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CalicoYorki9/20/13 4:22pm
I like those. They're not without flaws, but what is? Let me try a couple...

First up, my first dark dreamkeeper, I believe.

~ ~ ~

Name: Mortality Campanella

Epithet: "The Inevitable Assassin"
Age: 79
District: Kojiki
Power: Unlimited crafting of implements

Halo: Black with a sizzling vermillion outline

This is the Power of a crafter who has nothing but her creations to give solace. She was betrayed by her friends, her family, the government meant to protect her, and by her very own idealist beliefs and aspirations. At the end of it all, she was a ruined tool that the Nightmares helped to repair and put into their employ, with nothing but this Power to show for her soul's anguish.

At the original level, Mortality (the name she adopted) could only roughly contort her surroundings - medical equipment and furnishings - into mediocre fixtures for her body. Now, she needs only to envision a way to realize any technology or weapon, and if the materials to craft it exist in the present-day Dreamworld - meaning, materials that did not become lost to time, and materials that do not exist only in the realm of hypothetical development - then Mortality can create it, irregardless of the time and the tools she would need normally. However, she must have the necessary materials available and in her reach.

A desert lizard with sienna-splotched gray scales, and airy, wispy hair the color of dust - fixed up in a loose bun or ponytail with a traditional Kojiki styling wand, black with silvery bronze filigree at either tip - Mortality's face, with its muzzle of some kind, is obscured by a black leather gas mask with bronze fittings for her goggles, fasteners, and respiration apparatus. Her body is garbed in similar leathers and bronze fittings - studs aplently, two curved plates strung into a girdle which ensconces her statuesque, exposed abdomen and hips, a plated belt securing her skintight pants, and studs and plates on her gloves and boots. Her shoulders and back are exposed, revealing the scars of her youth. Her eyes are barely visible behind he mask's tinted lenses, and her breathing constantly wheezes as if living itself is a laborious affair for her.

Once, a lifetime or two ago, Mortality was born to a well-to-do family. When her bisexuality was revealed by the sister she trusted, her parents disowned her - but not before attempting to flay her "perversion" out of her. Without the money her family afforded, her first girlfriend abandoned her. Ostracized by her friends and peers, she persevered in her idealism and naivete. She published a paper on advanced prosthetics, and was all set to make her own living off of her work. However, her peers brutalized her to claim the idea as her own, and in the beating, her Power attempted to activate in self-defense. Rendered comatose, the assault was justified on the basis of her Power activating. Thus, she was put on life support, and hidden away where no one could see her. No one had to think of the awful things they had done, and this was truly the Andurunan way: blissful ignorance.

Yet for years, Mortality sat in darkness. She discarded her own name, while never forgetting how her only crime had ever been to be herself. She could think, but was removed from her body and senses. It was dark, and silent, no sensation at all, so Mortality thought. She imagined how she would have progressed her prosthetics, how she would have designed moving, thinking machines, how she would have been a scientific hero. She thought, then, of how she would punish all dreamkeepers and all things which had betrayed her, and how with her beloved machines, who could not love or hate or betray, would help her to take over Anduruna, so that someone who actually had an education of consequence and knowledge of hardship, and most importantly, the cold, unfeeling logic which she had developed, could hand down the laws. She thought of being a mad Spirit, and played out entire wars in which she wiped out all opposition, in which she was killed to various responses and results, in which she came to terms with the mortal bugs scurrying below...For a while, she went insane, but this was simply too tiring. She was quickly realizing just how tired she was. Maybe if she went to sleep in this state, she would die, and she'd be free...

Then, she heard whispers. Distant, oblique whispers, like thoughts which she was overhearing in a nearby conversation of minds. Then, the whispers were directed at her, and she rather liked what they had to say. "They stole your work, your ideas," a guttural voice oozed. "You should take them back! Then, take this, and the other, and everything!" A pompous female voice declared, "You have ambition they cannot fathom! You could go so far! Put a knife in the gut here, poison in the drink here, and you will be the ruler of all!" But the voice that most appealed to Mortality was the distant, thundering roars at the end of the three. "You were betrayed by lesser beings," the proud scion raged. "They are insects, not fit to lick the scum from your heels! You deserve to be revenged by your own angry hands, to be a wroth titan and the reckoning of the lowbreed dreamkeepers!" She tried to reach out a hand, and found a hot, massive claw lifting her up.

