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Dreamkeepers Forums - Any Xbox live players out there?

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Subscribe to this thread Any Xbox live players out there? created by T3rminal on July 30, 2013

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Asora12/21/14 3:21pm
No my good sir, no.

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Kirito12/21/14 3:22pm

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Asora12/21/14 3:22pm
*stares at Kirito while walking away*

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Kirito12/22/14 7:19am
if you had internet I would ask you to 1v1 me brah

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Asora12/22/14 9:13am
On what? If COD, I would most likely get shanked, but if BF3 however..........

*has flashback to most awesome moments in BF3*

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Kirito12/22/14 9:15am
COD XD I don't have BF3, and most likely you don't have the COD I have...

this baby:

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Asora12/22/14 10:08am
Ah yes, COD 3.........wish I had the time and money to look for that sucker. I saw it at the game section at Sam's Club ounce (yes, I swear to God I did). I was interested in buying it, but my mom said I couldn't.

Is it any good?

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Kirito12/22/14 10:23am
Yeah it's fantastic. The mechanics are all on point and the story takes a long ass time to complete.
And destiny. So good. Have some fanart.

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Asora12/22/14 11:59am
That sounds pretty cool. I hope one that one of these days I might be able to pick it up (if there are any copies still available within my reach), or might get a COD special collection edition (You know? One of those special video game collections were development team or some kind puts all two or more installments of a popular franchise into one case?), if they exist.

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Kirito12/22/14 12:30pm
Dude you can get for like 5 bucks XD it's pretty old. I know whatchu mean tho

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Asora12/22/14 1:49pm


*throws knife- ricochets off wall - pierces me in the leg*



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Kirito12/22/14 1:54pm

20 bucks actually ma bad

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Asora12/22/14 2:00pm
Thank you, but unfortinually, I do not know how to buy stuff (besides money order through regular mail) on the internet.



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Kirito12/22/14 2:06pm
It's a wonderful tool called- *grabs shoulder and goes into 'you're going far kid' pose eg.* a debit caaarrrrddddd

pm me when you get internet and or destiny and or COD 3

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Asora12/22/14 2:08pm
Your link does not work. :P

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