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joeden4/24/13 10:52am
name Alex shoonstop
power speed he moves almost as fast as flash
age 27
personality fun, easy going, loves to scare people and pick on em all in fun ways that you know is fun and friendly. He is also caring and protective of his friends and he always picks a fight with Jamie in one thing or another which they both see as a game.
appearance: Alex is a rabbit grey in color he stands at 5.11
history: Alex was a fun kid and had lots of stupid ideas, he is best friend's with Jamie (madcap)
he use to lead Jamie on adventures with him. Until the brother incident; after hearing what happened he quickly went to look for his friend; he managed to track him down to Starfall forest but before he could get to him he noticed Jessica along with Taw and luffy, he watched as they grabbed his friend out from under the tree, he watched as they pulled him out he was ready to make a break for Jamie and get him out when he recognized Jessica he was about to run to her to ask as what was going on and then he saw how monstrous and tall Taw was. He stayed in the shadows and followed them back to the compound; were he was found by Narlack. Who tried to detain him; but Alex had landed one good shot between Narlack's legs and left him on the ground wheezing, until he quickly got up and tried to strangle Alex. But was quickly dealt with by Jessica's foot that sent Narlack flying backwards, before he got his hands on Alex. Jessica then brought Alex inside and told him what happened to Jamie who was sitting in shock and couldn't hear anything. Jessica then told him to keep things under-wraps with the Family thing and took Alex home only to find it ransacked by Jamie's brother and his parents dead. Jessica Then brought Alex to the compound where he picked up bounty hunting and medic skills not at a doctor's level but close enough, he is mainly good at handling every wound that can be gotten he has minor skills in surgeroy but is learning from the proper doctor at the compound which is Luffy.

(i`ll be posting luffy next and then that's just about it for the compound keepers XD)

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CalvinCopyright4/24/13 2:53pm
Righto! My return!

I have 1 singlet and 2 pairs left; here's the singlet.

Name: Rugala Trense
Age: 89
Her torso is very small and slim; from head to hips, she is only about two feet tall. She has very long arms and legs, though; if she fully straightens her legs, she can reach seven feet, three inches; however, such a stance is very uncomfortable for her, and she prefers to fold both joints of her digitigrade legs almost completely, bringing her height down to around five foot eight. The last parts of her limbs, including the three long, wide, limber toes on each foot that she balances herself on, are very thin and light. A whiplike tail helps her to keep her balance, in addition to her arms, which are nearly as long as her legs. Her skin is mostly bare except for her head and a few ruffs of hair around places such as her forearms, lower legs, and a sort of short dual mane down the sides of her back, right behind the armpits, which come together at the waist, and are slightly visible over her shoulders. All of her hair is a soft gray-white, and her skin is dappled with the sort of metallic blue colors that storm clouds tend to have. Her face is like Namah's, but without the horns, and with a bony crest. Her ears consist of a pair of silvery diaphragms; exposed to the elements, but stretched across regions in the crest that are extremely concave; large debris, knives, and things like that can't get far enough inside the crest to puncture them, and the membrane is tough enough that small debris can't hurt it. The whites of her eyes are the same silvery color as her ear-diaphragms, and the irises/pupils are a bright, icy blue. Finally, attached to her back, arms, and legs is a large, pleated shroud, made of skin, that she can fold against her back to various degrees by means of tough, corded, stringy muscles spread through the pleats. (After gathering the folds in with these muscles, she tucks the pleats into each other by moving her legs and arms; it looks like a bird who's just landed folding its' wings). In a breeze stiff enough to support her weight, she can fly with a large degree of maneuverability, by controlling which pleats she lets out, and which she folds in. She can even fly into the wind, although she needs to tack across it the way a sailing ship might.

