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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers Wikia created by Prometheus on July 1, 2013

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Kirito8/3/15 8:10pm
Absolutely. It's getting there, a little bit at a time. We're still very early in the plot as well so there is going to be a lot of holes in the information we have.

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BryanDimmsdale8/4/15 5:48pm

You guys fill out the contents, I'll fix the layouts. I'll start with all the characters soon; the main ones especially.

Actually, we kinda have enough information, Kirito. Chapter 4 and above are beyond spoilers already. I just need to fix the warnings on each of the characters.

Zagura, you can actually help me. I am planning to fix the front page direly because it needs refurbishing.

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BryanDimmsdale9/17/15 4:31am
UPDATE 9/17/2015

Change the front page and added some features

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BryanDimmsdale9/29/15 6:35am
UPDATE 09/29/2015

Heh, guys, looks like the DK wikia is becoming more active and badass now. Looks like somebody (besides me) is very active, and keeps adding and adding v3 and v4 characters, and filling for more content on the old ones. The guy/girl's username is Isaac232.

Kudos to that person who's helping us.

Check it out!

Here's the activity so far (Warning, major spoiler here; don't check it if you haven't read the latest volume/s)

(Sorry if I keep spamming on this, but just want you guys know DK is getting more and more famous)

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Kobalt959/29/15 4:05pm
Judging from isaac232's profile pic, he's a reviewer by the name of "The Media Hunter", who just recently made a review for Dreamkeepers last month.

Pretty cool that he's now helping spruce up the wiki as well! :)

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zagura10/7/15 3:56pm
Krito youre a full admin on the wiki now.

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Prometheus12/21/15 11:57am
Okay, I need some feedback from folks who have already read V4.

I did the majority of Bast's history section, specifically the graphic novel information. I need to know if I was a bit too wordy with my summary and if it needs to be broken down a bit. I only described scenes that Bast himself was involved in, but I feel like I just gave too many details. The more I read it over, the more unsure I get.

For those who have read V4, what do you think?

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ZycantAlpha12/21/15 12:06pm
Well, just by looking at Namah's page it seems like about the same amount of content. But I guess it depends. How much did you want to reveal? Because if you let out exactly what you intended to then there isn't a problem, is there?

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Prometheus12/22/15 10:15am

I suppose I got what I wanted to convey. I just worry that the page will become too long to navigate after future volumes come out; what with my inability to paraphrase and all.

Which poses an even better question: How long into Bast's history should we write? Should we record his every moment into the Wikia or find some point to cut it off? If the series is going to reach the length that the Lillie's have projected, then you can guarantee that EVERYONE'S pages are going to be massively long.

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ZycantAlpha12/22/15 6:29pm
Well, it might be easier then to just stick with the highlights. Though, I don't think you should worry about cutting information until later. As it starts to get longer it'll be easier to find fluff to trim out than it will to try and preemptively cut things out without seeing where it's going.

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Prometheus12/26/15 11:08pm

Agreed. Thank you for pointing that out. I guess I won't hold back, then, and will worry about the excess writing later. ^^

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BryanDimmsdale1/7/16 9:50pm
Guys, need some help on the history page, thank you.

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BryanDimmsdale1/10/16 12:56am
Character page thread is hugely updated(01/10/2016):

If somebody can provide me with images that I can used or uploaded in the wikia, that would be really helpful.

Also, I've been thinking if I would be putting a Spoilers tab above it for those who haven't read further volumes yet?

Thank you! :)

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BryanDimmsdale1/30/16 8:23am
Guys, I think you'll LOVE THIS huge update I made on this wikia page (with Isaac's help, of course)

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Prometheus1/30/16 10:38am
Oh, man! That's amazing! You guys did great on this. :D

This reminds me that I should try to be more active there myself.

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