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Subscribe to this thread New Forum created by Dez on February 8, 2013

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Dez2/8/13 10:53am
It appears this new forum is up an running and it looks awesome! What do you guys think?

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zagura2/8/13 11:15am
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. :D Still don't have a DK yet though. Plus we can't move data over due to TOS with the original provider. QQ

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xir11110112/8/13 11:28am
Looks great and functions very well! Can't wait till it really gets going!

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Tramper2/8/13 11:29am
It's certainly different from the old one. I dig the design, though.

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DanWithTheHat2/8/13 11:39am
It looks really good! The Dreamkeepery feel to it is a refreshing change from the drab forums free site. :D

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/8/13 1:27pm
Got the message this morning, walked in, and my vitals flatlined from all the awesome. I give it an 11/10!

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Hakuzo2/8/13 1:55pm
I liked it since the test run. I hope that it works well enough and that everyone from the old forum migrates over here. With the dice roller on the site, it makes me want to start up my old RP again.

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ezioauditore972/8/13 4:37pm
It is definitely a vast improvement,eh?

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CalvinCopyright2/8/13 5:17pm
I like it. I will like it even more if I can figure out how to do my own pic for an avatar.

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wildcard2/8/13 7:56pm
Still gotta play with the settings.

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Twilight2/8/13 7:58pm
Hopefully it'll take on the kind of pressure traffic of a real forum server haha. At least it won't be nearly as buggy as forums free.

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Fore2/8/13 8:20pm
Looking forward to see where it goes. Glad to hear people are enjoying it so far!

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NiuXiu2/8/13 8:20pm
I love it already!

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Aelius2/8/13 10:19pm
Looks awesome so far!

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BigEasy2/9/13 12:53am
I like what I see so far. Shame about all those threads we're leaving behind though. Time to start the discussion anew!

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