She awoke. A scientist standing over her gasped, but lingered long enough for Mortality's hand to alight on his long-unused stethoscope. It tightened into a vice, a crude garrote which nonetheless served its purpose well. Mortality knew her Power to be active, and knew just what to do with it. The bedsheets became her clothes, the bed frame a rough exoskeleton, the various life support machines became protected by that frame and hugged close to her frail chest. With the bedstand twisted into a wicked axe, Mortality ruined and slaughtered everything between her and the rainy, grime-caked, slightly bloodied alley behind the hospital of ill repute. She had aged well, and was able to make it to a groundcart where an affluent dark dreamkeeper spirited her away to his manor.

There, she honed her Power, and constantly improved her abilities. She learned to make alloys from available materials, perfected her life support armor to the point that it channeled the essence of three symbiotic Nightmares, and generally made herself ready. The Nightmares in her innards let her inject her bitter, hateful energies into any weapon, and thus make them so much more lethal; they even give her immortality, in exchange for protecting them. However, in return, Mortality is constantly in some kind of pain, and must rest for extremely long periods lest she become exhausted, in addition to her gnawing hunger and thirst. If it's for the sakes of vengeance, though, anything is worth it.
- Mortality is a talented artist, and enjoys eclectic kinds of music.
- Her favorite food is almost anything, and the only food she doesn't like is a single brand of packaged snack cakes.

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AriaOutlander9/26/13 6:12am
@Syphor, Nice dreamkeeper-- But doesn't sound like a canonical keeper. Humans and Keepers exist independent of the other. I don't want to dwell on the repercussions of a human entering the dreamworld.

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CalicoYorki10/1/13 1:42pm
Okay I'm going to vomit a concept up. Please, don't ignore every single damn thing I post in this thread. It's very insulting. I'm sorry.

~ ~ ~

Name: Pepper Doolittle
Power: Biological self-adjustment
/Halo: A deep, deep magenta with a maroon outline

Pepper's Power enables her to reformat her body's structure, composition, and processes down to a very precise level - she can turn her bones into weapons, migrate bone plates to the surface of her skin, reorganize her organs whilst creating dummy organs, bolster her own muscles, and even control her body's biochemistry; i.e., hormones and pheromones. However, she cannot make her body do something silly like breathe fire. That's just silly.

A fit, mature woman of generous curves and toned muscles, Pepper is a robust figure who is known for being very individualistic even in her fashion. Some of her outfits border on bondage gear and lingeree, while she's also been known to wear leopard-print jackets, or giraffe-print pants; however, she always wears combat boots and fingerless, mid-forearm-height gauntlets. She herself is a fuschia hyena, with dark maroon hair in a mohawk; spots; hands, feet, and muzzle-end. As well, her narrow eyes have black sclera and amber-gold irises, with slit pupils, and she has a thick mane around her neck. She's infamous for her wide, toothy grin, and her lustful, leering gaze. Some of her outfits reveal a crooked, poorly-healed scar on her left hip, curling down to just above her knee.

Pepper has done a lot of things with her life. Using her family's fortune, she's made great strides in helping impoverished families; finding homes for orphans; helping to get prostitutes off of the streets and into warm homes; the list goes on. She has also had a successful musical career, and has restired to a little beach home by the bay in Talocan. There, she entertains handsome young men and beautiful young ladies, and generally just enjoys her own little slice of heaven.

However, she has not always been so amicable. Her mother being Sage Doolittle, Anduruna's Queen of Crime, it was always a guarantee that she'd be a problem child. Ever sine she awakened her Power at 14 years of age, she was taking out hits for her mother's family. Her baby sister Clover joined at about the same age, when Pepper was 19, and despite Pepper's best efforts, the best she could manage was keeping Clover a high-functioning drug addict. Pepper ended up falling in love with a young man who abused her, and despite her being far stronger than him, she couldn't bring herself to hurt him. However, when her mother discovered the various ways the young man had abused Pepper, she saw to it that he...Took a nice vacation, off the end of the pier, with concrete shoes and an unrecognizable, bruised face.

Currently, Pepper is very kindly and motherly - although, she's terrifying when provoked into protecting others. She is also particularly protectively of children and teenagers, and will openly assault anyone who abuses children. She has a natural nose for who she can and cannot trust, and has innate cooperative skills.

~ ~ ~

As for Clover Dolittle, she's a drug-addict, horned red panda, who loves the making of music, and has a Power which converts stored kinetic energy from blows dealt her into erupting heat energy.

