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Subscribe to this thread Bobby created by Mikhail on November 30, 2013

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Wulfspyder4/22/14 8:09pm
Even then, you will not be spared a pillowing. Spirits have mercy on you.

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MobileCrusader4/23/14 5:42am
Even when she is in guard mode, she could still put you down for just being stupid or getting on her nerves.

I can see it now: a whip sized Vi that hangs around on Bobby's shoulders... Its perfect. She even has goggles.

Does this mean we have finally decided what Vi is? She must be an overgrown Ottsel.

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SuperTurbo44/23/14 3:42pm
Hehe. Jak and Daxter reference.

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Wulfspyder4/23/14 4:47pm
Maybe Vi's power is size alteration. She becomes travel sized and rides around with her tiny spring-cannon in Bobby's jacket pocket.

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 6:05am
I could go for that. She'd be combination Daxter/ant man.

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Wulfspyder4/24/14 3:29pm
And when an enemy gets too close, Bobby can throw her at their face.

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 5:14pm
Vi, I chose you!

Vi Used Growl. The Nightmare's attack was lowered.

*Tosses Vi*

Vi used Slash! Critical hit!

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Kirito12/14/14 12:16pm
Bobby needs some love. Here you go thread, be resurrected!

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ST34LTH12/14/14 12:38pm
Thanks for making me notice this thread Kirito. Just what the heck with this conversation it ended with though? o.O

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Kirito12/14/14 12:42pm
No problem =)

I think they were speculating on his power uses and vi's power

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ST34LTH12/14/14 2:01pm
I can see that, but still... If nothing else, I'm sure it's given people a laugh, it sure gave me one.

Damnit, now I can't stop thinking of Vi as a cute little hand-thrown projectile :S

... Stupid internet :D

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Kirito12/14/14 2:04pm
lol yeah. But Bobby is a really cool character (not as cool as Evzen, mind you, but still). He's really dynamic, and it's always fun to think about what he could use his powers for.

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ezioauditore9712/14/14 3:09pm
He's cool and everything,but I really like how he cuts himself loose from the orphanage due to circumstances and how he justifies it in his mind.

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Kirito12/14/14 3:15pm
Yeah, although the conflict is interesting also, he loves all the orphans, but he also wants a life.

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BryanDimmsdale12/14/14 6:16pm
Nah, I think Bobby has awesome powers:

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