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Subscribe to this thread Bobby created by Mikhail on November 30, 2013

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Mikhail11/30/13 6:29pm
Bobby, the Hittaker, the Caregiver, the Mass Producer.
What may his power be?

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Prometheus11/30/13 7:39pm
Well, we know he can project balls of light. What he can do with that, we may find out in the GNS.

The guy doesn't seem to have the power to absorb V-grade blows to the gut, though. That kick in the latest Prelude probably cracked a rib or two.

So, what we know of him so far:

1) He is fairly old enough to have a job, a girlfriend and be out on his own.
2) He secretly uses his Power.
3) He is horribly concerned for the orphans because of the Child Stomper.
4) He has made numerous attempts to plead his case to the district offices, only to have his attempts including his latest one denied.
5) He is now in hot water over child support payments, which may have something to do with a certain hooker who he made a deal with.

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ezioauditore9711/30/13 9:03pm
Good observations!I think it would be cool if he had some atom based power but I guess we'll just see,eh?

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Mikhail12/1/13 6:03am
About the hooker. I guess she was aware of pour chance to beat out valuable amount of money from someone orphan like Booby.

As for me it looks like Bobby has been accused of dosen episodes of "fathering", because there were many papers Vi poured out, and because Vi named it as "mass producing".

So I think it may happen that Bobby, the Responsible, will try himself in fermentae smugling business to cover "his" children needs.
What do you think?

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 12:47pm
On the matter of Bobby's Power...

I think it has to do with barriers, or protection of some kind - given with how he tries to protect others, and take responsibility even when it hurts him. As we've seen.

My thoughts, at least.

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ZycantAlpha12/3/13 7:25pm
Well, we've seen a brief moment of his power in the prelude, so for now I'm sticking with an illumination power.

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CalicoYorki12/5/13 12:56am
I dunno. I think it was a tiny little, spherical barrier. Then again, my memory could be failing me. I guess Bobby - ...


Bobby Light

He's Bobby Light

Bobby Light gonna treat you right

What if he can fire lasers

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ezioauditore9712/7/13 5:26pm
Good guess!

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DanWithTheHat12/15/13 9:42pm
It would be cool if he had more to his power than just light. Maybe he could do a hyper beam/solar beam like attack with it?

Producing light on demand though is useful. He would be invaluable if they need to explore an unlit place or if the power goes out in the underground base. He's like a Pokemon with flash. ^^

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CalicoYorki12/16/13 11:56am
Light is more versatile than you'd think.

He could probably turn invisible, or at least create simple illusions by manipulating light. Creating a mirage, if you will.

Plus, a laser is pretty much an incredibly powerful, intensely focused, unidirectional beam of light.


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DanWithTheHat12/16/13 8:06pm
He would also be able to temporarily blind almost any thing with eyes. I'm sure Nightmares would be easily susceptible to that as they live in a pretty dark place.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 8:08am
Dave said that Bobby's power was a nonvolatile light source in the IRC last Thursday. What implications do you think this has on his fighting abilities?

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 8:12am
He could use it to blind his enemies.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 8:16am
True, its very simple. I'm not sure how bright his orb gets though, so it may not be an option.

Do you think there may be some offensive element to his power, or is it one of the strictly utility ones?

I personally believe the latter. Bobby is probably reliant on springers or some other sort of weapon to make up for his natural lack of combat prowess.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 8:26am

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