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CalvinCopyright1/14/14 7:30am
Welp, 213 posts and two months since the last one. Looks like the thread'll be dead until we get some fresh meat.

Let's see, what could I say to get it going a little...

Maybe, for new readers or ones that haven't posted, say your favorite dreamkeeper from this thread and why?

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Toleer1/25/14 8:10pm

Oh hai there! I haven't been a part of forum roleplays in a VERY long time, but I felt the need to come and make a post regardless, cause I really wanted to get back to actually....doing SOMETHING. Either roleplaying or outright writing fictions, like I used to way back in the day when I wasn't lazy.
D= hopefully someone knows the feeling.

In any case... here is my character's profile! I didn't offer much description because I'm still getting physical appearance down, but I'll get to it eventually.

This character started as a concept of a schizophrenic who received advice from voices (which often knew more than he did but told him little), evolved into a bipolar powerless weirdo, then eventually... into this. A female with not much experience in the world and way too much wasted potential. So far. Who knows what her future holds?


Jessara Lark

Unused Alias:

19 (Wondering if she should be a young adult or a child with even less worldly knowledge.)

Jessara, or simply Jess, is a girl who grew up wanting very much to be an actress, or at the very least a model. Something in a spotlight where she could be admired. Not that she was particularly admirable, but nevertheless that tends to be how dreams of grandeur go.
Unfortunately a mediocre income in her family’s household left her and her siblings with little chance to pursue their dreams. Eventually the rise of much larger companies pushed the small businesses such as the tailor run by her parents into obscurity and debt, and what few workers they had to take care of tasks were forced to turn elsewhere for proper paychecks. After all, what good was a small shop when you could buy a shirt and pants for cheaper and higher quality at a larger retail store?
Over time her two brothers moved out and pursued lives separate from hers, as did her sister, and Jess was the only one left to help take care of the dying tailoring shop alongside her mother and father.
When Jessara discovered her power, however, things changed… after all, being able to call on a thousand tools at once to produce clothing makes for a much easier time in competing with the ‘big guys’.
In recent days Jessara’s family is being investigated for outlawed power use (at the behest of much more powerful companies), and Jess fears that her secret is a short way away from being discovered. Either she stops using her ability entirely and risks herself and her parents being overwhelmed financially…
… or she finds a new source of income that won’t mind her use of power.

Self. Generally benevolent.

(Note: These are from the original male/neutralgender version of the character, before being redone as a female. Working on a new female version. Created using various parts and a lot of texture modding on SecondLife.)

Blinding blue-white. [See Power for extra note]

Animation - Indirect Telekinetics

Jessara’s power is only conscious to the degree that it can be called upon, after which it becomes uncontrolled, though dispellable at will. The power manifests as the animation of otherwise inanimate objects using contact to initiate the animation. Jessara is capable of bringing animation to any non-living thing under one ton in weight, but only as many objects as total weight would be less than one ton. As an example either a shelf full of books could be given animation, or a large storage chest… but not both.
The power is two-stage: Jessara calls on her power and makes contact with an object, which gives it animation but no direction. The second stage is then to give the newly-animated object a direction and purpose, which is done by Jessara either verbally or (slowly) mentally giving that object a basic ‘personality’ that dominates its actions and reactions to external stimulus.
As an example: a roll of bandages animated with compassion would seek to wrap wounds… where the same roll with destructive intent used to animate it would seek to strangle or otherwise malevolently act against a creature. The creature’s name need not be spoken; the animated objects seem to pick up the rest of Jessara’s meaning without verbal command.
Animated objects maintain a tenuous link with Jessara up to distances of ~320 ft, but after this range they will cease being animated. Jess is unaware of any animations' situation if they aren't near her, and so they can go out and act on directives but otherwise she has no way of knowing what they are doing or having done to them. If at any time Jessara is incapacitated the objects she has animated will cease animation and become normal again. Though there seems to be no time limit on animation, animating large numbers of things does put strain on Jessara’s strength much like actual labor might.
Animated objects may be given commands and have a very rudimentary intelligence; they understand language and orders but not complex concepts. They are also tied to Jessara’s allegiances through her link to them, and cannot be persuaded to do things for people that she does not view as friendly. Through this, it is possible for a friend to tell an animated rope to tie itself to something... but not possible for an enemy to tell it to release him or her, nor is it possible to convince the rope to 'suicide' because it is an inferior product made of hemp instead of a synthetic material.

