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joeden5/7/13 1:38pm
For the hands thing, I think I know where that is coming from. Nico robin from one piece? How she can make all those extra hands as her ability?

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Ares5/7/13 1:50pm
Aria there just extra hands they don't do any thing special. It not that he can summon all 100 at once that just the max.He can summon any number of hands from 1 to 100.

joeden i got the idea from greek mythology the hundred handers.

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Havoc5/7/13 4:14pm
I am new to this and was wondering if the power to create a veil of darkness that cancels out all light in an area is okay to use or if OP.

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joeden5/7/13 4:34pm
Depends. How big an area and what are the repercussions?

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CalvinCopyright5/13/13 9:40am

Here's another pair of DKs. After these, I have one more pair left.


The Tinker

Name: His real name is unknown. When the villagers in the Eridu delta refer to him, they say "the hermit". The only person who knows him, Khurijia Wellerbien, calls him "Tinker".
Age: Unknown. No dreamkeeper in the delta has memories of when his house was not perched in the ravine, though. From this, and from the lack of references to several prominent events in the records of his early life, we think he could be nearly four centuries old. With his power, such a conjecture is quite plausible.
He is a tiny, but spry old fox; mottled fur of various grey and dark green shades covers most of his body. This is excellent camouflage, as he has perfected a non-power-related art of moving very slowly and smoothly; it enables him to blend almost completely into shadows and backgrounds in general; you couldn't detect him crossing an open plain, if it was twilight or at night. In bright daylight, he is pretty visible. The only thing remarkable about his appearance are his fingers. The outer portions of his fingers are extraordinarily long, and they narrow to practically infinitesimal points. They are not sharp, though they are slightly flexible. He is incredibly dextrous; he can easily pinch objects between the thinnest parts of his fingers. He has befriended a wild earth ryuu-neko about 20 feet long, and named it Kukri. (It is not a pet; it will leave for days at a time, but it will always return to him, and will do things for him in return for favors.)

A concise description of his power is hard to pin down, but he has the ability to create constructions that, frankly, should not exist. There's the queer crossbow he made, that makes the quarrels literally vanish and then reappear in their targets. A metal tray hovers in midair, even when objects are placed upon it. A triangle of cloth slides smoothly through itself, and is thus secured. A metal device dispenses bright sheets of lightning smoothly folded into spheres, and instantly recalls them at a touch. A flexible sword that, when twisted violently, bends into a boomerang that can be thrown with speed and accuracy, and that snaps straight when caught. Sculpted plastic-looking explosives that he can activate while holding, be unharmed, and blow up whatever's in front of him. An exotic-looking machete that will cut practically anything, with the exception of dreamkeeper flesh. His house is filled with these and other wonders. If our conjectures are true and he is in his fourth century, he has also found a way to prevent himself from dying... His halo is a uniform greenish-grey, the same shade as the dimmest patches of his fur.

Much of his history is unknown, but we do know that he had a standard childhood, with a penchant for working with things. One construction that we're sure he made is a sphere, mostly made of glass, but with wires of metal twisted through it. We think it contained a large electrical charge, as he was apparently able to make intricate patterns of glowing light inside the sphere by tracing the tips of his fingers across it. We also know that a nightmare - type unknown - attacked his house while he was in his twenties, and killed his family. He survived because the nightmare apparently broke the electric glass sphere as it came after him, whereupon it was charred into dust by the charge. He then disappeared from Anduruna for an indeterminate length of time, finally reappearing, wounded, in the Eridu delta, riding the large ryuu-neko, Kukri, that by now has become a fixture of the area. Reports are sketchy, but he appears to have built his house himself, on a section of a ravine that is nearly impossible to get to. Presumably he had the help of Kukri. He also seems to have fortified his cottage against attack. This is not verified, but all visitors - with one exception - have reported incredible and impossible things happening to them when they try to go there. None of the would-be visitors were harmed, though. Presumably a nightmare trying to enter would be slain. He rarely leaves, sustaining himself with a prolific garden. We can only speculate on what the solitude has done to his mind, but we believe he keeps himself from insanity by working on his gadgets - and possibly plotting against the nightmares.


