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Dreamkeepers Forums - Any Xbox live players out there?

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Subscribe to this thread Any Xbox live players out there? created by T3rminal on July 30, 2013

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Anarchy6/9/14 11:56pm
I know we all have our preferences its just that picture im not saying anything bad about pc gaming i think its cool i just don't like the way some pc gamers think they're all high and mighty just because they are statistically better. I strongly prefer xbox because of halo and state of decay (not sure whether pc has it or not). Also all my friends have xbox

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ThatDudesDude6/10/14 3:07am
Well some people are assholes I give you that. But while I see myself as a GLORIOUS PC GAMER! I also have an 360 and a PS3 and I have plenty of games to both of them. And I do find it more comfortable to sit on my sofa and start up the PS3 rather then sit on my rock hard wooden chair and play a pc game. So what I'm saying is that consoles are more comfortable then computers, who I might add has the tendency to make it as hard as possible for you to have a good time :( Most of them anyway.
And State of decay is available on the PC :)

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MobileCrusader6/21/14 2:37pm
Also, I just got more live time. Virtual KillerZ.

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Asora8/4/14 7:33pm
I am actually a xbox live player my self actually. If anyone is interested, just add me to your friend's list. My gamertag is TalkedSpy03. Just type it in like I showed it and it will work.

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Kirito12/20/14 10:55am
I'm going to change the gamertag soon, but for now it's CoolGuy033

I play COD 3, MLB 2k13, and when I get destiny to work there will be that also.

Anyone can add me, I have a mic. and voice chat.

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Asora12/20/14 11:56am
Unfortinaully however, I still don't have internet at my house, meaning that I can't play online on my Xbox 360. But, I estimate that I will get internet connection by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. I will also try to change my gamertag, but right now is still the same.

Kind've wish Microsoft put the price tag down to as much as $2.00 instead of a whopping $9.99, just for changing a simple gamertag. Man, they are some greedy son's of b***h's.

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Kirito12/20/14 1:14pm
I bet you can't guess what my new gamertag is gonna be. It's totally not evzen related.

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Asora12/20/14 1:48pm


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Kirito12/20/14 1:50pm
nope. That was taken like 17 years ago brah. Anywho I'll add everyone here soon enough

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Asora12/20/14 1:52pm
Okay, wait. How about AWESOMEGUY044!?

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Kirito12/20/14 1:52pm

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Asora12/20/14 3:31pm

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Kirito12/20/14 7:16pm
it'll probably something like xEvzen

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Asora12/21/14 10:40am
*looks at Kirito with frown face*

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Kirito12/21/14 3:02pm

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