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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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joeden4/19/14 9:43pm
Nicely done Zycant but two small problems 1 you said 3 characters i read only 2 (unless you made a previous post i didn't see). Second from what i found out there is no passive power just side-effects like for Vi her power is inhuman strength when power is not in use she has normal strength that is far greater then what it would be if she had another power. But overall love the characters. :)

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ZycantAlpha4/20/14 9:38am
Hubert Tanton was the other from a while back.

Good to know that the "passive" is technically just an expansion more or less.

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joeden4/20/14 4:23pm
kk well if your interested Zyacant i'm going to be setting up an RP i think your two characters would work in.

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ZycantAlpha4/21/14 9:20am
All right, good to know, I'll keep it in mind.

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dargonbloodmoon4/22/14 9:30am
i have like, no idea what to do, can someone help me. because all i want to do is help people or kill bad guys/nightmares, and the bar thing, i looked it up, its not for me. i just want to do some dreamkeeper stuff. any ideas?

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Corvus4/22/14 10:03am
dargon, I do believe that they are currently discussing setting up a new RP, as most of the ones around the forum at present are stalled/abandoned(I think...) I would consider setting up a character and either running or joining one if I wasn't behind the story by a book. (can't order it until June atleast)

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CalicoYorki5/4/14 7:21am
I'm posting this hoping that I could get some input on this character. Sorry if it's a bother. I know my characters are a drag to read, et ceteras.

~ ~ ~

Name: Clover
Age: 19
Power: Storage of kinetic energy and its conversion into heat/plasma
/Halo: White with a vermillion orange outline
Clover's Power significantly boosts her resistance to damage as a bonus, which allows her to withstand the impacts she needs to take for her Power to work. She stores up the kinetic energy of punches and other impacts she takes, and can even store up the kinetic energy from stomping the ground repeatedly if she needs to.
When fully activated, all of this kinetic energy is flash-converted into a roiling aura of heat and plasma. Clover can project tendrils from this aura, and float on an updraft. The potential for destruction is incredible, but this state lasts for a very short time, and is difficult to attain for a second time.
Resembling a lemur, every marking which would be black on her body is instead crimson. She also has vivid, messy scarlet hair, and glowing orange eyes with slit pupils. She has muscular hands with long, clawed digits, and similar hands in place of feet. Her incredibly long, striped tail is used for balance while she's running and leaping, and she has similarly-patterned horns slightly curving up from above either eye. She has a...Unique fashion sense.
A nice enough girl, as eccentric as she is, Clover is affectionate and highly intelligent. She loves to shower her friends with hugs and cuddles, and still ends every call to her big sister with "I love you." However, while Clover seems cheerful and well-put together, she is actually a recovering drug addict who has struggled to develop the perseverence to break her habits. Thankfully, she has a very powerful mother, and a big sister very learned in medicine; together, they have almost completely rehabilitated Clover. However, her drug addiction has uncovered a tendency in Clover to snap like a twig if animals are hurt, if children or hurt, or if her loved ones are hurt in any way.

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MobileCrusader5/4/14 7:19pm
I really like the power, calico. Its nicely balanced.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier5/6/14 2:25pm
I'm gonna go ahead and give it a go. This character wasn't originally made in vein of the Dreamkeepers, but I altered some things about him. I still need to work on a few things, but I think I'm ready to at least show the basics of him...

Name: Judas DeMazier

Age: 16

Power: Enhanced Vision

Appearance: Black and neon green furred fruit bat with a black eye scheme. His hair is shaved in the back and combed to the front, covering his left eye. His wings start from his ring finger and has his skin membrane end on his spine. His figure is a bit under normal as the same with his height, thus not really having much muscle on his body. His basic attire includes a sleeveless hoodie, baggy cargo pants and skater sneakers, all matching in a black and neon green color scheme to match his fur. Accessories include snake bite lip piercings, a necklace with a Scorpio symbol on it, and a leather studded belt.