Name: Khurijia Wellerbien, although no one's used it for years. The Tinker calls her Khuri.
Black and white fur, all over her body, in yinyang patterns: if a spot on one hand is white, the corresponding spot on the other hand is black. Near the midline of her body, the border between black and white oscillates up and down wildly, like the function sin(1/x) as it gets close to the origin. She used to have a strong frame, but several months of near starvation rendered her skeletally thin, and she hasn't recovered from that appearance. Has sharp protrusions on several locations on her body such as her elbows, knees, and the outsides of her wrists, that are also mostly sheathed in fur. If you were to shave off the fur, however, you would find that her skin, which used to be a dull, pale red, is now of a brightly iridescent pearl color - not white, but close. Always wears a thick shirt and pants, rolled up above her elbow and knee spikes, that are faded blue and brown, respectively. She wears no other clothes.

Her power is rather simple in application, and involves a slight ability to read minds. By intently watching a dreamkeeper, she can immediately tell whether they think any statement they make is a lie or not. She can also divine actions that the observed intends to take within a second or so. This makes her a formidable adversary, as an opponent who can tell what you're going to do before you do it is very powerful. Her halo is either black or white. Which color it is depends on whether the person she's observing is lying, or whether their intentions are malevolent.

She had a bitter childhood involving an abusive, unfaithful, lazy, alcoholic father. (Her power enabling her to know exactly how often people lie, which was very often for the people that she knew, didn't help either.) They were very poor, which was only exacerbated by the father's insistence on buying booze and prostitutes (the latter in secrecy). The mother would periodically inquire into it, and the father would always deny it. Khuri, as she grew, figured out how to tell whether he was lying or not, which was most of the time (it didn't involve using her power; she watched his body language). At 5, Khuri joined her mother in trying to earn enough to sustain them; she had no opportunity for schooling. At 9, she started sarcastically calling him out on his expenses, and evading him when he invariably lost his temper and went for her. He usually beat her mother instead after these occasions. At 13, she convinced her mother to leave him, and engineered a divorce, after which the two were much better off. They got practically all the family's possessions, sold the run-down shack to a land contractor, and rented an apartment in a different district. They were much happier, for a time, until the father, practically driven mad by the destitute life he led in which he had no wife and daughter to get him money, found them again, despite the precautions, and got into the house with a knife. Everyone for hundreds of feet heard the scream that Khuri's mother made; troopers were called. He attacked Khuri, too, but she fought him and won, dodging the knife and tearing open his throat with her wrist spikes. Law enforcement found the father's corpse in her bedroom, and a blood-drenched Khuri kneeling over her mother's corpse and weeping, with a powerful, luminous halo rapidly flickering between black and white. The head trooper intended to take her in for questioning and investigation, as it was standard procedure. She detected some uncertainty that he had about whether she had made both the murders or not, though, and after a fierce argument about the topic that turned into a screaming match, she made an escape out the window.

Over a period of three months, Khuri became a favorite topic of the newspapers regarding the failures of government. Specifically, their prominent inability to catch her. Committing crimes on occasion, she lived in a surprisingly public manner, given that she had the law after her. She was chased on a nearly daily basis by troopers and city police, but her agility, coupled with her ability to scale structures using her spines and to predict her pursuers' actions, stood her in good stead, although she eventually left the city voluntarily. No one knows what happened to her for the remainder of the year, but we do know that at the end of that year, the Tinker discovered her lying facedown on the floor of his home, practically starved, with no sign of how she entered. A conception of the resulting scene is as follows.

The Tinker watches her, bemused as to how she got in. He had thought it was impossible. Khuri wakes up, groans, rolls over, notices him. They peruse each other.

Tinker: "You must have needed something very badly, to get in here. What did you need?"

Khuri is intrigued. Not only does she detect that he is completely sincere, SHE CAN'T PREDICT HIM. She answers truthfully. "Protection."

"You have it..." He advances. She blacks out again. When she wakes up, she feels less weak, but she itches all over. She scratches, but it produces a weird hissing sound. Looking down at herself, she notices that her fur is gone, there's a sheet over her, her skin is pearly instead of red, and that the Tinker is putting several spools of extraordinarily fine thread away. Noticing her, he says, "You can scratch if you want, but you'll only wear out your claws."

Concerned: "What did you do?" He answers simply, "You're protected. Don't worry, your fur will grow back evenly." "But what did you do to my skin? It used to be red." "Ah. Well, to put it succinctly, I rewove it." And he indicates the thread. "It is now tougher than almost any other material. Force applied tugs on all the embedded threads evenly; it will not break under all but the strongest blows. If a blow is hard enough to break it, though, it will detect the magnitude of the blow, and will cave in and damage the flesh underneath instead of breaking. It will also superaccelerate the healing process, though, should that happen. I did it to protect you in a way that would not necessitate your staying here, should you want to leave. Did you have pursuers?" "Yes." "Nightmares, or dreamkeepers?" "The former." "Hmm. How close to my house did they pursue?" "Within fifty feet, I think..." "Then they will be dead. No nightmare can come near here and go alive."

