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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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joeden4/11/13 9:31am
name Patrick Stewart
age 16
appearance he is a ring-tail lemur with short blue hair he usually wears a duster coat along black pants a red shirt and goggles which he thinks are cool.
power bugomancy, the ability to make and control bugs of all sorts.
Patrick had always been weird and out of place, he had no friends but he didn't mind because he found that the company of bugs was all the company he needed. one day when he was out for a walk in Ruskol he ended up running into a few bullies from school; they had chased into an alley threatening to beat him. Patrick had gotten so scared he didn't notice when his halo came to life and thousands of spiders and cockroaches came crawling off of him and swarmed the bullies who let out a scream of terror. when he was found by shocks he was unconscious and covered in bugs the bullies where also unconscious they managed to pull them out of the carpet of bugs to just skittered away; when the group finally awoke the bullies where traumatized and had no memory of what happened and patrick made up a story of how they chased him and then all went blank. he then spent the rest of his days hiding from people and practicing in secret.

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 5:12pm
I am an insectophobe,

But I rather like Patty. : D

=== === ===

"What if there were to come a day when our hopes, our ideas, our fears, could fight by our side?

"Then, the war against the Nightmares would be much more even."

A dreamkeeper whose Power, in effect, causes the image of a dreamkeeper to become itself a dreamkeeper.

If the painting depicts them using their Power, they can use their Power in full master. If the state is of a swordsman, then he is a master of the blade. If it is a wall carving of a leader and her men, then they are a finely-tuned combat force.

However, they are -not- ghosts, they are -not- servants. They have their own desires and minds, and if flesh and blood dreamkeepers do not honor this, then torment will only follow.


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joeden4/11/13 5:19pm
nicely said also i had a saying about over time this and that on my facebook couldn't find it but found this instead which i found heartwarming

A small girl ran across the battlefield. The two armies stopped their war cries and stood starring at the lost child in search for her father. She never wanted him to leave.
She searched and searched, and never found him, Across the lands and the sea. A month passed. She never stopped searching.
Eating what she could, sleeping where she could, she still searched.
After a year, she found him. Buried on a hill, alone. She held the gravestone.
And whispered "I am here daddy, i have found you."

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joeden4/11/13 7:52pm
well i got another keeper but i remembered the saying its: one takes action and becomes a hero over time a hero becomes legend and over time legend becomes myth and upon the myth one takes action and becomes a hero once again.

name Narlack siccedpoint
age 35
appearance: Narlack is a meerkat with long purple hair and wears the same clothing as Dr Frankenstein from soul eaters he wears a Ruskol type hat and ski goggles which he likes.
profession mechanic/bounty-hunter
Friends: Alex, Jamie, Harry, Victoria, Luffy, Jessica and Taw.
power: techomancy, the ability to make any tech work and fit together perfectly every time he builds/makes/repairs something, he learns everything about it.
back-story: Narlack had found Taw by chance and is on of the first members of the group, he has always had a knack with how tech works; when he discovered his power he was put to work on making and repairing things, which is his passion and one thing he truly loves doing. He still continues to work on things in the compound, making sure every thing works right and when he's not working he's trying to do the impossible of beating Jamie at chess or shogi. but all and all he has fun doing what he loves and could never wish for a better life, mainly because he loves seeing all the things that gets brought in and he's working on a rocket to go to space but he can't get the fuel he needs.

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AriaOutlander4/12/13 9:27am
I'd like to suggest a nice power I had thought up, with no repercussions, even! But I'd like that to change, somehow. But it's not even an overpowered.. power.

Here's an example, using my newest RP character.

AGE 23

I won't give you guys a history on Truxxy, but Basically, His power's effects are along the line of stopping and starting time. Giving him the illusion of teleporting small distances. Using this, however, has no downsides. He doesn't age for the duration time had stopped, which could effectively prolong his life x2, if he constantly used it. Any matter he interacts with while time had stopped, stays on it's own trajectory after time resumes. He can, I.E; Jump off of something somebody threw at him, even if that's a fruit. Even a bullet. Nothing moves when he interacts with them in that state. Doors too.

It's a rather nice skill, but tell me what you guys think!