Halo note:
Jessara’s stripes begin to phosphoresce as she animates more objects, to the point where her entire body can become laced with glowing lines of blue-white. She has zero control over this, and it prevents her from being able to hide that her power is in use; even if her halo isn’t visible, her glowing patterns are a rough indication of how many objects nearby are animated… making it impossible to set proper traps simply by animating a room of objects and waiting for an aggressor.
Example of ‘maximum animation’: <- Note the missing halo. Her stripes glowing only indicates she is sustaining animations, not that she is actively animating other things.
This little side-effect of her power means she also can't just wander around with animations under her clothes concealed as weapons, or what have you. Her power use is very plainly obvious.

Another image, this time with halo!

Some animations of power activation. YAY.

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joeden2/8/14 8:19pm
Did a complete overhaul on Jamie here and maybe i made him more interesting

Name Jamie Hellsing. Age 26.
Colors: red with white and semi-long black hair on his head
scars: on his chest and one underlining his right eye, many going down his arms.
Clothing: usually wears long black jack, with redish/orange flames coming up from the bottom, wears combat boots black jeans and he wears a black gloves, his jacket also has a hood that he likes to wear up.
Described: Jamie is mostly indescribable he has the ability to be happy but when you meet him you get a feeling as if something died long ago however he can put on an act when needed and is a great person to have around. He may need time to get use to because when you look him in the eye, you see the pain he's hiding and never letting out.

Weapons: carries two pistols always, and carries two Wakizashi, always his specially designed black blade katana, he named burning sakura. However he mainly loves using his special designed springer that was made just for him.

Power: shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of eight feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywhere's within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blur for about 2-3 seconds.
However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, it’s just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster. If he uses it while exhausted, it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones. A blackish golden halo accompanies his power.

Skills: Really good with martial arts, well fit. He is trained with a verity of weapons that was required with the job and has no real mastery over anyone weapon, he was also trained to cook real well and can play most interments along with do almost everything thanks to years of training. .

History: At the age of 12, Jamie lost his parents and his brother after arriving at his village of Kittim. His family was killed by a group thugs working for a local crimelord, one that Jamie's father had been working to arrest. The thugs had almost killed Jamie, but with luck he managed to escape them leaving only a scar under his eye.
After swiftly moving up the ranks and displaying his skills in martial arts and stealth, he was transferred to the black ops division known as Havoc squad. Due to the skill he showed during his missions he picked up the name the cavalry after he salvaged a mission that went downhill horribly.

This spread stories that went through the recruits like wildfire, even though no one knew who the cavalry was save for Jamie's squad mates and his superiors. Jamie had also changed after that mission, his friends had described it as if a part of him had died that day. A couple of months later they received another mission which was a set up, ending with Jamie watching everyone of his friends die in an attempt to kill him.

After the fight Jamie learned that it was an attack to kill him and if he would return he’d be killed. So Jamie managed to act out his death, as he brought the building down and made it out as the operative that was sent to kill him made his report.
As Jamie had climbed out of the wreckage, he had taken more of a beating than he'd preferred. As he fell, he fell into his cousin's arms. She had heard he was alive after the Cavalry name has been made known to the guild, after seeing this mess and having quickly formed an idea. She brought her cousin to the compound, which literally scared the ever living hell out of everyone in the compound, even Jamie’s childhood's best friend Alex who said “I know that he's my best friend and all, but are you completely nuts bringing him here? You know how he got that name, I was observing the place he took down fifteen guys. They all dropped like flies!”

His cousin Jessica then, through a pretty compelling arguments, got them to help him. As Jamie woke he found himself with his hands and legs chained to a bed and covered in bandages. Also with having half a dozen people in the same room he was in. The first thing Jamie did was freak out. As he broke his restraints, it freak everyone out and Alex yelled about having used chains instead of rope. After a struggle to calm and restrain him, Jessica started to try to explain his situation to him, with little luck. But he didn't believe her and tried to break free, with little luck and eventually gave up and as she told him again all he was able to do was stare at her with eyes full of pain and sorrow. After a few moments of her asking what happened to him he came out with the story of what happened to him.