Nowadays, several years later, Khuri still resides with the Tinker. It's a source of relief to Khuri, being around someone she can't predict with her power, and we believe Khuri is as a daughter to Tinker, who apparently never fathered children. The companionship they share is a source of immense happiness for the Tinker. It helps them both stay sane.


These are, in effect, built around their powers. These ones come from obscure sources - both characters in books. The Tinker originally came from - I don't remember the name of the series, but the first book was called "The Dragon's Tooth", I think. The second book in the series has an immortal called Arachne, and part of her ability to command spiders involves weaving their silk and imbuing it with amazing magical properties. The most impressive thing she weaves is something called Angel Skin, which basically has the properties of what the Tinker gives to Khuri, with moving images added on. Khurijia I got from the truth-teller in the Gone series, after turning it up a little to make her a better fighter.

Whatever the case, these two have powers that could potentially be really destructive. The solution? Make them insignificant outcasts. Plus, I tried to make the descriptions sound like they would be in somebody's files, as practically nobody would ever know them personally...

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AriaOutlander5/17/13 8:59am
two-hundred first!


I think that 100 hands would be a bit strange to have for a power.

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CalvinCopyright5/18/13 11:31am
For a power, maybe, although I could very easily think up a completely anatomically valid nightmare with 100 arms...

Will do.

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Syphor5/22/13 12:30pm
Sorry for taking so long but I had huge testing going on but anyways.
Here is Cooper.

Name: Cooper Vyroll
Eye Colour: Crimson Red
Hair/Fur Colour: Black with crimson red symbols
Age: 24
Height: Unknown
Relationship: Soll (Engaged)

Detailed Description:
Cooper, a black wolf with red symbols. He uses powers of Rituals, the red marks are what he gets the powers from. He is extremely fast and can jump over 35 feet high. His body is skinny and tough, he does not have much muscle but he is a force to be feared. His claws are sharper than the tip of a hair and harder than Tungsten. He is a master of sneak, fighting, intimidation, leading, and rituals.

Cooper used to be a human from the UK, he had special speed and agility and didn't take long for Area 51 to take him. When the portal to the dimension of Dreamkeepers opened up Area 51 was attacked. When they got attacked the Portal not only sent out Dreankeepers but Nightmares also. After it was 3 hours into the fight a Nightmare found Cooper and took his body, but the conflicting powers and spiritual energies made it so Cooper became a Ritual black wolf. Once he broke out of his containment he lost control of his mind and unleashed a furious Wyvern to maul and destroy everything he felt threatened about. A white Spiritual wolf tackled him and used her powers to remove most of the nightmare energy so he can control himself more. She took him to the nearby rebel encampment she was leading and they took care of him.
Data unreadable...
Loading: Present data

Present History: Cooper now leads the Rebellious merc. group of about 140 people/creatures. He is also now engaged with Soll Fyer, the Spiritual white wolf with blue eyes.
Data unreadable...

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Syphor5/29/13 7:23pm
So, um if anyone sees this then... hows it going? Yeah, I feel alone in the forums as usual hee hee, (sigh) well have fun.

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CalicoYorki6/7/13 6:37pm



~ ~ ~

Name: Brahni
Age: 41
Halo Color: Silvery-White, Cyan Outline

Short and stocky, but quick and nimble, Brahni resembles a gray lynx with long, silvery-white hair and brilliant cyan spots. His eyes are a seamless cyan of a lighter hue.

Living unburdened in the Starfall, Brahni is certainly a wilder breed of dreamkeeper. He owes no debt to anyone, and asks no one for payment of his own needs. He lives heartbeat to heartbeat in a glorious, unyielding passion. He's in his element where food and drink and song are imbibed upon with joy and abandon, inasmuch as he's at home prowling after prey in the snow and rain.
Power: Cyclone form change

While his Power is active, Brahni can freely change parts of his body into a raging cyclone of silvery-white and cyan-blue energy. This cyclone can carry a gnossus nigh indefinitely, and can grow into a storm the size of a city block. At this size, it can also discharge bolts of cyan lightning, and can spread an obfuscating silver fog.

~ ~ ~

COMING SOON: Vernon Titus

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CalvinCopyright6/8/13 6:09am
Alright, I might as well post... my LAST TWO!!!