Weather control. She calls it "guiding nature's rhythms", saying "I put pressure on the eddies and swirls that can be found everywhere in nature. The eddies rebel, of course, and prevent my controlling them directly, but enough indiscriminate pressure exerted long enough can produce powerful patterns, and I decide beforehand where they go." Give her a day out to sea, and she could bring a hurricane or tsunami down on Anduruna. Give her a day on land, and she could cause an earthquake, either wide and weak, or localized and strong. She could even make a volcano, if she's standing over the right spot. Also, give her a few seconds in an open space, and she can produce a wind strong enough to let her fly. The smaller the manipulation, the easier it gets for her, and the closer the manipulation, the easier it gets for her. Summoning a small breeze is very easy; swirling up a hurricane with fifth-degree winds is very, very difficult. Now, the reason that she hasn't destroyed Anduruna or something like that over her long life is, she has no inclination to. Making big weather constructs takes her nearly 24 hours of non-stop work, and the constructs usually require quite a bit of maintenance after they're made. It's not easy for her at all, and she just doesn't do it without very good reason. Moreover, her moods resemble the weather she controls: really slow to build up, really intense once they get going, but quick to die down (usually). She just can't muster the mad she'd need to get herself to wreck the city, although she has contributed more earthquakes than people suspect to the Cliffs of Ekklesia, south of the city. As a final note, if she sets foot on a ship, she immediately gets terribly seasick. She needs to be either standing on solid ground or gliding through the air to have the concentration to work her power. Her halo is of an unusual shape. It has one silvery bright ring that appears to rotate very fast, as tendrils of silvery 'mist' constantly peel off of it, forming two more, less bright rings, one inside the main halo, one outside.

Her childhood was spent before major power crimes caused city officials to outright ban most power use. She used her power in bits and pieces, when she needed to; usually along the lines of temporarily alleviating rain, and flying. Back then, she didn't have enough practice for much more at all. She discovered her power early in life, when she dispelled a bad storm that threatened to cancel an important personal event, when she was 17. As she could barely summon a flying breeze at first, she thought it was a one-time event. However, when she found the motivation to make a tornado wreck the house of a hated personal enemy when she was 34, the government decided to banish her from the city. (She didn't really hold it against them.) She wandered around for half a year before settling in a cave in one of the larger rock spires in the Cliffs of Ekklesia, and she has remained there ever since, practicing her power, among other things. The other banished dreamkeepers and the bandits don't really bother her; her cave is hard to get to for non-flyers, and is easily defensible with her abilities. Moreover, she has taken up several crafting pursuits, including weaving and sewing, and she trades what she makes for food and raw materials. She sometimes bargains with others to send good weather or alleviate bad weather, as well. She has woven herself a custom robe out of the best fabric to be had outside the city, colored white, with slitted openings for the shroud she flies with. Age has not dulled her abilities; although she is a good deal more wrinkled than in her youth, she is just as sprightly, just as intelligently calm, and much more well versed in her power.


I wanted to try to write a dreamkeeper around this power to see what I got. I think I like it; she's a simple character, not too complicated, easy to write up. I like the way I limited the destructive capabilities of her power, as well.

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joeden4/24/13 7:12pm
nice keeper, love it cal.

name: Luffy smite
Power: quick heal, think Naruto medical ninjutsu but only works after regular treatment has been applied.
Age: 36
appearance: Luffy is a monkey standing at 5.3 feet he usually wears a straw hat his father gave him when he was young he wears a red shirt with blue pants. and sandals he is usually seen with a massive smile on his face, which he is legendary for.
personality: Luffy is also the fun type who is easy to become friends with after you gotten past the crazy part. When he begins to operate he is known for the whole evil, mad-scientist look but he loves meeting new people and hates people that are wimpy little *everything has to be handed to them* cowards and are to deluded to see reality sort of people but he will try to help them change and he is always flat out. lying is foreign to him.
history: Luffy is Taw's grandson, He joined his grandfather when he started up the Guild, Luffy is a highly trained doctor and is known as a master of his art. he spent most his time repairing broken bones from Taw's fist of love which he has yelled at him many times for punching Jamie through a wall at the age of 9 and along with most of the rest of the Guild. however he trained Alex how to be a medic, and continues to look after the Guild when they come back from work injured. He healed Arrow's bruises, when Jamie brought him in along with Lila. He spent most of his time healing Ollow's broken bones and made sure he drunk a lot of milk and got massive amounts of calcium to stop his bones from breaking. He loves his job very much and loves healing people and his Job at the Compound means he can heal people all the time. Literally all the time!

