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Subscribe to this thread Forum Activity created by MobileCrusader on February 19, 2014

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MobileCrusader5/13/14 5:56pm
I try very hard to keep topics going, but I have discussed most my theories to death at this point.

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FoxPhantom5/13/14 6:02pm
I tend to have no theories. Sorry.

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MobileCrusader5/13/14 6:05pm
I'm a speculative mastermind.

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GodofVelcro5/15/14 2:38pm
I never think of things myself, otherwise I would keep things going. However, most topics have recent comments at least a few days old. Its quite saddening.

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CoSinus5/15/14 3:05pm
There´s only one solution for the problem of old recent comments ... SPAM ! >:D

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Korangar5/15/14 10:33pm
Why don't you just clear the inactive old post ?
The forum will be neat.

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FoxPhantom5/16/14 6:09am
How does one do that Korangar?

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Korangar5/16/14 10:36pm
I don't know, i have never been admin of any group or forum.
But i saw they did that in some forums so i thought it may be helpful.

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FoxPhantom5/17/14 7:43am
ah neat. that could always be helpful.

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GodofVelcro5/18/14 9:59pm
Is there any admins/moderators here? Besides possibly Dave? I have always wondered that.

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Korangar5/19/14 6:17am
I don't think the forum has any ad or mod. Never see them.

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FoxPhantom5/19/14 6:19am
Twilight is a mod. But, I too wondered about this.

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Prometheus5/19/14 11:48am
I haven't seen Twilight for what feels like years. Feels like he's been gone since the forum went live and he hasn't posted any new art that I know of. Anyone been in contact with him?

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MobileCrusader5/19/14 7:50pm
I can give a resounding "no"

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FoxPhantom5/19/14 8:11pm
I know which art sites he is on, But he doesn't seem active there either.

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