Name: Maieda (pronounced my-ay-dah) Dorzel
Her anthropomorphism is closest to that of the European polecat (there's a nice picture on Wikipedia), as her face resembles that creature's. Her fur is longer than that of most dreamkeepers', and is both very dense and very fine. It is particularly long around her back and shoulders, forming a type of mantle, and while the tips of the hairs are jet black, the rest is a dull yellow. This creates the impression that there are bright colors hidden inside a haze. The fur is very even and stiff, enough so to look as if the fur forms flat planes that converge to points. Think one of Bast's 'fins', spread out across her whole back. She has clawlike nails that she cultivates; they are somewhere around an inch long. She wears a customized grey robe that leaves the longest areas of fur poking out.

Like a spark ryuu-neko, she generates electricity; however, it naturally has a particular frequency, that can cause muscles to contract and relax. She can fire pulses of this energy across a surprising distance - around 30 feet. She has enough control over which muscles she affects, that she can manipulate other dreamkeepers - and sometimes even the nightmares she consorts with - and bend their actions to her will; for example, causing allies to involuntarily turn on each other. If she does a single pulse, she has to know what she's going to make the recipient do beforehand, but she can use a continuous stream to constantly control someone else. Power use drains her strength, but not by much, although it depends on how far away her target is, among other factors. Creatures affected by her power have a very strong indicator, that Maieda cannot get rid of: their faces are twisted into uncontrollable rictus grins. This will persist several minutes after her control ends. It's really quite disturbing to see, especially if she's making someone attack you. However, all affected Dreamkeepers retain control of their powers, and can still use them against her; she can only use what the affected Dreamkeeper would be capable of without their powers. This results in several particularly rare individuals being impossible for her to control. When she generates such electricity, it makes a loud crackling sound, and the black tips of her fur start to glow bright blue - another interesting appearance. The voltage is not high, so it's hard for her to do things like... stop hearts... but she can do it. Also, when she projects it across distances, the only evidence of its' passage is trails of ionized, glowing blue air, like you would see inside a Tesla globe. Her halo is also of the same glowing blue color.

Maieda was one of the last people that anyone would have expected to become a criminal and dark dreamkeeper, being that she was born into one of the wealthiest families in the city. She was the youngest of three children. The other two were very spoiled, however, and, being boys, would tease her quite often. However, the parents didn't really do much to stop them. She became exceedingly embittered towards her family, especially in her teens, as her father started training the boys to take over the family business, and she was left out.

She was reduced to getting a low-level job once she graduated from school, which took up a great deal of her time. The rest was spent in bitterness and petty crimes. We think she learned about the nightmares around this time period. Then her father invited her to a reception. He was giving the elder son control of the family business. She just lurked through it in a corner; enduring the other guests' questions. There was a ceremony, and everybody except her applauded. She was glaring at her father with undisguised loathing, and so didn't notice the crackling roar that obscured the applause as her power activated.

She involuntarily killed the rest of her family there while holding the rest of the guests immobile. She was seen staggering from the scene, and there was a brief and bloody manhunt - bloody, because the troopers kept involuntarily turning on each other, as the metal their armor and transportation containers are made out of conducts electricity - and brief, because she escaped into the tunnels below the city rather quickly. She presumably contacted the nightmares during this period. She emerged again a week later, and forcibly recruited a large crime syndicate. Let's just say that she makes quite an effective dictator...



These are my first dark dreamkeepers. I figured I should try to make a couple.


Name: Data has been removed from CCA file. His gang nickname is "Leper" (he chose it himself).
Age: 42
His torso and legs are built rather like Scythe's, from the novels, except he has no tail, his toes are shorter and more even in length, and his back is considerably more hunched. His skin is brown and knobbly, like a toad's, except for his head and neck, which are smooth and green, like that of a moray eel. He has three fangs, two on the top and one on the bottom, set close together, that are over an inch long, and powerful jaws. The fangs stick out over his lips when he closes his mouth. His neck is longer than most dreamkeepers'; you do not want to get bitten by him. His arms are also brown and knobbly, except for his hands, which are the same color green as his head, have no thumbs, and are webbed, with long, sharp claws. He has a talent for remaining completely expressionless and motionless, which makes him look decidedly creepy, and like he's about to lunge at you. If he does, though, it'll still startle you. He speaks with a type of burbling lisp, because of his jaw shape, and the foot-and-a-half-long, barbed tongue that he has to keep coiled inside his mouth. He can flick out this tongue and inflict surprisingly big gashes on unprotected skin, and heaven help you if he manages to wrap it around a limb of yours. He wears only shorts, to expose his skin as much as possible for maximal power effectiveness.

