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Subscribe to this thread The Purge created by Animefan18 on June 13, 2013

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Animefan186/13/13 10:25am
after seeing this movie : buy a plane ticker ASAP or 'home alone' my entire house with traps

anyway the movie was good to me

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Iggy7/16/13 10:46pm

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HazzardousEco7/24/13 1:53am
The Purge had a great concept, but I think it was wasted on this entry. Assuming theres a sequel, I hope they show us more of the New Founding Fathers and explore even more possiblities when all morality and consequences are removes for one night out of the year...

Actually you know what? Movie Bob portrays my thinking in better detail:

EDIT: I should point out though, that Bob's review of it wasn't kind...

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Asora8/16/14 3:23pm
I agree to HazardousEco. The Purge really did had an interesting concept at first, but the way it was presented was just bad. If only this film's concept was putted under the right people, it could've been a nice film. But instead we got a very cliche over the top horror/suspense film that was trying too hard to be good, but failed misiberley.

There are actually two reviews, one done by CinemaSins, and the other done by The Nostalgia Critic, that really beat the tar out of it. Links are down below.

CinemaSins Review:

Nostalgia Critic's Review:

My overall rating of the film itself: 4/10

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/16/14 9:39pm
Reffer to NC's review...

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Asora8/17/14 9:29am
Also fun fact: One of the producers of the film was actually Michael Bay. That would explain it. "shivers"

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Animefan188/18/14 8:04am
Asora, I saw the film on the day I was on chatwing, there was hardly any bayisms in there.

as for TMNT, the bayisms were off the charts

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origamifan2/13/15 1:40pm
It's kinda like the Hunger Games: It's quite well produced, but the basic principle doesn't make sense.

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Asora2/13/15 2:46pm
Yeah, it was kind've like the Hunger Games, and the setting was pretty good, but the storyline was too cliche, the premise was good, but it felt like it could've been changed a bit, and there were other things that didn't make any sense.

Not a terrible film, but, it felt like it really needed to be checked throughly by the filmmakers, instead of throwing it out there.

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crazyhead422/13/15 11:12pm
Like what in particular Asora?

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Asora2/14/15 1:42pm
Well, for example, the movie focuses on a wealthy family living in a heavy-modified home in a suburban neighborhood, but the only problem with that is that the family is full of stereotypical family members, and for us viewers, we have to endure the constant mistakes of their stupid and cliche actions throughout the movie.

For me, I think it could've been better if it was just one man living in the house, and then facing against the group of killers who are after the stranger, who is somewhere in the home hiding. Then, the main character has to figure out if he is willing to risk everything to find the guy the group is after, and give him to them, for all in the sake of his very safety and his home, or be prepared to face against a group of heavily-armed psychopaths for the sake of a stranger's life in a out-manned and out-gunned situation in the middle of the night.

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crazyhead422/14/15 2:45pm

The way I see it, the Purge was almost a social commentary piece. Their choice to use stereotypical family members was to decrease time spent in exposition - if you choose to have characters who deviate from what is expected, you have to take the time to get into the character's pasts. This can easily create problems when doing a standalone movie.

The family in question was also meant to show the different reactions of normal people to the situations which occurred, in this case clear legalized hunting down of an individual because he was different, but it also dips a little bit into class warfare. The father was a stereotypical richer father - he cared about his stuff, but little more. By stark contrast, the son (who would have fit the character better if he were younger) took it upon himself to help the person in need, despite the risk to himself and his family.

Were it just one guy alone, you'd probably have a normal horror movie. There are plenty of movies like that, but this is not one of them. In fact, changing it to one person would have eliminated the entire point of the movie - the displaying of multiple human reactions to the warfares going on within society and why the problems are so hard to fix.

The interesting elements were the people OUTSIDE the house though. Those outside were representative of any of the numerous oppressions in society - including but not limited to racism, homophobia, and class warfare. Racism was the one the creators chose to display first because it was the easiest and fastest one to depict graphically although, like I think I said earlier, class warfare was also touched upon. Also note that the group outside acted like you'd expect the KKK to. Yes, this takes the problems in society to an extreme, however caricatures are often required to bring out certain aspects of people the audience may miss otherwise.


sorry for the length. I actually do think like this while analyzing literature.

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Asora2/14/15 3:45pm

*tries to say something*

Nah, screw it, you earned it.

*gives cookie to crazyhead*

But still, you have to admit, the family members and other characters could've been improved a bit more in the movie, like what David did to the some of the main GNS characters. (Ex. Mace, Lilith, Namah, Bast, Vi, and Randy.)

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crazyhead422/14/15 3:54pm
Well yes. The characters could be improved. For example - making the son younger. Unfortunately, I don't remember the movie quite well enough to comment on the mom or the daughter, nor do I remember it well enough to go too far in specifics.

Also, Asora, if you can argue with me, by all means do! (Well not by <i>all</i> means. Insulting me is out) I enjoy a good argument, and they can be quite uplifting when done well.

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Asora2/14/15 4:31pm

*grabs crazyhead42 by the arm - jumps into argument portal*

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