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Subscribe to this thread Randy created by Trubbol on October 8, 2013

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Kirito1/7/15 1:12pm

whoa whoa whoa hold on there. I was not having a wild conversation I literally told you his name was steve and explained why his name was steve. And then I tried to bring the thread back to the original topic.

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ST34LTH1/7/15 2:19pm
I understand your frustration Kyma, and I generally agree, as well as apologize for the few times I've derailed a serious topic myself.

And I don't think Kyma meant to point fingers Kirito, just venting some frustrations, so let's just get back on topic, 'kay?

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Kirito1/7/15 2:21pm
Okay =D

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Kymastrider1/7/15 2:43pm
don't take it to personal Kiriko, anyway you did provide a good theory on Randy.

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Asora1/7/15 5:39pm
DanWithTheHat Edit: Not this again... Kyma just wants to have a normal conversation, and he politely asked you to get back on topic many times in multiple threads. No need to talk back to him. Just get back on topic and be done.

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ST34LTH1/7/15 5:47pm
Just no Asora, enough is enough

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DanWithTheHat1/7/15 8:53pm
Sooo we were talking about Randy, right....

That is an interesting take on Randy's presence at the orphanage, Kirito but I highly doubt he would hire some rich kid to work for him. He was too cheap to even pay Bobby and Vi for their work. I believe either his family or himself did something that got him kicked out of the tower. Since the orphanage is on the books, he may have gotten placed there legit if something happened to his parents.

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Kymastrider1/7/15 9:58pm
Like I was saying I think its more then just a coincidence that he just happened to end up and grunn's orphanage where mace just happens to be. Especially since he came from the towers. Maybe being an orphane was just a fabrication to get him in. We do know he knows wisp who knows tinsel who knows nabonidus (and ravet fits in there somewhere) he may not have known have known about the existance of nightmares but he probably had other qualifications for being there eyes and ears at the orphanage. We have yet to know how he fits in with the rest but I imagine him being at grunns orphanage has nothing to do with his parents dying.

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Kirito1/8/15 3:31am
Well remember Dan, bobby is a orphan right? So he wouldn't be paid. Do we know what vi is?

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Asora1/8/15 3:39pm
*looks at Kymastrider very closely*


I'm watchin you bro. I'm watchin you.

*goes back in dark corner*

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ST34LTH1/8/15 5:39pm
I think the simple explanation is the right one on this, I'd personally agree with Dan, but your theory did inspire an idea Kyma. What if his parents deaths wasn't accidental, but perhaps even his doing or at least partly so? It seems very unlikely at first, but if he really is a servant of Nabby, I see it as entirely plausible.

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Kymastrider1/8/15 6:14pm
Surely Grunn's orphanage cant be the only orphanage in anduruna, I do think he was sent there deliberately. We still don't know how he ended up meeting Wisp for one thing, and for another (and This is just a theory) maybe his parents, or one of his parents was a dark DK. Since there are dark DK manipulating the government of Anduruna.

if you read these panels he's hiding more then he's letting on (or actually he is letting on that he's hiding a lot) But I don't think he ended up at Grunn's orphanage by accident.

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DanWithTheHat1/8/15 6:23pm
Both Bobby and Vi are both orphans but because they are older they were doing the work Grunn was neglecting like repair and making sure everyone was fed. Vi actually asked for some compensation in one of the preludes. Orphans aren't slaves so compensation for actual work should be expected. Of course Grunn barely gives them a place to sleep or edible food, so the chance him paying anyone is slim.

That would be really devious of Nabby to off his parents so he could become an orphan and get into the orphanage. I wouldn't put it past him. Since we know he was a rich kid a one point, he would have had the choices of much more fancier orphanages. Grunn's can't be the only one in Anduruna. Something doesn't add up for why he is at Grunn's orphanage to begin with.

Edit: Kyma, you posted almost the same time as me, my bad for saying some of the same stuff. XD

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BryanDimmsdale1/12/15 7:50am
Imagine Randy's reaction when Vi and Bobby find out that they're messing with Mace and the other orphans that they've taken care of trying to make stupid?

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SuperTurbo46/6/15 10:41am
I think he'd panic at the sight of Vi.
Vi: (in a deceptively calm voice) Hello, Randy.
Randy: (insert obligatory swear word here)

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