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Subscribe to this thread Bobby created by Mikhail on November 30, 2013

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Kymastrider1/21/15 10:00am
Like wow I'm running out of things to speculate on here. I want to talk about bobby but I can't think of anything to say we don't already know.

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Dawonguy1/21/15 4:36pm
I'd like to see a little more from Bobby's power. Sure, light powers are useful in dark places but so is a flashlight. I like the idea of his power also being a laser even if it's just for welding or making holes in metal and what-not.

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BryanDimmsdale1/21/15 5:19pm
Let talk about Bobby x Vi. Anyone interested?

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Kirito1/22/15 3:43am
I shipped it way back when I hadn't finished the GNS or prelude

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TFeathersB1/22/15 9:32am
They seem more like brother and sister to me.

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DanWithTheHat1/24/15 11:46am
Yeah, they grew up too close to probably have feelings for each other like that at this point.

@Dawonguy: If he could focus his light into a laser than Bobby would pretty much be the OC I'm creating right now. That would be fitting. XD

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Kirito1/24/15 1:10pm
it's about time you made an OC Dan XD

Nah just because they grew up close doesn't mean they can't get together, it's happened in other works of fiction before. It would just be a matter of getting out of the friendzone.

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Kymastrider1/24/15 1:21pm
though at the time of the prelude he's already in a relationship with some anonymous girl from outside the orphanage, he is at the time broadening his live and making plans for his future away from the orphanage.

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Kirito1/24/15 1:24pm
I wonder if he'll join the Troika

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Kymastrider1/24/15 1:29pm
it was comfirmed months back that he is. he has a different haircut years later and he's wearing what I think is a troika jacket.

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Kirito1/24/15 1:31pm
Ah, yes now I remember. I saw that picture a little while ago. Thanks Kyma!

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TFeathersB1/24/15 3:12pm
Also one of the Indigo twins mention him as leading a group of Troika to search for Mace, Whip, Namaha and Lilith in the second volume of the GNS. I'm surprised that Vi wasn't out too.

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Digitigraderobo3/14/15 6:04pm
You know the green bat girl who basically messed up bobby's life?. Well I was browsing the DK DA and I came across this picture: Look in the bottom and see who's there, and she's wearing a Troika jacket, now this picture might not be canon, but if so. Does this mean the Troika secretly screwed over Bobby, Vi, and Karo's future to give them no other option but to join?.

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Kirito3/14/15 7:12pm
good catch, robo! I'm not sure if this is canon- I don't think it is, but still, this is very intriguing. I don't think Troika would screw them over, and I don't think this is connected to Vi or Karo.

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TruthQuest3/15/15 11:43am
No no look again, the commission girl has larger wings and is Light-Aquamarine, Anise is Lime-Green.

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