Affiliation: brought up as a dark Dreamkeeper, though he tries to avoid association with that side as of late

Halo: Black with a green aurora

Backstory: (WIP) Born in the Norvondire district, Judas was the exact opposite of the other kids growing up there. He had no interest in competitions whatsoever, including sports, which made him looked down upon in the district. His mother encouraged him to be a bit more competitive like his peers, but Judas persisted otherwise. This lead him to hide himself up in his room for long periods of time, surrounding himself in music which became his most beloved pastimes.
His mother, like most of the other adults, worried a lot about him since he'd been showing signs of an emotional unbalance and the occasional freak outs he's had on school grounds. Eventually at age 13, Judas was put on medication to make him seem more 'normal' and lowered the chances of a tantrum. All that it did to him was turn him into a dull and impotent pushover. His mother was still worried, though a bit more relieved to have an apathetic son rather than his former self.
Things came to a halt when Judas' mother was framed for a crime by a relative, placing her in prison. Because of this, Judas found out he has been a target of a group of dark Dreamkeepers. What was assumed by the district as a suicide, was actually a kidnapping. The last trace of him was a 'suicide' note claiming he'd ran into the forest and shot himself.
What really happened, though, was that Judas was introduced to the world of Dreamkeepers, (what happened during this part is still under debate...)

Judas escaped at age 16, carrying with him a pistol and a dagger, and has been on the run ever since...

Personality: Judas has Bipolar disorder, making him unbalanced emotionally. He ranges from clingy and lovesick, to completely mellow, though a bit of a shady fellow, to irate and violent, to being flat out depressed. However as of late, his transition through these levels of emotions is a lot more gradual for the most part, and He's more prone to be mellow in the general public. Unless he needs to talk, he buries himself in his headphones to avoid most strangers. Until he gets a bit more close with someone, Judas can become more prone to express his various moods.
Judas is also seen as a hopeless romantic, believing having a stable relationship could possibly control his bipolarity. Judas has also recently had episodes of mild paranoia, believing that dark dreamkeepers are following him and are planing his demise.

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FelGrey5/14/14 1:24pm
CalicoYorkie, I think that I remember you from the old forum. It's been a while. Also, i posted my original dreamkeeper there with manipulation of kinetic energy (a carbon copy character I am posting now). Out of curiosity, was there some inspiration frommy part? if not an amusing coincidence! I love where you took the power in terms of energy transfer. Its an interesting power with the same base, but totally different use!

NAME: Fel Grey
AGE: 22
POWER: Kinetic energy storage and redistribution
HALO: off white
Fel's muscle fibers are capable of near limitless contraction and expansion, allowing for extreme tensing and storage of kinetic energy. A side effect of his kinetic energy transferrence is hardening of bones throughout his lifetime, coupled with hardening of muscle when exerting or absorbing force. This results in nearly no damage during impacts, as long as the impact is in alignment with muscle movements. Energy needs to be stored over time, and can only be redirected. Not created. Susceptible to damage perpendicular to anatomical movement. EXAMPLE: blocking with his palms will allow his arms and shoulders to act as springs and shock absorbers, allowing him to absorb almost all the energy he blocked. However, a strike across his forearm perpendicular to his bone will still break it.

Also,he can only hold energy for a few minutes, otherwise he suffers from severe, crippling muscle cramps.

APPEARANCE:Fel stands 6'6" including his ears. He is akin to an anthro wolf, though with sharper bone structures in the face. His digitigrade legs are proportioned more extreme than some, resulting in faster movement and larger jumps. He wears primarily baggy cargo pants, and slim fitting shirts. Over this he wears a mid thigh leather vest with multiple utility pockets. Fel has multiple piercings through his ears, and a tail ring crafted from flo wood, which his mother procured and created for him. He carries a utility pack, with everything that he needs for three days unexpected journey.

BACKSTORY:A quiet male of the Ruskol district. Raised in a neighborhood where class ism and animosities borne of religious differences ran rampant. His only surviving family during his childhood was his mother, a spiritualist who was particularly shunned and oppressed by those around her. He grew to despise ignorance and animosities borne of subjective viewpoints. He corrects close mindedness when he can, preferably with wit and discussion. However, when young this brought about many problems for him. He found that his powers assisted in many ways. Explosive movement allowed him easy, quick escape. Or, barring that, fast and brutal deterrent to further violence.

He now goes about his life, trying to quietly urge tolerance and prevent discrimination from the background of his daily routines.

PERSONALITY: Quiet and critical in tense situations. Prefers talk over conflict, though capable in either arena. Prefers the good of all over harm to some.

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 9:23am
I refuse to ever speak or mention my Dreamkeeper until I get a fitting image to show him in the light he deserves. However it's really heard to find good commissioners these days, though if anyone know someone I will be grateful.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/5/14 7:23am
I see where your comin from. I could use an image as well...

