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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers Wikia created by Prometheus on July 1, 2013

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Prometheus7/1/13 1:41pm
So, what's been going on with the wikia page as of late? Are people just updating it freely or are we still asking a user for permission first? I can't remember if that's how it worked on the previous forum. I know there was some kind of system that prevented people from going crazy with the wikia, so I'm just double-checking before I start doing my own updates... whenever I feel compelled to do so.

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Prometheus6/28/14 12:32pm
So, a number of weeks ago, I attempted to add a Bast & Vanth page to the Prelude Arcs list. But, apparently, only admins are allowed to add pages to lists. Anyone remember who the Wikia admin was?

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MobileCrusader6/28/14 3:15pm
I don't have any idea. Maybe you should shoot Dave an email. I don't know if he was ever involved, though.

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Prometheus6/29/14 12:38pm
I don't think he was, either. I would send him an e-mail, but I'm still waiting for a response to my forum moderation e-mail.

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MobileCrusader6/30/14 5:50pm
Really? Well, the fire has delayed them in more ways than one.

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Prometheus7/2/15 12:41pm
Just an FYI, it should go without saying, but it would be best that everyone hold off on updating any of the DK Wikia pages with V4 content. Not sure if the two-week rule for the forum should apply to the wikia, but there are spoiler warnings already up in some pages. Honestly, the wikia is nothing but one big spoiler party for those who've never read the series before, so you're really going there at your own risk. I want to hear everyone's take on this.

Speaking of the wikia, I notice alot of pages are getting a makeover. Anyone care to give an update on that?

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Kirito7/2/15 3:04pm
I believe I made a page on the towers and edited the Evzen page. It's been a while, though.

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DanWithTheHat7/4/15 7:25am
We really should do a scrub of the wiki sometime. There is a ton of misinformatiom, speculation stated as fact and new facts from Vol 3 missing. Maybe even add some new pictures too.

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Digitigraderobo7/4/15 10:35am
Yeah, the wiki has almost no recent information.

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Prometheus7/5/15 8:20am
I would do a few rewrites on some pages, but A) some of you guys are adding new character description graphics, so I don't want to screw anything up on that end and B) I kind of feel bad erasing someone else's writing just to fix a few mistakes and false info. Wikis are community efforts, but it still feels like a dick move to completely scrub down a page of someone else's writing.

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DanWithTheHat7/6/15 8:21am
Well if the info is correct and based on fact then I wouldn't make any changes but if there is clearly incorrect or outdated info, I don't see anything wrong with changing what someone else wrote. That is the whole point of a wiki. The community keeps itself accountable to add accurate info and remove what is incorrect. It's not dickish at all if it makes the wiki a better source for info imo.

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 10:39am
I was thinking of making an account to try and update the site. Maybe when school starts again.

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Prometheus7/6/15 11:35am

Right. I realize now it really doesn't matter as long as you're correcting information. I just find it difficult when facts and incorrect info are mixed together in a run-on paragraph or the way information is presented. I've tried to correct information on some pages before and I find it hard to correct something without needing to correct something else even if it's factual. It's an editing nightmare sometimes (no pun intended).

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 11:53am
I know how that is, pro. It's a lot of work and can make you feel like you are taking over the article.

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DanWithTheHat7/6/15 9:30pm
Yeah, I can see what you mean in that regard. Everyone does have their own writing style and merging your words with theirs can be difficult without rewriting everything is a challenge for sure. I guess the other option is to talk to the original poster if they are still around and it wasn't an anonymous edit and try to get them to change it themselves.

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