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Subscribe to this thread Randy created by Trubbol on October 8, 2013

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ZycantAlpha12/30/14 3:54pm
Actually, what if Nabonidus planned for Randy to tell the other orphans and recruit them? We already know the Nightmares will take any Dreamkeeper help they can, since they could work as spies. So maybe, he saw Randy as being persuasive rather than a "useful power" hoping that one of the others could be brought in and be more useful.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/30/14 4:06pm
I could see that happening.

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Asora12/30/14 4:17pm

*gives ZycantAlpha a cookie*

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Kirito12/30/14 8:06pm
He was telling them about joining a club remember? Although he was probably talking out of his ass to turn the orphans against mace.

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Kymastrider12/30/14 8:43pm
I imagine since he had this sort of leader stature over the orphans (since the orphans as they are aren't very smart) he was really just talking about them becoming a gang, even convincing them all to wear gang colors.

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BryanDimmsdale1/1/15 4:01am

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AlextheTeknian1/1/15 5:44am
My first new year 2015 post hope you had a nice safe new year party everyone. here I was thinking this when Randy recruits the orphans and my apologies if someone already tought this before, what if unknowingly to Randy and the orphans their gonna end as sacrifices for the Nightmares?. just remember the beginning of volume one when they were summoning Void, they surely like sacrificing Dreamkeepers so what if Nabonidus then notices he might think, Oh nice more lambs to the slaughter when the time is right, at least Randy got useful for that. if that happens it will be interesting seeing Randys shocked face when he sees their gonna be sacrificed.

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Kirito1/1/15 7:19am
I believe that they only sacrificed the DK to bring back lord void. Now that he's here, they shouldn't have to sacrifice any more people.

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AlextheTeknian1/1/15 8:36am
I see, yeah thats ah good point Kirito, I just tought since the Nightmares are so evil they want victims for their amusement and maybe nourishment, unless they simply want to kill Dreamkeepers downright just because they want them gone, I hope im not thinking to deeply into this he he. Ah by the way Im curious to see how Randy went from having that hairstyle he had in prelude to bald like in the main comic XD

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Kirito1/1/15 8:46am
Yeah this is true. I think that the nightmares just want the DKs gone to rule the dreamworld. As for Randy. he probably just talked out of his ass so much he had to lose hair to compensate XD

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Asora1/1/15 1:52pm


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ST34LTH1/1/15 4:00pm
They might be malicious, but they desire extinction above all else; patitularly the extinction of humanity, but the dreamkeepers are in the way... for the time being.


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Kirito1/1/15 4:01pm
They can't touch the human world, only exist on the edge of our mind.

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Asora1/1/15 4:30pm
The very edge.........of existence.

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ST34LTH1/1/15 4:34pm
I disagree Kirito and by the looks of it, Dave does too. Unless you meant that they can't touch it for the time being.

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