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CalicoYorki7/11/14 8:50pm
To Felgrey: I did not actually use your character as inspiration. It is an amusing, if contrived coincidence. : )

My next concept is a bit of a war child, and someone who doesn't quite fit into her native District of Kojiki. Here we go:

Name: Fuzen Chie (Eastern order, surname first; Fuzen = "mischief, evil, sin, imperfection," chie = "wisdom")
Age: 34
Power: Materialization of dead spirits
- Halo: A dark, dark green, like green jade

Fuzen Chie is able to materialize certain deceased spirits, in certain ways. She normally summons her great-great-uncle, "Swift Death to Evil" Kizanryu. As his epithet would imply, the skeletal dragon dreamkeeper with burning red lights in his eye sockets, and wings that seem to swallow the chances of evil's escape, this old soldier from a bygone era is not someone to be taken lightly: even in death, he kicks so much ass.


Chie greatly resembles a dog; specifically, an akita. She has beige fur with sharp sienna streaks, layered over a sturdy, but athletic body. It's a build which resembles a mixed martial artist, with well-defined abdominal muscles and potent limbs. Her sharp ears stick straight up, alongside shocking reddish-orange hair styled in a flame-like pompadour up front, but with corn rows on the sides and something of a "party" trailing from the back. Her fluffy tail is also vermilion, and curls tightly inward.

Her outfit is certainly striking, with her signature fur lined bomber jacket and its many decals. These include the prominent design on the back: a goggles-wearing cat skull with a flaming aura, clutching a wakizashi in its teeth. She wears a compass, a watch, and survival bracelets around her wrists, and on her belt is laden a travel pack, a canteen, a sheathed blade, etc. She also wears what resemble aviator goggles on her brow; however, they also function with Shock Trooper technology.


For all appearances, Chie was misnamed by her parents. She tends to be brash, quick to anger, and sarcastic. She also has a tendency to react to compliments by getting frumpy and distracted. However, Chie is appropriately named for her strategic acumen, and her earnest knowledge of history further proves how appropriate the name is - "wisdom." She is also incredibly dedicated and protective of people who are close to her. Children, animals, and the weak are all considered "people who need protection" - and even without her Power, this Shock Trooper contractor doesn't even need her blade to trash average dreamkeepers.


The Toll Wars were a very, very dark time in Anduruna's history. Chie was unfortunate enough to see both parents go to war, and to have both of them taken away from her. She grew up to be violent, extremely violent. Due to Anduruna's...Unique methods of dealing with the problem, Chie's emotional wounds festered. Eventually, she got put in a detention center in the outer limits of Ruskol, where barely anyone was degenerate enough to wind up.

Extreme cold surrounded her, in every possible way. Eventually, she got so fed up with the poor company that she escaped in the night. She only managed to escape because no one was thought fool enough to do choose the cold wasteland called the "Dead Two-Thirds Arpent" between the detention center and civilization. Chie ended up stranded in a little seam in the ground, half-dead and freezing. She wanted so desperately to go to sleep, but every time she began to settle, a violent force rattled her awake. It was on the fourth time waking up that Chie could see the hellish crimson light around her.

A skeletal dragon dreamkeeper hovered over her, and he removed his crunching leather glove from shaking her awake. "I can't believe that my family line is about to end here, in a Ruskol rathole," he snarled. "Listen. I'm gonna walk you through this shit, because I can't have you dying on me." He proceeded to possess Chie, and marionette her body into setting up a fire, and digging up some tubers buried in the snow and earth. He explained that as a result of Chie's Power awakening, Kizanryu had returned to the land of the living.

It was thanks to him that Chie made it back to the detention center alive, and was able to return to society on good behavior. Before that point, she had only fought for herself, and started fights for no reason. "If an animal gets bitten, it'll bite back" - if you start a fight, you'll accomplish nothing more than getting both parties beat up. This was what Chie's great-great-uncle taught her, and so, she began to develop herself as a person, and become someone who could fight for the right reasons.

Of course, training in secrecy could only get two results. The Shock Troopers actually found her to be more useful as a recruit, and so she now acts as a contractor for them - a first responder to conflicts where she finds them, as it were.


A family in Kojiki running a small restaurant has taken Chie in since her release from the detention center, and she's training to help out in the business. She also likes to collect amazing kitchen knives for almost every imaginable purpose.

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Shadowcat3219/11/14 2:13pm
Hi My name Shadowcat321, I am new to this forum. I want so my OC in the dreamkeeper world.

Name: Labe

Age: 16

Power: Decay and disorder

Halo: Dark Grey

Appearance: I drawn a picture of Labe, also I am bad drawer.

A quiet/calm teenage boy, who want to find secrets of the unknown things and the truth about nightmares. Also like to help out his friend any way he can.