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joeden4/12/13 1:40pm
its nice char aria

name ollow shackmar/false last name real last name Hellsing
age 9
power an orange halo that shows only when fighting but his power is always active which is great strength is explained this way: Normally, the brain restricts one's power, shutting down muscles in response to pain in order to prevent serious injury; unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he doesn't have this limitation, and is capable of using his full strength. His power is described as the naturally unlimited form of human strength, and Shinra likens it to the incredible "adrenaline power" that people rarely display in times of emergency. (as seen in the link above that's his power if you can't click on link simply look up You Know Me? [AMV] it should be the first one with the guy with blonde hair)
about ollow is a grey Aegean cat with scares on his face and a few on his arms but has short brown hair and a part his right ear is cut out but doesn't effect his hearing but he is usally seen with a smile on his face a friendly attitude and wears blue jeans running shoes and a blackish green hoodie he is also really short 3.6

After the fiasco with his cousin Jamie and his brother, he managed to escape as jack aka Lector Dahmar killed his parents, two brother's and sister, at the age of 6 he had thought that he was safe from the maniac but that was proven wrong. He spent the next two years hiding through out the city, surviving on the kindness of others and through theft, he had a hard time getting by and he witnessed a lot of horrible things that where done by shock troopers. He hid for the two years in a warehouse before it burnt down one day when he was 9 he was walking down a street in talocan, when he was suddenly picked up and tossed at a couple of thugs, their appearance sacred him and he ran through the allies and arrived at the shadow knaves headquarters where he met Jamie not realizing it was his cousin, Jamie had saved him twice and he now looks up to him as his guardian angel but neither one realizes who the other is... yet.

(his power came from here

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CalicoYorki4/12/13 4:40pm
P.S.: To amend a misunderstanding,

Ja'tila is similar to a snow leopard. I -thought- it was a mistake on my part, but I now know for sure that she resembles a snow leopard, not an Amur leopard.

Apologies for the mistake. D X

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joeden4/12/13 7:39pm
(yea he is overpowered but what can you do he's very old XD)
Van Hellsing age old very, very, very old
power: his power is very very strange he can never activate his halo but he lives forever he can still be killed but he can't age or starve or thirst he considers it a curse.
residents: Bralgu
appearance: he is a tall grey wolf who wears the same clothing van Hellsing did in the movie.
history: he was born 840 D.D and had fought with great skill throughout the silent century, he was cursed by a large group of nightmares and he was trapped in Bralgu. For all entirety but he sometimes manages to break out into the dreamworld before having to return. He ended up falling in love with a young lady and started a family, he managed to spend 40 years in the dreamworld before being sent back to Bralgu. The nightmares avoid him because he taught them to fear him. (Not by fighting them but by doing some unpleasant things that should never be talked about so don't ask don't even ask so okay happy smiles now XD) He has but the only hope to see his family once again, the only memories he has of his family is his 5 sons and 2 daughters and his grandsons Jamie, Ollow, Joe and peter along with his granddaughters Jessica and Jane. He has no clue of what happened with his family being nearly eradicated by a crime lord.

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CalicoYorki4/12/13 7:52pm
Marlin dreamkeeper, female, assassin.

Active camouflage-facilitated dissolution Power.

Should I flesh her out?

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joeden4/12/13 7:57pm
sure but what do you think of Van Hellsing? good or no?

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Shadow996114/12/13 8:40pm
@CY. Perhaps, it might be interesting to hear more about her, active camo is a pretty good idea for an assassin.


I would suggest NOT using him in an rp unless you really curtailed him, but it would be interesting to see him in his own story context. I'm a tidbit skeptical of using an actual Character's name, as that might bring in copyright imfringment stuff, not to mention it's kinda cheesy.

That's my personal opinion however, I like your extended family thing you have going on.. Kinda interesting.

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joeden4/12/13 8:55pm
I think the copy right law on the name is allowing now because he is an old char and I'm not using him to make money or claiming the name was made by me also I think I added to much grey knight in him with the warhammer 40k but yea when I use him in a RP he's not going to be as strong as his sheet is he may be a good fighter but he gets distracted easily and he talks to much

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Shadow996114/12/13 9:00pm
Just a thought. Also, using a unique name already used by another character is kinda bad practice.

It's up to you how to play him, I'm sure your fellow rper's will help you along with it.

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joeden4/12/13 9:06pm
Yea but I'm trying to make the hellsings a family like monkey d luffy and there shouldn't be any problem as long as I don't use the names to make profit or claim them as mine and I added a fun update on the sheet

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Shadow996114/12/13 9:10pm
Up to you, I'm just saying it's bad practice. And monkey d luffy?

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