Extreme proximal control over small amounts of water. If a small amount of water is very close to his skin, he can do almost anything with it. He can manipulate it into any shape he wishes, freeze it, explode it into scalding hot steam or fog, etc. The most disturbing part of his power is, he can do it to water inside something else's body. His trademark attack is to draw water straight out from someone else's skin and muscle. This creates horribly painful, sunken, brown patches of flesh, that make the recipient look as if he's diseased. Hence the nickname. While he has to be touching someone to do this, he can move quite fast if he wishes. He can also use his power in a host of other ways, including throwing-knives made of ice, ice armor, and jets of steam; given around ten seconds(which, incidentally, is not enough in a fight), he can condense water straight out of the air. He can also move the water within his body, which means he is one of the few dreamkeepers able to resist Maieda's limb-controlling power at all, although he has no defense against her stopping his heart. His halo is the same diseased brown color as the wounds he inflicts, with a pale blue aura surrounding the halo.

He was always rather a malevolent person. His file at the Social Learning Center documents a number of cases in which he used his developing teeth and claws on other kids. We do not know if he was provoked in any way, prior to the attacks. Particularly in his last couple years, he started dropping classes more and more, and getting worse and worse grades - when he showed up for the exams - with the result that he was never recorded as having graduated from school. We are unaware of his family or other connections; that information was also scrubbed from file.

After serving a month of jail time at 18 for destruction of school property, he started delving into the more violent part of the criminal underworld. Although he still hadn't discovered his power, by 28, he was in with the worst of them. One fellow gang member, since captured, was recorded as saying that they took him on because of his reputation for 'tenacity' at his work, and his penchant for causing pain. He left a long trail of injuries and even deaths behind him, on both sides of the law. Apparently, the multiple gangs he became members of introduced him to the Nightmares, because when he was banished from the city at 29 for power use - meaning a particularly grisly murder of a security guard, resembling mummification, when he discovered it - he was not at all badly affected by the harsh conditions of the wilderness; it's evident he was provided for. He got back into the city at age 34 under the auspices of Maieda and her contacts, and has 'worked' for her ever since. They seem to have similar natures...



I got the inspiration for this power from three sources. One is the technique of Bloodbending, from Avatar the Last Airbender. The second is the Rogue Glister, from the "Beyond the Deepwoods" series - it's a floating blob monster that lives on organic fluids, NOT pure water. It visits a terrible death on one of the lesser characters in book 4 - it drains most of his fluids, practically mummifying him, but it doesn't...quite...kill him. The victim lingers in agony a long time before dying. The third source is the Inheritance Cycle; in book 4, the magician Carn casts a spell that drains every drop of water from his opponent's body, turning him into first a horrid, mummified specter-corpse, then a pile of powder, along with a puddle of water.

I just wanted to make this guy flat-out nasty. I know it's a little one-dimensional, but still.

Trivia: Moray eels are nasty creatures. They hide in holes in coral reefs, waiting for prey to pass by, whereupon they lunge and bite; they have very strong jaws, and they don't exactly let go once they've got a grip, not even if you saw the head off the body. They don't have the tongue that I described; I got that part from the toad-anthro bit.

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JD3V116/28/13 2:08pm
So i tihnk im done with my Dreamkeeper OC il post it and i ask for your critiques.

Name: Quincy


Control over velocity of object in motion.

Halo Color:
Red-Orange w/ gold outline

Although he does not keep friends due to being a nomad. He is very talkative and friendly. He will not turn down a free Plum Forreyd but knows his limit. He is very protective of Bones his Ruu-neko, and considers him his closest friend. He avoids a fight by all possible by talking through the situation before it escalates, but if the pen fails he turns to his blades. He is a bit jumpy if he id on his feet, even if hes near the ground he usually wont be "on" the ground he'll be hovering.

Quincy is usually seen in the sky but when he his down on the ground his face looks like that of his siblings. Like a Dingo. He carries a rock-plant hybrid Ryuu-neko on his shoulders and keeps him in his one empty pocket when he flys. He has a large pair of wings feathered on the inside but leathery on the outside. His tail is a foot and a half longer than his legs also leather like except at the tip where fur grows. He keeps it tuffed just as the fur on his chest. His skin is a light brown and grey long his chest.

He usually wears clothes of his own making A leather shirt cut in his own style, and cargo pants used to hold his many knives. The cuffs aound his wrists, anckles, and waist are weighted they are the only thing he did not make himself. He keeps a sword at his side but actually only has it for appearance, he would rather use his throwing knives.

Back Story:
Born in Ruskol to his mother Ellen and an unknown father with his older twin brother and sister Ulysses and Gwendolyn whom come from another unknown father.

