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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers Wikia created by Prometheus on July 1, 2013

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Kobalt957/8/15 2:04am
I'm thinking we should list a character's first prelude appearance as well as their first GNS appearance.

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MobileCrusader7/8/15 11:05am
That's a good starting point Kobalt. We could take it a step further and start cataloging their powers using the power categorization emblems from the end of volume 4.

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Prometheus7/9/15 10:58am
I can see how the pages are being reorganized now. Looks like somebody reworked the Bast page. I think I'll start working on that when I get a chance. Anyone have any ideas on how Bast's appearance should be described?

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Aman37127/31/15 7:05pm
The DK wiki needs some more love :(

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Digitigraderobo7/31/15 8:17pm
Yeah, it is pretty outdated.

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BryanDimmsdale8/2/15 5:12am
The front page has changed:

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DanWithTheHat8/2/15 8:11am
Nice. It definitely needed an update. Kudos for the person who took on that task.

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Kirito8/2/15 9:18am
Can someone supply me with a link/list of pages that need to be added/edited if any? I'm now able to contribute and would love to help out. I know I've seen a list before but I can't find it now...

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Prometheus8/2/15 12:22pm
Glad to see the wikia getting a bit more active lately. Props to whoever updated the frontpage.

However, the slideshow is taking up the poll and activity feed. That might have to be fixed. Just FYI.

I've been contributing as well. I've been working on the Bast thread and might end up working on the Volume 4 segment of his History subsection. Considering there's a spoiler warning already up at the top of that subsection, anyone new or returning to the series and the wikia will have a fair chance to avoid anything they haven't read about yet.

Speaking of spoiler warnings, how do you even add those? Are those an admin-only feature? If it's the former, then I'd like to know how to add it as I intend on adding in V4 details soon.

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BryanDimmsdale8/2/15 11:01pm

*Raises hand*

...I did, I change the front page and some other stuffs in the wiki (I'm a one man army).

I was trying to look similar to these, and there are some options I need to find in order to change the background; it's getting old:


I really intend to look the polls smaller, like other wikis did. They only thing that is incomplete are the slides, they do seem big and missing small panels to click on. And I also want to change the colors of the notifications (black-brown might be better).

Also, there's alot, I mean A LOT, that needs adding/editing, and these are:

- Character pages including the bar links at the top:

- Lore and Things links and info, litterally nothing (also note that I need to figure out how to transfer the ancient history link into there as well):

- Stories, basically the summary of each book, and yes that should have a spoiler warning and I will talk about that later:

- The Community, that needs heavy editing, it doesn't make sense actually:
It supposed to look like this, but linked to devart ->


As much as possible, add the character link already to the character thread with circular pics.

And Prometheus,

that spoiler thread can be added, it's just that it needs heavy coding, so you can ask me anytime. I will add to EACH characters soon. OR you can click edit the page and copy paste the whole thing, it's tricky but it might work.

P.S. and if you see "Grilled Beefsteaks" in here, that's me.

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Kirito8/3/15 4:27am
I'll take a look and see what I can do. I'm DreamkeeperKirito on Wikia.

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Prometheus8/3/15 10:39am
I'm AizerPulse, of course. And, thanks for clearing up the frontpage, B.D. It looks much better. ^^

I'll let you know if I need a section spoilered or I'll just figure it out myself.

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zagura8/3/15 7:34pm
I stopped work on the wikia a loooong time ago. @_@ Support for it sort of died off, partially on my part.

If any of you want bureaucrat rights let me know.

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Kirito8/3/15 7:37pm
Psh, I'm always up for bureaucratic rights. I definitely want to see it completed.

Edit: You should probably hand the reins over to Bryan, he seems to know the most. I think I'll be mostly adding bulk content.

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Prometheus8/3/15 8:04pm
It's getting the attention that it desperately needs now. Alot has been going on with it lately. I've been doing my part. ^^

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