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Subscribe to this thread Randy created by Trubbol on October 8, 2013

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Trubbol10/8/13 12:33am
Hey, uh... is anyone else wondering what exactly is going on with this kid?
He went from that fancy school and bragging about what his dad will do to Evzen's dad to being in the orphanage picking on little girls and making deals with the devil... who somehow see past all the Randy and see something that is worth not smiting.

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joeden10/8/13 11:23am
There's nothing worth saving with the kid, he's had plenty of chances and many more to do the right thing if he's able to be redeemed it would be a pain. Along with a waste of time and energy trying to keep track of his moves plans, because he'll be trying to deceive you or just act while ignoring everything you say he's a spoiled rich brat that became an orphan in Grunn's care. That can really mess a person up and warp them into a demon's plaything.

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ezioauditore9710/8/13 2:14pm
I think that Randy would be redeemable if he ever became self aware of what he's doing but he apparently gets in over his head and at this rate will probably try to do some abhorrent things.I think that Mace really did try to reason with him and give him a fair chance but he refused that and has only made it worse for himself.Who knows what will happen though?

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Trubbol10/9/13 8:40am
I am just kind of wondering how he got the the orphanage, and why Nabonidus didn't sick something big and gory on him when he said "Oh! It was all my idea how Wisp disobeyed your orders, and managed to screw things up anyway!"

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Prometheus10/9/13 11:03am

Maybe something happened to his folks during Prelude when he forced Evzen into that bet. Evzen's parents found out about it and decided to make the lives of Randy's parents a living hell. Because of that, they were forced to put him up for adoption because they were unable to care for him. That's my best guess.

And since Nabonidus forgave Wisp since her disobedience would've benefitted his agenda if she had succeeded, I suppose that left Randy in the clear too since he claimed he was the mastermind behind it. Don't really see why Nabby would keep him alive, regardless.

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joeden10/9/13 11:40am
Randy has value in tricking the dumb and being able to do stuff and as Nabby said was he saw something in him something worthwhile.

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SuperflatPsychosis3/12/14 8:53pm
I actually have a theory about how Randy ended up at the orphanage, and it has something to do with his parents sending him there as a sort of character-building exercise after they learn about his hazing Evzen.


The fact that he has a game chest and can afford to buy new video games as they come out (Kill of Duty 6, anyone?) suggests that he still has money, and if something had happened to his parents, I'd expect him to be staying with wealthy relatives or something - not staying at Grunn's orphanage of all places. Maybe it's just the game chest/suitcase, but I don't think he's a permanent resident of the child farm.

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Trubbol4/5/14 2:44pm
He had amazing hair...

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MobileCrusader4/5/14 5:18pm
You are gonna need to link an example with that claim.

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SuperTurbo44/19/14 10:35am
Imagine what would happen he encounters Lilith.
Lilith: You were the one who dared Evzen?
Randy: Um...
Lilith: How could you?

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MobileCrusader4/19/14 2:52pm
Caught in a lie, like always.

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SuperTurbo44/19/14 3:02pm
Lilith would probably be really tempted to do something unpleasant to him.

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MobileCrusader4/19/14 5:37pm
Tempted, yes, but she seems too meek at this point to do anything at all.

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SuperTurbo44/20/14 10:38am
True. Can't say the same for Namah, though.

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MobileCrusader4/20/14 8:54pm
Does Namah even know about Randy's dare? I have not read the relevant prelude in some time.

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