At age 12 Quincy having feathery wings, and leathery skin was shunned and bullied by his peers whom were mostly canine or feline appearances. His mother and siblings stood up for him but could not stop the abuse from his schoolmates. Being removed from school seemed like the only option and that is what his mother decided with.

At age 16 he took to flying to ease his boredom. He flew everyday above the town and just watched as the people of his town lived their lives.

But even without school at age 18 he still felt like he was a disappointment to his family. Who were Dingo by appearance he lied to his mother and siblings saying he would be moving to Talocan but actually secluded himself in the mountains 3 miles from his town. It was there he found an abandoned fermentae factory where he quickly developed an addiction for Plum Forreyd. It was also in the factory he practiced his trowing skills, taking shards of broken metal and throwing them into sheet metal or the outside trees.

At 19 while practicing his throwing he was interrupted by a couple looking for a romantic private place but without knowing had stumbled into his throwing range. With the shards all ready in the air and flying towards the couple scampering forward he screamed stop at the couple but instead the shards stopped and fell. It was then he discovered his power of control over velocity. Over the next year he owned his skills and learned he could only control things if they are already in motion and only if they weigh less than a 3 pounds

At 20 in his drunken stupor he took to stealing to make his living in the mountains easier. Night after night he would fly into town and take what he needed but only enough to not be noticed. And noticed he was not.

At 21 he was caught stealing pants from a roaming fashion designer. Being slightly buzzed he didn't hesitate to try and fight but the fashionista fought back. Caught in combat she momentarily took control of the fight and in a flash of light his vision went dark and soon was no longer conscious. He woke tied to the back of her cart. The Catalina Macaw women on top of cart guiding the horses. After a time of silence she introduced herself of Dissy, and he introduced himself. They didn't speak until they she stopped at the Sabbaton Towers. Being escorted through the wall and placed under the custody of the guards. Dissy made an agreement to take care of him until he cleaned up his act as a fashion assistant. Before She allowed him into her home she took him to a pet shop where she forced him to pick a ryuu-neko. For whatever reason he couldn't not fathom but he chose the dark green plant-rock hybrid that had been smiling at him since he had walked in. Later he found she bought it for him as a responsibility saying she wouldn't take of it at all and it will die without him. He began working at her Boutique and got payed only enough to pay for food and for the ryuu-neko which he named Bones for his love for small bones. Bones grew extremly fond of Quincy and the two became inseparable he is usually found on Quinces shoulder both in public and private. He quickly cleaned up his habits but still having a bottle of Plum Forreyd once Dissy finally started paying him more.

At 25 he was reconnected with his two siblings who were now 29 looking for an extremely ritzy looking wedding dress and suit for his sister's wedding. It was then he learned of his mother's passing 3 years after his leaving. He felt guilty he wasn't at her funeral because they looked all over Talocan for him around the time he came to the Towers. He went to the wedding and then returned to Dissy and a the gift of designer made clothing and weighted ankle and wrist cuffs and a weighted belt to make flying a bit more challenging and but no shoes fore he always hated them and nothing seemed to fit him anyway.

At 26 he left Dissy and moved into a small place and bought a small arsenal of small knives which he keeps hidden in his largest pants pockets. He stayed there before deciding to go back to living outside 8 months later. Flying around Anduruna as a wanderer with his companion Bones and made the sky his home. Using the skills he has learned to make clothes out of the animals he hunts and using those same animals to feed him and Bones.
2 2
Total: 4

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CalicoYorki8/8/13 10:43pm
I decided to delete my last post, and post this mo' bettah character sheet, in a last-ditch effort to salvage this thread.


~ ~ ~

Name: Pan'oa Lie'liekuilani
Quote: "Look at the lowland folk claw at each other over apparel! Were I not more well-informed, I'd think it a massive farce put on for our visit!"
Age: 27
Power: Combat Tempo
Halo - A silvery lavender hue
Pan'oa's Power enables her to synch up with the movements of either an ally or an enemy, making her the ultimate tag-team partner, or a close combat specialist who dodges next to all strikes while landing blow after blow on her foe, without missing a beat.
Greatly resembling a rabbit, Pan'oa has tyrian red fur with thin, intricate, dark purple markings. Her dark purple hair is shaggy and hangs at jawlength, with two locks bound by ivory bands framing her face. Her lop ears hang from her temples to below her jawline, whilst just above them are two small, twisted black horns.

