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Subscribe to this thread KiaranCraft [Dreamkeepers Server version 2.0] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on July 22, 2013

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Hakuzo7/25/13 5:20pm
I updated and it's showing me the server is running 1.4.7... The server needs to be updated ><. (I don't think I can downgrade the version I downloaded.)

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/25/13 5:41pm
Hmm... alright let me check real quick

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Hakuzo7/25/13 5:44pm
the launcher version is 1.5.2 right now. So I'll see and wait if you get it updated. still not sure if my computer can handle ultimate without lagging.

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Hakuzo7/25/13 5:49pm
ermk.... I think something is off here. Now my launcher is back to 1.4.7. I think they are trying to implement the upgrades but something isn't working right.

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/25/13 5:49pm
Try logging onto the server real quick.

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/26/13 11:04am
Unfortunately, regardless of my best efforts, GregTech will not die.

I recommend the pulverizer. Much easier.

Go on in by the way

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/26/13 3:10pm
Alright. Good news: The complicated gregtech recipes are gone. Bad news: Server went wonky and I had to go to back up.

Worse news: That backup was from about midnight this morning (26 of July 2013)

SO! Anyone logging in will have TEMPORARY creative to replace what was lost in the backup. Once you log in, I'll have your gamemode changed so you can load up on what you lost.

Please don't abuse this. I don't wanna see everyone trolling around in the highest grade armor with the best stuff.

But I do apologize for the issues. TTnTT

ALSO! I couldn't fix the NEI issue or the crafting texture issue for the macerator and solars. You'll either have to memorize them or google them.

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Hakuzo7/27/13 10:45am
I don't think I lost anything because I haven't gotten to be on at that time. But as for help with crafting:

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/27/13 2:28pm
Alright guys. I think I've pegged some of the issues.. Don't quote me on this.

Also, Hakuzo. I have set a condolence chest where your house was. Would you like to keep what's in it or would you rather start from scratch?

I will take chest requests. Just nothing too op ^^;

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sanat967/28/13 12:08am
I can modificate Minecraft, and add new blocks, about DreamKeepers in game, or i can add new mobs and other. And i can host minecraft server on special machine. 24\7 without hamachi and other

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T3rminal7/28/13 10:34am
Nah, we don't need new blocks, mobs, or anything like that, just good ole minecraft in its minecrafty glory.

thanks for the thought!'

Flat bedrock you say? interesting...

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/28/13 4:58pm
Yep. Flat bedrock. ^^

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T3rminal7/28/13 6:43pm
Also, I seem to have updated at some point to 1.5.2, and the server shall not let me join. Anyway you can update the server to 1.5.2? Or am I just kinda boned?

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SerafinoDragonTamer7/28/13 7:04pm
Haku had the same problem. The FTB launcher is just being wonky.

I dunno how he fixed it.

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Hakuzo7/28/13 7:56pm
It reset it's self after I closed out and restarted.

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