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joeden4/26/13 3:35pm
name: Arro silverwing
age 15
power projection he can make himself look different or make people and have them come out as perfect projections he needs to focus before he can use the ability; the more complex the image the more exhausting it becomes. he can only use this ability to change appearances or give the thought that someone is there when really there isn't and the images of people don't speak.
appearance Arro is a grey bat that looks like shade in the show silverwing well his face dose at least. but he has one horrid scar that he is most hurt about and when people ask he is usually hurt about he has no wings they were cut off from torture that he endured. he how ever wears black pants and a blue shirt with a brown overcoat along with a pair of goggles.
history: At the age of 5 his home was broken into by Capone's men they took him his parents and his brother and sister. they brought them to a warehouse and tortured them because his dad owed money. they started by cutting his wings off with a broken bottle, to torture his parents even more they killed his brother and sister first and forgot about him as they riddled his parents. but before they could kill him a hooded assassin dropped down from the rafters and killed the tortures and got him out of there he later introduced himself as Jamie and took him to the compound he decided to stay and learn from Taw the art of bounty hunting and infiltration. He met Ollow and Patrick which they became good friends with, He is usually the quietest of the group but loves how he got lucky and having somewhere's to call home.

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Syphor4/27/13 4:06am
Sorry I haven't posted the other 2 I said I was going to post, but my laptop broke so there is going to be a set back on it. Also I've read your dreamkeepers and they are really great.

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JD3V114/28/13 9:48pm
Hi im new to DreamKeepers and all i can say is that love it. I made a OC but only have his character outline down. No back story, no name, he has a power, but that's about it.

Ide love some feedback :

Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Back Story: Unknown

Personality: Unknown

Power: Can control the velocity of object already in motion.

Fighting Style: Uses throwing knives for distance combat and a sword for close combat. He take the higher ground by flying a few feet of the air and fighting, sometimes using his tail as a distraction.

Clothing style: He usually wears a button down shirt only buttoned in the middle and a pair of slacks. Around his wrists legs and waist are weighted bands to train his body to move faster

I know its not much but its what i got for now. Any thoughts?

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Ares4/29/13 1:41pm
I,am new to this and i,am wondering if the power to summon 100 hands is over kill or not ?

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Shadow996114/29/13 1:42pm
It depends on what the hands can do, and what checks and balances you have in place.

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Ares4/29/13 1:44pm
The more hands he can summon the weaker he gets and they help pick up heavy items and use for self defiance .

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AriaOutlander5/2/13 8:44am
Well, jees. What all would you need /that many/ hands for?

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AriaOutlander5/2/13 8:49am
Also, I've made a keeper. She's a crimelord, but she's also a noble. This is set in the old city of Null, off in the Diony desert. Her species is of someone else's creation, but it's such a wonderful species, a 'Jargo'. Jargo are essentially fox-like, dragonlike keepers with long curled, and hollow, horns, that are used for echolocation. They have a pair of normal, but long, foxish ears, as well. Jargo live to be approximately 200~ 210~ 220 years of age.

The most special thing I've developed about her is her power, The ability to not control minds, nor bend them, but to give someone an Idea. A thought. They go off of it as they please, or go ignore it if they choose. It's a very influential skill, literally, and has the ability to have no repercussions nor detectability.

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Ares5/2/13 2:45pm
Is the power to summon 100 hands canon or non-canon or is this the wrong place to ask these questions if so i,am sorry.