This brought a few looks to the people in the room after he proved to calmed down they let him loose and to the dismay of trust among some he ended up joining the guild. He later rescued kids and found his little brother after saving him, he had taken up mercenary work along with bounty hunting. A few years later Jamie had found himself in a middle of a war that took place in the southern parts of the city. It was a gruesome battle that left him with scars, the battle was that of the guild and the Crimelord that tried to wipe it out. Along with the corrupt member shocks, who fought with the Crimelord against the Guild.

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CalicoYorki2/24/14 8:17am
I really like how Jamie is developing, and I look forward to possibly doing some RPs with him. The following dreamkeeper will be instantly familiar to Joeden, but I was hoping you all could give him a critique.

~ ~ ~

Name: Aari Hezbani
Sex: Male
Age: Unclear, early thirties
Power: Directed flux from one location to the other
Halo: Dark, inky blue

Aari's Power is simple in principle, but due to his extensive training, he has learned to turn it into something incredible. By combining it with his martial arts, he can devastate enemies. He is able to displace air rapidly with his blows, creating concussive bursts; additionally, he can use similar air fluctuations to propel him along at great speed, as well as to kick off of air fluctuations in order to maneuvre in mid-air.

If he is allowed to focus intensely without being constantly attacked, approaching him within one square meter becomes very dangerous - for he can wrench the air out of someone's lungs, knocking them out instantly. However, this is something he does not use often, because enemies rarely allow him the amount of time he needs to focus his mind. Striking enemies, he can cause a flux of the fluids inside of their bodies to jostle their organs. When confronted with water, Aari can cause the water to flow as he wishes, preventing him from drowning or even sinking.

Lastly, by concentrating a large quantity of energy, he can teleport himself and a number of people and objects to a designated, enclosed area. However, if the area is compromised, then the process of disconnecting it from his Power and then connecting to a new area will take several days of intense work. He absolutely cannot use this function without a designated area, and this is essentially a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of application. Using it more than once in span of two or three weeks will leave him with crippling head aches that would prevent fighting, due to the sheer stress of stretching his Power's limitations so far.
Other Abilities/Skills:
Aari has been trained by his people, the Ojeni, for the purposes of avenging what happened to them during the Toll Wars. His people are deeply in touch with their Powers and the Spirits, and Aari has been known to beseech the Spirit of Vengeance for a blessing. Whether or not this works, his faith in the Spirits and his pure drive for vengeance makes Aari a very difficult opponent to defeat. Where most Andurunans would see a time to cut their losses and surrender in hopes of mercy, Aari's people see a time where their mettle is to be tested.

Highly well-read and cultured, Aari knows more about Andurunan history and the inner workings of their government than the city's citizens at large. He was sent into the city undercover to get an education, before disappearing with an explosion in his home to give the appearance that he was killed.

He was trained in martial arts, and in the arts of merging physical combat with Power combat; as such, it can be difficult to tell where his martial artist skills end and where his Power begins. Specifically, his martial art style employs the hands, feet, knees, and elbows, using his Power to propel him quickly and strike harder. He will also readily strike someone in the neck or kick them in the liver, etc., with very few scruples on foul play.

Aari knows how to survive for prolonged periods of time in the wilderness, can disguise his accent to blend in with Andurunans for undercover missions, and can move with incredible stealth while infiltrating high-security areas.
Basis - Slow loris, see link below

Aari is lean and muscular, with coal gray fur marked by dark blue streaks and dots; the edges of his rounded ears are also speckled in dark blue. His eyes are very large and piercing, ringed by dark blue, and he has messy, dark blue hair which he occasionally ties back in a loose bundle at the nape of his neck. His fingers are notably long and muscular, perfect for careful tasks as well as throttling necks. He normally wears a dark coat over a button-up lavender shirt with purple polka dots, a bucket hat matching his undershirt, sensible pants, and boots.
Quiet and well-spoken, Aari's knowledgeability makes him an interesting person to talk to, while his politeness can make him easy to like. However, his affable, kindly nature disguises someone whom is deeply wounded by the mistreatment of his people. He exemplifies the ideal of his people to stop at almost nothing to punish Anduruna, but his unique experiences have made his true motivations into something which would trouble even his people. It is impossible to faze Aari with remarks and insults; at least, impossible if they target him. He will not tolerate insults towards his people, or his sister.
When Aari was young and his sister was younger, their people were caught between the two sides of the Toll Wars. Their people willingly helped both sides, but the Andurunans did not perceive the aide they gave their soldiers as being compensation for helping their foes. Thus, an operation was conducted to ransack their village before they could supposedly become a dangerous ally of the bandits. Aari and his sister were forced to watch their parents die, and they would have died as well, had his younger sibling not awakened her Power exceptionally early and knocked out all of the soldiers accosting them.

