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Dreamkeepers Forums - Any Xbox live players out there?

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Subscribe to this thread Any Xbox live players out there? created by T3rminal on July 30, 2013

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T3rminal7/30/13 12:17pm
We have a thread dedicated to the Players of Steam and PSN...But what about Xbox Live?

My gamertag is: T3rminalrisk

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Ares11/27/13 3:53pm

My gamertag is: Ares928

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Anarchy5/25/14 2:46pm
Mine is RUL Anarchy and you'll mostly see me on halo

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MobileCrusader5/27/14 11:34am
Mine is Virtual KillerZ but I've not used Xbox in well over a year.

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Anarchy5/27/14 8:18pm
I have a few trial cards your welcome to have if you want to play sometime

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Canthui5/28/14 5:24am
Mine is Canthui just like on here.

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MobileCrusader5/29/14 5:08pm
My Xbox broke like 2 years ago.

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Anarchy5/29/14 5:52pm
wow that sucks i don't think i'd be able to live without mine

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Canthui5/29/14 6:11pm
I'm sorry Mobile.

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MobileCrusader5/29/14 6:21pm
The disk drive decided one day that it was going to eat any disk i put inside, and i just never got a replacement.

Lost a few good games to the maw...

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Anarchy5/29/14 6:36pm
My old xbox got the red ring of death but damn i'd hate that to happen

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MobileCrusader5/29/14 6:40pm
i lost Halo 4 and B-lands 1 to it.

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Canthui5/29/14 6:55pm
Not Halo...

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Anarchy5/29/14 7:47pm
Damn i don't know what i'd do if halo broke

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GodofVelcro5/31/14 10:39pm
I would have gotten an XBox a while ago, but I was playing on my uncle's and it suddenly went insane, and basically had the same problem Mobile did. I was incredibly hesitant to buy one then.
Instead, PCMasterrace. :D

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