picking up the Mouseguard books as well. Also a good read.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier9/3/14 12:13pm
My friend let me borrow a big ass book of The Walking Dead. I guess it has 1-48 in there.

I just need to find time to finish reading it XD

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FoxPhantom9/4/14 6:14am
I read many. Dr.Mcninja, Lackadaisy, Brawl in the family, Dreamkeepers (obviously, Or I wouldn't be here XD), Gamer cat, Homestuck, sequential art, Turbo Defiant, Naruto, that's about it XD

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