Pan'oa stands on shapely, fit legs, supported by powerful feet in a digitigrade stance. She has focused, indigo-wysteria eyes, and across the right side of the back of her neck, a bald area revealing a poorly-healed scar with knitted edges. This scar is, however, only visible while up close - she never goes out in public without her formfitting, flawlessly-crafted black plate armor.
A proud warrior with an arrogant streak, Pan'oa only shows respect to someone who can match her or best her in combat. Otherwise, she's quite disdainful and insulting, and will treat a fight with a lesser opponent like sport. She doesn't believe in weapons - at least, not for anyone of her distinguished hand-to-hand combat lineage - and makes a habit of shattering any gun or blade she's put up against, even if she doesn't have to kill her opponent.

This is not to say, however, that Pan'oa is without her kinder traits. Despite her own issues, she has studied her whole life to take care of others, and is extremely compassionate and patient with the likes of children, elders, and animals. Pan'oa also believes in an old standard of honor that, should she ever save someone's life, it's her duty to see to it that they live healthy, safe lives. She typically calls this group of wards her "warren", and will do anything for them.
Deep in the bloodsoaked pages of Anduruna's history, there existed a band of mercenaries whose bonds on the battlefield were closer than siblings or lovers. They were outcasts by nature, but found that they would do anything, commit any atrocity, withstand any punishment, for their family. This even showed in their Powers, which all in some way reflected their unbending unity.

They were the first on the battlefields to battle against the Nightmares, and always the last to leave. If one of their own died in battle, the Nightmares would lose an entire platoon. However, putting their family of chosen comrades above the rest of Anduruna in all situations did not make them many friends among emerging leaders, who worried about a possible dangerous element should tensions boil over. Thus, an agreement was reached - they would be given all supplies they needed to build a living high, high up in the Starfall, overlooking Anduruna. They would forever watch over and protect Anduruna from anything to try and cross over the Starfall with ill intentions, and in return, Anduruna would never forget these warriors.

Anduruna, naturally, forgot all about them, when that dire age passed into myth and story. Due to this, the descendants of the mercenaries' leader - the family of Lie'liekuilani, a name he himself chose which means "blood brothers and sisters" - became embittered, because their relationship with Anduruna is in their opinion more intimate than any other outside group. Pan'oa was taught to never forget this disrespect, and to protect with her life her younger brother, who would continue the bloodline. This deeply-ingrained sense of honor and loyalty followed her through life, leading her to adopt the old custom of watching over, for the rest of her days, anyone whose life she has saved.

Pan'oa would continue the family line in any normal situation, but she is not in a normal situation. She was born without the capacity to have children, but nonetheless became a motherly figure for everyone in her family; took in many animals, who she trained to assist in various tasks; and patiently sits with elderly villagers, listening to their stories and cooking for them. However, she has the utmost contempt for average Andurunans, and with the restriction on her people's consensual banishment having expired, she regularly descends to berate them in the street for...Well, just about anything.
- Pan'oa received the wound on her neck while chopping firewood for the first time. Were it not for a dreamkeeper who possessed a trained healing power nearby, she would have died in minutes. It took years for her to overcome her fear of axes.

- Pan'oa is ambidextrous, but favors her left hand. She is also a splendid cook, enjoys writing poetry, and fancies herself a warrior-poet.

- Pan'oa wakes up the earliest for her age in her entire village, and is the girl most likely to get winded for how fast she eats.

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joeden9/5/13 8:03pm
Redid my keeper downright do over going to also rewrite Jack as well.

Name Jamie Hellsing. Age 26.
Colors: light brown fur and semi-long hair on his head
scars: on his chest and one underlining his right eye, many going down his arms.
Clothing: usually wears long black jack, with black gloves and a black cowboy hat.
Described: Jamie, is somewhat on the shy side and well kept to himself unless he wants to be known then he always make a first impression you will not forget, he however despite his action, is kind and caring. Not when he's working though; he is a good friend to have and a great ally he will always pull through when he's needed, despite his quirks.

Weapons: carries two pistols always, and carries black blade katana, he named burning sakura. However he mainly loves using his special designed springer that was made just for him, which is springer that can be switched to a medium and short ranged(shot-gun) weapon. It can also be used as a blunt beating stick if the need for it comes and the stock of the gun can be used to smash open basic doors.

Power: shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of eight feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywhere's within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blurr for about 2-3 seconds. However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, itís just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster. If he uses it while exhausted, it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones. A blackish golden halo accompanies his power.

Skills: good with martial arts, well fit able to cook real well and can play most instruments.