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joeden5/3/13 8:53pm
name shade shadowstar
power: walk meld he can step into a wall or any material surface as long as it is connected to something else that is solid, he can move freely through it. He can step into a wall and move in it traveling from one place to the next. moving through the walls is the same as going for a jog with leg waits it gets exhausting as he moves and stays in the object, his signature mark is that one he enters the surface it ripples then stops. he can only move as fast as a bit of a speed walk but a little slower and faster then a normal walk.
Can: he can go through walls floors wood and stone.
cant: he can't go through sand unless he buries himself in it normally without his power the object has to be sized it can't be a chair or table or fruits and eating utensils or other small portable items.
Can: he can move through walls with little trouble and see where he's going however it gets somewhat confusing like putting a light blanket on your head and seeing through that.
Can't: he can not run while in an object because he feels the pressence of the object like when your moving underwater.
appearance: shade is a black coyote with long blue hair that he lets down, a small part covers his right eye but it is not enough to cause problems. But he is seven feet tall and wears the traditional assassin's clothing of a long black over cloak/cape with hard leather body armor black with 3 black belts done up around it, black finger-less gloves, grey pants and black metal lined boots. He has a long sleeved black shirt which the arms reinforced with leather but is still flexible and easy to move in. He also has the face cloth to cover his face. other then that he carries a finely made sword on his back, easy to use lightweight and has an assortment of poisons on hand.
history: not much is to be said, no one knows his real name and he is only known as shadow, or any other names people have given him. He only works for the nobles and anyone who can meet his price. He is always successful in his job and has earned the reputation throughout the city of null as the a great assassin and is feared. He however is fond of a certain raccoon named Rocky He is the one person he cares about and usually plays hide and seek with him to improve his skills but he looks after him and sees him as a younger brother who can make him laugh. He also has a dislike for the religions and sanctums but will work for them but refuses to believe in any of the stuff. he however has his own belief in something dark and not in the world of the living he is the only member though.

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joeden5/5/13 8:09pm
Arton Fireword
Age: 32
Power: the ability to read, anything and everything; understanding it as well, this power can be used for as long as he wants and as much as he wants it has no downsides. Except for the headache factor, it comes in only when he reads a new language, that he has never seen before. However as great as this power is, he can only read the language and understand the language when his power is active, when it is not active he cannot read or understand it and he feels tired from his power use which enquirers him to sleep more then the average person.
appearance: Arton is a Kinkajou standing at only two foot two, he is a really small keeper with blue fur and purple hair, he usually wears shorts which are pants for him; he also wears a short sleeve shirt that is a little big for him. He also wears round circular glasses that seem to be a bit to big for him, so he has to push them up to keep them on; don't let his small appearance and meek friendly attitude fool you, if you make him mad. He can be just as vicious as a fourteen foot wall of steel keeper, but only worse' seeing as how he is small and fast and will crawl all over you. His friends who have seen him fight have said that, "he is a little blue fuzzball of doom; most of his enemies agree. However he doesn't like fighting and will avoid it at almost all costs; unless you threaten his friends.
history: Arton always was quiet; he had nothing special to define him in his early life, he had a quiet simple childhood; only reading books all the time. He passed with flying grades and took a Job as a librarian and joined the history department. They came across a tablet no one could read and Arton sat down looking at it, without realizing it, his power came to life and he got a bit of a headache as he read out every word in the written language and then again in English every word perfectly clear. When he looked up, everyone in the room was looking at him with the most dumbstruck look you could possibly think of; then all hell broke out some where yelling give to the shocks, kill the power user, while others where yelling about the possibilities that could be had and what could be done. When a group of shocks who heard the commotion came in and saw Arton with his halo; all that could be said about what happened next was... Screaming... Shooting... A little ball of blue moving at the speed of light... More screaming... Springers going clink, clink, clink... However Arton got away, he is now on the run from the shocks; the room, everyone was in was a horrid mess papers and books everywhere. People had cuts, bruises, the tablet destroyed and unreadable and the shocks where being yelled at, for fifty different reasons.

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AriaOutlander5/7/13 9:22am
I'd say it's canon, but overkill? Are we talking about the hands from ssb? (super smash bros.) Or just like.. Lots of hands?

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