This event completely changed Aari's people. Where they had once abhorred violence, the senseless slaughter which had dropped their number from over 150 to under 80 changed this viewpoint. They began to train in combat, from martial arts to infiltration to Power usage. Aari quickly proved himself to be a driven combatant who was committed wholeheartedly to their revenge, and he rose to become their greatest warrior. Though they have yet to make a concerted attack on Anduruna, it can only be a matter of time before they make their presence known - and Aari will surely be at the center of the fight.

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CoSinus4/15/14 11:58am
Hey there, rookie incoming with first character :D
He´s similar to myself, but of course with some differences ^^
Still not sure about the power beeing existant in the dk universe, but I´d imagine the scrolls and the "observing flybots" run on electricity rather than magic or a force I missed by reading the comic yet ?

Here the character :

Name : Maclair "MacZap" Nostro
District : Calypsa District (born, grown and actually living/working there)
Age : 21

Appearance : a rather tall, but slim sized lion
see him here :

Background :
still work in progress

Personality :
Usually a shy Guy, avoiding most conversation with people he doesn´t actually know. Beeing always friendly to everyone he meets, he got an ironic and sometimes even funny sarcastic side he only shows to friends and relatives.

Charged with lots of energy on his every day activities at work and beyond, he always keeps up his happy energetic lifestyle, and tries to keep up with that even when in a bad mood. He´s looking forward to every little challenge his life beats him into and making the best out of it.
In his free time he normally works on some tech-experiments he set up for himself, or travelling through the unlimited width of the Anduruna-Network.
He prefers to work on his own, but if grouped together with someone else he tries his best to get pleasing results for both of them.

In conversations he usually stands aside and keeps an eye and ear for it, while doing something else. If asked, he jumps into the discussion and shows his point of view, often even clues or solutions.
Most people think he´s clueless about surrounding actions next to him, but he´s aware of nearly anything close enough to watch or hear. Sometimes he pretends he doesn´t, but merely to keep himself out of trouble.
Speaking of trouble, he usually avoids to get into it. Due to his persona, he doesn´t see sense in arguing or fighting. Commonly standing his opinion, he´s in general prudent with his opponent.
It´s nearly impossible to get him angry,(or worse, enraged) it´s rather possible that he gets bored or rude, or turns the situation the other way round and beeing sassy.

Nicknames :
For beeing how he is he got some nicknames, on top "MacZap" for touching a electrical part of a device, which nearly scared him to death (though the power behind that was far below the injuring limit). One employee had to be taken by ambulance ´cause he couldn´t stop laughing at all and therefore was caught in breathlessness.
The right to claim the title "MacTool" was given to him for his ability of always having the right utensil or device within reach or knowing where to find it when asked for.

Instead of what everybody might think, he enjoys and presents his entitlements.

Power :
He has the ability to influence and generate electricity.

First time he got aware of that was back in his apprenticeship at an outer labor room, luckily working alone there on some side projects.
After an awful morning with some complications he burnt another Power-Core, one of a couple that died lately with parts of his Tech-Project following them into ether.
Annoyed of his situation he grabbed the core to throw it to the other trash he made the past hours.
When walking down the room he felt a strange tingle in his breast and arms, tightly followed by little sparks moving through his fur.
The sparks quickly reached the damaged Power-Core, charging it excessivly, but in his state the Core refused the charge and got unstable, getting hot from a reaction going on inside the power-source.
Still in unbelief of what he saw happening he hastily threw the Power-Core into the thrashcan, then turning around and running, in imagine what would happen next.
The explosion nearly blasted the whole furnishing out of the room, luckily there was a ledge next to the window he could hang on while waiting for the fire brigade.

Pretending on a serious error of the Power-Cores construction he got himself out of the situation without any suspect of power abuse.
They didn´t give him any chance to work on his own without any observation since that "little" accident.

He´s mainly using his power at home for charging drown power cores, because he is afraid of beeing caught using it.

Halo :
glowing orange, when pushing his power to its limits little lightnings sparkle close to it (like lightnings in stormy clouds)

Skills :
Due to his finished apprenticeship as electronics technician he got aware of lots of technical stuff around him. When not at work, he usually uses his skills to create electronics-based devices for his own use, like his info-glasses, which were made of some data-scrolls display spare parts cut fitting the front of his glasses. Most of the technics to run the info glasses were outsourced to his arm bracelet, only a few parts including a transmitter and receiver are attached to the glasses directly, keeping it light and elegant.