History: at the age of 9, Jamie lost his parents and his brother, shortly after going to their cottage in Kittim. His family was killed by a group thugs working for a Crimelord; that Jamieís father had been trying to bring down and was doing a good job of; through the government legal progress. The thugs almost killed Jamie, but Jamie managed to escape them only leaving him with a scare under his eye, only thanks to Jamieís cousin and her partner, who jumped in and started to kill them off. As Jamie ran away; they later found him hiding under a tree crying; after she got him out they brought him to the compound. He had only met his cousin once and that was when he was really young so he has no clue to who his cousin is; his state of mind put him in shock. But when he had gotten out of his shock, he called his mentor an ugly old farttart and quickly received a fist of love that sent him through a wall, nearly killing him. He has received many fists of love over the years, thanks to his big mouth. Jamie then spent years training as a bounty hunter. Jamie then officially joined the guild which was where he was being raised, he pulled in his fair pay, mostly doing small jobs, and Jamie had also gotten a history of being, a bit of a reckless force of nature seeing as how he would do things to the point of stupid and straight forward never giving up his morals when people say you canít do it itís impossible to say it simple he was beyond stubborn. He was on a job a few years later, to do something very simple until everything went wrong and he was ambushed by a crimelordís goons dressed as shocks. The Crimelord who was interested in wiping out the guild, had his goons take Jamie to a building outside of the city were they tried to interrogate him at firstÖ but it didn't work so well and controlling him was very hard. They lost three interrogators, so they chained him down to a table and began torturing him. Jamie was poisoned, burned, cut, bruised and beaten for a week. He was later rescued by the rest of the guild and before leaving the building, Jamie blew it sky high, before going back to the compound for treatment. He has to take meds to remove the chemicals in his body that the guild Doctor made with his power. About a few years later Jamie had found himself in a middle of a war that took place in the southern parts of the city it was a gruesome battle that left him with scares; the battle was that of the guild and the crimelord that tried to wipe out the guild along with corrupt shocks.

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ZycantAlpha9/10/13 2:11pm
May as well post my personal Dreamkeeper.

Name: Hubert Tanton
Age: 20
Appearance: Yellow, red between eyes and nose
Mostly resembling a mouse, but with the ears of a pig
Short in height (roughly 4'6)

Halo appearance: Yellow, red outline

Power: The ability to manifest shields/forcefields/barriers.
The length of manifestation is based on his willpower (such as how determined he might be at the time). The strength is based on his concentration, but the more he concentrates, the less time it remains up. If he cannot concentrate (such as high fear that causes his thoughts to scatter), the power cannot be used at all. Using it also takes a toll on his mind causing mental fatigue, so if the power is used too many times, is held for too long, etc. he runs the risk of collapsing. The shield can also be of various sizes and shapes, but the larger or farther it is from him, it is weaker and cannot be held for as long. As a result, if it is needed he tends to place it 2-5 feet away from himself. The power itself is most effective in short bursts and is intended to buy time so he can escape or think of a way to win.

Background: Hubert was born to two "Socialites" as he would most likely put it. Where they enjoy being around others, he tends to find more comfort in quiet areas where he can just think. He moved to Ruskol to begin studying the Telepads with the intent of possibly improving their efficiency or comfort and to be around those closer to himself personality-wise. He is an introvert, shy, and very quiet. However, he is intelligent, logical, and possesses the ability to think fairly quickly. He is, however, uncertain of his own abilities and judgment, often leading to him keeping silent. He tries not to show emotion, which doesn't always work well and can lead to bursts of anger for which he will try to apologize for and go back to being quiet. Probably more so than before. He also tends to be frank when talking which can give the impression of him being cold. However, he is kind and tries to keep others happy first and looks for non-violent solutions when possible and will try to defend his friends. Should someone get to know him, they'll find he's more loose with them, even attempting to be funny at times...often to no avail. He is not proficient in combat, but could show promise in setting traps or snares for protection.

His power activated at age 17. Walking home from class, Hubert decided to take a shortcut back home and a Nightmare attacked him. While trying to escape, he took a wrong turn and was trapped at a wall. As the Nightmare prepared its attack, Hubert closed his eyes, raised his hands to his face...and failed to notice the glow above his head. Focused only on the thought of survival, the power awoke at just the right time with maximum strength and minimum endurance, knocking the Nightmare back. Hubert opened his eyes and quickly noticed the situation as well as the stunned Nightmare. He ran off, hiding in an abandoned building until it was safe to leave and continued on his way, being careful if any others happened to be nearby. After that experience he has begun to experiment with his power in secret attempting to learn how to use it and its triggers effectively.

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