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Subscribe to this thread Randy created by Trubbol on October 8, 2013

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Kirito6/9/15 7:45pm
Randy has to be my least favorite character, honestly.

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DanWithTheHat6/13/15 6:45pm
For me, he is my second least favorite behind Tinsel. Randy may be an asshole but he is young enough to change, possibly.

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BryanDimmsdale6/13/15 8:33pm
Me, um, I kinda don't hate him, but I don't like him either. I have a feeling he's more powerful that he looks, I'm afraid.

Tinsel, on the hand, I love her. Sorry guys, she's my favorite villain. XD

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Prometheus6/15/15 11:03am
He's a doofus who thinks he knows everything and thinks he has it all under control. He's basically a male Stacephanie; considering where he originally came from, this is no surprise.

I don't know if the Nab was just pulling Randy's leg or actually serious when he said he saw a great power in Randy. He's pretty young and pretty stupid, so we'll see how that part of his story goes. I for one would love to see what this power is.

Also, just to raise a point in regards to how Randy ended up at Grunn's place, it could have everything to do with how Evzen managed to stick it to Randy in Prelude over the bet. Could be that his parents put him up for adoption just to get rid of him, seeing him as a financial and social liability. As punishment for trying to start shit, they sent him to the cruddiest dump of an orphanage they could find.

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Kirito7/15/15 10:56am

The ban on Volume Four discussion outside marked threads has been lifted, so lets get started.

Randy's power is the ability to stop time (as he states) . This is up to speculation, though, because as far as we could see it seemed like Teleportation.

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DanWithTheHat7/15/15 3:41pm
Moar Spoilers!

I don't know if you could say its up to speculation. I thought Dave made it really clear he stopped time. Of course in the eyes of Wisp and the orphans, he teleported but through his eyes (and the reader's perspective), everything was frozen in time.

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Prometheus7/15/15 8:42pm
[Yep, spoiler. XP]

Yeah, it looks like his power is based on time. His powers are similar to those used by Nox the Xelor in Wakfu or Rolo Lamperouge in Code Geass R2.

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Jawson7/15/15 9:54pm
Randy and Wisp were my favorite in V4. :P

They go together pretty well.

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Kymastrider1/25/16 12:29pm
I'll stick the ====SPOILER==== cap on

But Randy does have a power Nabonidus want's he wasn't fibbing to mislead him and the other orphans as one person claimed.

And it's the power to freeze time.

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Prometheus1/25/16 1:18pm

Which means that Nabonidus already knew what Randy's Power was before Randy himself knew about it. It should be interesting to see how the Nab utilizes this in the future.

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ZycantAlpha1/25/16 3:54pm
I don't think he'd lie to a potential recruit about whether they had usable Powers or not. There's no real reason to butter up a useless recruit to raise the odds of them joining. That being said, I'm not 100% sure he can see exactly what the 'Keeper's Power is, or if he can kinda "feel" its type (if that makes any sense at all).

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Kymastrider1/25/16 4:41pm

Should be no secret by now, but we know that Nabonidus uses the form of this skunk Dreamkeeper as his alter ego for moving around without suspicion.

Also if Nabonidus isnt a nightmare, then would that make him a Spirit? Is that why he can sense the powers within other's since if I recall DK lore correctly powers were gifted to the DK's from the spirits.


Also I still think it's more then a coincidence that Randy just happened to end up at Grunn's orphanage. We can already suspect that Nabonidus wanted Mace long before the events of the first graphic novel, and we know that Wisp know's randy who's in league with nabonidus, tinsel, and maybe even ravet. Randy's reason for being at Grunn's orphanage has to be something more then just his parents abandoning him.

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BryanDimmsdale1/27/16 9:03am
Umm *gulp* guys, just imagine what he can do with that power. Steal candies, spook everybody, or even worse, way, way, worse.

(WARNING, this page is 18+/Mature Users view only. If you do not want to scar your brain forever, DO NOT CLICK THIS, EVER)

Couldn't post on the naughty thread even if I want to because major spoilers and whatnot. So for those who's innocent out there, don't click the link. Didn't say I warned you.

Just imagine what he could do to Lilith, or Namah, or the Indigo twins, or Tinsel. Though, Tinsel might deserve it. :P

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Kirito1/28/16 6:21pm

I hadn't even thought of that, but it's a real possibility. I was more leaning towards stealing candy and what not. However, I was under the impression that he could only do it for very short periods of time.

Even so, protect your cookie jars!

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WiseOwlReader4/18/16 1:27pm
There is one thing though.

Randy may have orchestrated Paige's death and is pretty much puffed up at this point. Nabby will definitely use his time pause in the future. Though if he was asked to directly kill someone, I think he'd hesitate, most of what he's done has been at a distance emotionally. And if there is actual development to his character, that could be a catalyst.

Though if he shows doubts to the nightmares, Nabby would dispose of him when he's finished using him for whatever situation.

Just my thoughts on a possibility. Nothing more. To be honest, I don't think he's that redeemable, personally. Most of above is from a story perspective.

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