Rumors around - speaking of revolt and war upcoming - made him think of something to protect himself and people around him if needed. Some of his ideas were :

- A coil-using lightweight suit which creates a magnetic field around the user to protect him from incoming projectiles by stopping or refracting them.
- Heavily modified power cores
-> like a flashlight powered by a shortened power core, with a quick but strong light output to dezzle enemies around
-> like a shock grenade which discharges itself over the one getting hit to get him into unconsciousness.


First impressions ?
Any suggestions ? :)

... btw, what´s that "roll X dice" down here ? ^^

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 1:48pm
I think your power is rather balanced. Its realisticly proportioned for what we have seen; one main function that can be applied to different situations.

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dargonbloodmoon4/18/14 8:07am
hello. im new to this rp. i have played many rp's before but none like this so help
me if a miss something. and help me on the way to learning.

Name: Dargon

Epithet: I like to help people :D

Age: 36

District: Calypsa

power: Aura of black & white flames. Dargon is able to summen flames by any means, like
with his hands, fist, feet, keens, mouth, as long it comes from any part of his body
(im not going to use his "lower parts" dont worry.) he can make fire. he can also put
out fire and make other flames in the area his, in doing so will make them turn
black & white flames. these flames are also mush hotter then normel and can not be
put out by normel means. his own flames will not hurt him (due) or burn anything on
him. he can also have where his flames don't burn other. (like for so i want to kill
one and he is holding someone in front of him who just so happens to be a friend of mine,
im able to shot fire at them both and just burn the "bad guy" to ashes with out hurting
my frined.) dargon is able to band fire in anyway as he please to. like make a ball of fire
or a ring, spear, ring and many other thing that someone can think of. (let me know if this
is god modly.)

Halo: White with a black ring on top that acts the same as fire.

This power is made of energy for the user to protect himself and slay his emeny
and his firends emeny. Dargon has learn how to use his power by watching his own
family die before him by a nightmare, after the bloodshad, his power was release
out of pure rage and revenge to slay the beast, but only to regret it after
having to turn his house into a carter.


A dragon that has feathers instead of scales, the feathers are white also fade
to black at the tips. no hair, the only halr dargon has is the little white ones
hidden under the feathers he is very physical and with a well defined body.
the legs are the same as Mace's and Namah's and many others (I didn't know the
name of those types of legs, sorry.) Dargon easily stands 9 feet tall with his
large wings press tightly to his back just so they don't hit anything whlie he
moves around. he wears no shoes for his feet are to big and have four sharp
claws none on the back of them. his long black pants stop just above the feet
on it are steel thigh plates with, steel guards that are just little above the feet.
Also wears a white lung sleve t-shirt and over it is a steel chest and back plate that
cover most of the torso.
(note the back plate only covers the lower back of the torso, not the top there are wings

is this role play died or something, just asking.

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CoSinus4/18/14 8:59am
Not dead at all, but i think most of the active members are on something else.
Take me as example, doing lots of pencil-drawing atm :)

Nice character so far, hope you think up a backstory and a larger personality section soon :)
If you limit the range of the power I´d say it´s not overpowered.

Are you an artist or writer ?
Watch me on deviantArt ! :D

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MobileCrusader4/18/14 1:13pm
Alot of the users hand around the DA page as i understand. The fics usually get posted there and whatnot.

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joeden4/18/14 1:23pm
We're not gone Dargon Just most of the Rp heads are either working in school very hard and only two are gone but i'm here and so's Rennac along with Calico and i think a couple of others not sure though. But yea if you're interested in RP's Nexus bar is on pause until someone other then me or Calico posts there.

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MobileCrusader4/18/14 1:25pm
Take his word for it, he actually participates lol.

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ZycantAlpha4/19/14 5:01pm
Finally managed to hammer out the last few details of these characters (one of their powers proved difficult to get right). This brings me up to 3 of the characters I have an inkling of. This is sort of along the same lines as joeden's pair (1 normal, 1 w/ passive, often together).