While he was three year old saw his family murder. That day he saw power of death and decay, his parents turn to dust. Gain the power decay and disorder. He was sent to a orphan the Talocan district. Raised in a neighborhood as a orphan and thief. As a thief he learn to fight with daggers, katana and twin pistol. His only surviving in the street with is friends. First friend he made was guy name Spike friendly spiking lizard-man. After that make friends will Ariana and Nixie two girls in the area. And work together to find truth about nightmares and find way to turn back to dreams.

The other OC have their own creation page.

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Asora9/18/14 4:20pm
*Updated - September 19, 2014. 7:10 A.M. - East Coast*

Hello guys! My name is Asora, and this is my first time bringing in my DK character into the roleplay wing. I hope I will have some fun with this. Tell me what you guys think. Also, I want to play in the other roleplay threads as well, but I am not familiar with the rules into roleplaying. Can any of you give inform me on the rules and guidelines into playing as your dreamkeeper in roleplaying? Thanks!

Okay, here it is!


Name: Asora Vengel

Date of Birth: Decembris 25, 1195

Gender: Male

Appearence: Teenage Wolf body with raccoon-like fur and wings on back. He is 6 ft. 4 in. tall, looks very fit and healthy. Eye color in sclera part is white, followed by the iris being light blue and having a grey pupil.

Halo: Uknown

Power: Multiple, though strangley has not yet discovered his own dreamkeeper power. Thought to be do to getting used to a mysterious unknown artifact he has. Some of these known powers he uses are using chi as attack blast, good strength, unbreakable-like skin, bone, and flesh toward harmful projectiles and substances, and having long-term memory. He can also use his mysterious artifact to change into specific weapons. He can turn it into an unique combat sword, blade-ended nun-chucks, and a laser assault rifle with a sword-like body frame.

Even though Asora Vengel might be at first an "overpowered dreamkeeper", he still has a few weaknesses. Some for example are down below.

1.) Extreme heat
2.) Lack of oxygen
3.) Long periods of fighting
4.) Dark energy
5.) Poison
6.) Short-term Depression
7.) Extreme doses of Electricity

Affiliation: After the death of his father, Weston Vingel, Asora goes back to the city of Anduruna, trying to find answers into why the events of his past happened, and will try everything to find the truth, without any violence. And he will also be willing to help others on his way.

Personality: Asora has the heart of a humble man who does not sin. He is kind-hearted, smart, and uses his wits to get out of tuff situations. He swore in oath that he will never take another beings life, even at extreme situations, and will only do it when necessarily. If he gets into fights, he will try every thing he can to avoid it and come clean, and he will be willing to help others who are in personal need at times. He also is straight, non-sexual, and abstinence, which means that he will befriends all kinds of people, but he will not falsely fall into affection on one person until the time is right to have affection on a female.

District: He was mostly raised in the outskirts far away from Anduruna. Known whereabouts today are unknown, but rumored that he is still in the city of Anduruna.

Motive: Unconfirmed. Rumored to be searching for his fathers closest friend, Tesla Hiesenberg, for answers about previous events that happened during his life.

Allies: Unconfirmed.

Enemies: Unconfirmed.

Back Story:
Asora Vengel as a mysterious background. Before he was born, Asora's father, Westan Vengel, was an ordinary man working with Anduruna's military. He was currently having a relationship with a beautiful woman named Cherilly Bastov, and had a best friend named Tesla Hiesenberg, who worked with Anduruna's research facility. This was currently happening during near the end of the Toll Wars.

As long as he can remember, Asora was raised in the outskirts outside of the city of Anduruna. After many years, Asora's father, Weston, dies of natural causes. Weston's final words to Asora where to go to the city of Anduruna and find a man named "Tesla Heisenberg". Before he could explain, Weston passes before Asora's eyes.

After many days dealing with the father he closely knew, Asora recovers mostly from depression, and decides to pack up and head toward Anduruna.


1.) Asora's confirmed date of birth was Decembris 25, 1195. If he aged normally like the average dreamkeeper, he would look like a 30 year old. Yet he somehow maintains the appearance of a teenager, between the age of 14-16 years old. This might be due to a side affect caused by an unknown artifact that he carries around.

2.) For unknown reasons, there is classified intel of Weston Vengil and Asora Vengil. It is possible there was conflict between the father n' son and the goverment, which might be part of the reason.

3.) There are yet, unknown reasons why Weston Vengil left with his son, Asora Vengil out of the city of Anduruna at 1200. There is speculation that maybe it might have to due to the final major conflicts of the Toll wars.

4.) Weston's wife and Asora's mother, Cherilly Vengil, was unfortunually killed in the massacre of at the end of the Toll Wars in 1200.

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