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Dreamkeepers Forums - Any Xbox live players out there?

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Subscribe to this thread Any Xbox live players out there? created by T3rminal on July 30, 2013

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Canthui5/31/14 11:56pm
Was it an older model? Alot of the older ones had problems.

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Anarchy6/1/14 7:14am
My little brothers xbox is an older model and it won't read discs at all. I used to have the same one he did until it got the red ring of death

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MobileCrusader6/1/14 8:05am
My original Xbox was one of the older model white boxes.

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Anarchy6/3/14 4:41pm
thats the one i'm using now

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MobileCrusader6/4/14 6:36am
My dad has Xbox live and we have been playing World of Tanks a lot. His name is FoughtApple.

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 9:25am *cough*

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Canthui6/4/14 12:20pm
This made me laugh alot more than it probably should have =D Thank you Dude

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 12:43pm
No, thank you Canthui. Now I must flee for fear for my life since I might have angered the Xbox players of this thread. *Runs away like a sissy*

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Anarchy6/6/14 9:44pm
You did a good job man i hate that picture so much

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GodofVelcro6/7/14 10:21pm
Oh man, I love Zero Punctuation.

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ThatDudesDude6/8/14 8:32am
Well we all have our own console preferences Anarchy :3 (Just some of them are better then others hehe) At least some preferences don't have to deal with spontaneous crashes all the facking time :(

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PotatoFox6/8/14 9:06am
I have a gaming PC, but my example is hardly "master-race". I have spent more on fixing it than I when I actually bought the damn thing. Overclocking is not always the best idea for extra performance.

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ThatDudesDude6/8/14 9:15am
No, no it is not. My friend tried that not to long ago and he had to go buy a new processor and a 2 new fans after melting the whole thing. Computers are finicky :/

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GodofVelcro6/8/14 7:19pm
I have a laptop for my gaming needs, and the only major problem with it is that my current power cord keeps becoming two cords. I made temporary fixes at least 5 times, but too lazy to buy a new one.

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MobileCrusader6/8/14 7:28pm
I'm satisfied with my rig as it is, and don't feel the need to over clock it

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