Veritas Liesan
Species: Wolf
Age: 30
District: Calypsa
Color: Red, blue spots on stomach and forearms
Halo color: Purple/Lavender (however, there is an emphasis on the red)
Special Notes: Deaf and mute
Personality: While she is smart (at a genius level) she tends to be cold, callous, and calculating. She rarely displays any emotion and thinks of herself as being right most of the time. She will actively argue with those who aren’t ‘worth her time’ and believes herself to be surrounded by idiots. If she sees stupidity, she will point it out and will refuse to do anything suggested by the person in question. However, due to her lack of hearing and speech, most of her messages are censored in a sense and she can be seen as polite as a result. Physically speaking, she is below average in all counts.
Power (Passive): Extended Eyesight (can see farther and more clearly than most)
Power (Normal): True Vision/Radar (Undiscovered as of writing)
Explanation: Veritas can ‘see’ (that is, identify) any object within a 1000 meter radius of her current location. However, as of now she cannot identify what it looks like or any specifics about it.
Job: Currently unemployed
Pietas Liesan
Species: Wolf
Age: 35
District: Calypsa
Color: Blue, with red spots on stomach and forearms
Halo color: Purple/Lavender (however, there is an emphasis on the blue)
Personality: Unlike his sister, Pietas is around average intelligence. Unlike his sister, he is warm, empathetic and polite. He shows incredible skill at deciphering what others are feeling and acts accordingly to make them feel more welcome or calm. He has no trouble at making friends and tends not to offend people. Physically, he is very powerful in most areas (except for speed), but doesn’t use it to bully others. He tends to play translator for his sister (whom he calls “Rita”) and knows the nastier side of her. He loves her all the same, but still has to deal with all the insults she throws – even to him. While he understands she has a good heart, he also sees the cruelty she can attempt to bring. He tends to tone down what she says to keep people’s opinions of her high (for example: if you presented an idea that Veritas didn’t like, you’d hear “I don’t think that’s the best plan.” from Pietas when she probably really said “That’s the most idiotic plan I’ve ever heard and it makes me wonder if you were born normally or with your head up your ass!”)
Power: Ice Breath/Cone of Cold
Explanation: Pietas can lower the temperature of objects down to as low as -10 degrees Celsius by breathing on them. The breath can be as large as a cone of 3 meters in area. However, if he were to try this on living tissue the temperature drop would be cut in half.
Job: Ice Sculptor
Shared History: The pair were born to Linus and Ferina Liesan in the Calypsa district, two Dreamkeepers working primarily as a miner and a librarian, respectively. Pietas was born first, and when he was old enough to go to Kindergarten, his sister Veritas was brought into the world. As the pair began to grow older Linus and Ferina began to realize that their daughter was not only responding to their words, but wasn’t making any of the normal sounds babies made. A quick study when she was two determined that little Veritas was both deaf and mute. However, as she grew older, she began to learn at an astounding rate. She mastered sign language far before the rest of her family did. When they were fragmenting sentences she was 6 and could ‘speak’ a clear speech.
She continued to pick up more skills as she aged, as her brother began to develop physically. But she had a more difficult time making friends. Her brother naturally managed to excite people and had most of the students at his school both knew and liked him. However, most days Veritas would come home and complain that her fellow students (and occasionally her teachers) were “stupid and unfit for a learning environment.” Eventually Pietas and Veritas began to spend most of their time together and while the two had their occasional arguments, the two rarely left the other to their own devices when wandering the district. Primarily, Pietas would spend most of the time translating for his younger sister to let her try to gain some friends, but he quickly found that the ‘keepers they met only needed to know the general idea of what she was saying. As a result, most people began to believe her to be a sweet, quiet girl rather than the insufferable genius that she tended to be.
When Pietas was ready to graduate from High School (as captain of the school’s Fallguard team), Veritas became ill with a fever. Most likely this was brought into the house accidently by the children’s father. As the parents scrambled to find a doctor to treat the rapidly unstable Veritas, Pietas watched over her and unknowingly awakened to his power. As he sat by her side, he breathed a chill that lowered her temperature and helped stabilize her. This wound up saving her life as she recovered enough to have the medical professionals finish the job. She would later reveal to her brother, and only her brother, what she’d seen. To this day, this remains their secret.
Pietas gained a job as an ice sculptor who tends to take jobs by wedding and event planners. Occasionally he sees fit to use his powers for these tasks. He gets what he calls “the Look” from his sister whenever he does this, as she feels it’s too dangerous to risk him being imprisoned. She is unemployed and looking for work, but feels that something will come up. Until then, Veritas supervises her older brother’s work to ensure things come out right.

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