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Subscribe to this thread Character Voice Actors created by SuperTurbo4 on February 1, 2014

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SuperTurbo42/1/14 9:50am
We already have a thread for Character theme songs, so why not a thread for Character voices?

Here is my selection:
Mace- Yuri Lowenthal
Whip- Dee Bradley Baker
Lilith Calah- Mae Whitman or Tara Strong
Bast- Johnny Yong Bosch
Namah Calah- Tara Strong or Grey Delisle
Viriathus- Kari Wahlgren
Igrath Winters- Corey Burton
Scinter- Steve Blum
Grunn- Clancy Brown or John DiMaggio
Viscount Calah- Tim Curry
Woods- Dee Bradley Baker
Damon- Jeff Bennett
Bill- Tom Kenny
Tinsel Nanaja- Kathleen Barr
Wisp- Grey Delisle
Nabonidus- Hugo Weaving
Lord Void- Hugo Weaving
Ravat- Steve Blum
The Indigo Twins- Grey Delisle

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TruthQuest2/4/14 12:15am
Yay now all you need to add in are Kalei and Jeneviv, Wisp, Scuttler, Randy and the other orphans.

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CalicoYorki2/8/14 3:39pm
...Tim Curry as Viscount Calah...

I'm sorry, I saw a Halloween contest piece of fanart featuring Ravat, and

(rocky horror picture show)

(those legs)

It's hard to get that out of my head, at mention of Tim Curry.

I think that Nabonidus should be voiced by the actor behind Slade, from Teen Titans.

Unless that's whom you have selected.

I'm out of this loop. XD

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SuperTurbo42/9/14 2:07am
But I have Wisp already

Well, Hugo Weaving starred in the Matrix Trilogy as Agent Smith, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy as Elrond. He also did the voice of Megatron in the live-action Transformers movies, and I figured his Megatron voice would suit Lord Void.

Anyway, who else has ideas for voice actors?

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DanWithTheHat2/9/14 8:02pm
That list of voice actors is gonna be hard to beat.

Here's what I have so far. I'll add more when I think of them:

Mace - Haley Joel Osment (Voiced like Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora)
Scuttles - Mark Hamill (The Joker's voice, just more submissive)
Ravat - Jeremy Irons (Scar) or Jon St. John
Randy - Dee Bradley Baker (Like Kevin the Sea Cucumber)

Any other thoughts on who could be the voice actor for Randy?

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SuperTurbo42/10/14 5:22am
Well, Tom Kenny could always voice Randy.
Now, who would be a good voice for Nainso?

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Salahir2/10/14 10:27am
Nainso? How about Patrick Stewart or Robert de Niro?

I think Lord Void should have more a voice like Sauron and not like a broken toaster like Megatron.

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SuperTurbo42/10/14 11:50am
Alright then.

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DanWithTheHat2/10/14 7:51pm
I agree, Patrick Stewart as Nainso would be perfect.

Morgan Freeman could voice Nainso as well just so he could do those overview sections before each volume that Nainso writes. He could also do the small narration part in Vol.1. Morgan Freeman is the ultimate narrator.

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ezioauditore972/16/14 5:52pm
I would be interested in who Troy Baker (He has done so many leading roles in games lately)could voice since he's pretty versatile.Then again I think a lot of the anime voice actors Funimation uses for their big series are pretty versatile although I prefer subs most of the time.Still when I'm drawing and having something play in the background it's nice to have an english dub.

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 6:01pm
Hmmm... maybe Troy Baker could voice Bobby?

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ezioauditore972/16/14 6:23pm
That would go well!!

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 6:36pm
Now, who would voice Evzen?

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ezioauditore972/16/14 7:58pm
Good question.....Vic Mignona maybe since he can do an awkward voice pretty well?

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 8:32pm
And now we go to the more minor characters: Mr. Nibbs, the orphans, and those girls who call Lilith "booger".

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