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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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CalicoYorki4/19/13 7:09pm
Thank you!

I'm working on another, which I might sneak into this post.

Now, I must sneak away to work.


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joeden4/19/13 7:14pm
i`m going to keep Garp because i can't think of anything to go with "the fist"

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CalicoYorki4/19/13 7:48pm
Taw the Fist?

Here is...My next deviation.

Please, tell me what you think of her.

~ ~ ~

NAME: Jiuli Kuija

APPEARANCE: Has deep, cobalt blue skin, with sharp cerulean lines. Her eyes are a mysterious indigo, a rich, royal indigo, and she has no hair. She has slightly prominent lips, but not as ridiculous as, say, Tinsel Nanaja's.

Two softly-outlined, almost feathered fins frame her face, with a similar fin vertically outlining the lower-half of her slender, swaying, muscular tail. She has four spatulate fingers on each hand, and two-toed, froglike feet. Her outfits include a black newsboy cap and leisure suit combination, with various floral undersuits, and at least one ring with an obscenely huge stone.

While she is at work, however, she goes nude - she has no clearly defining female traits, besides certain curves to her figure, and when she's at work, she's rarely located until it is -much- too late for anyone.

BIOLOGY: Jiuli is a perfectly-adapted amphibian - gills which can be consciously made active, lungs which can be made dormant by choice. Her eyes have a protective film which occasionally shimmers with an iridescent sheen, and she can easily swim without moving her limbs too noticeably.

PERSONALITY: Jiuli is an odd character, with a number of OCD quirks. For instance - she has to turn doorknobs and handles of any kind outward, with respect to her necessary left hand, and she has to step into a room with her left foot. If she enters without doing so, she will step out; close the door; and start over. Otherwise, it makes her extremely uncomfortable, anxious, and incapable of focusing on anything but the desire to adhere to her compulsions. She also has to shake hands with her right hand, and will not allow someone to shake her left hand under any circumstances.

Otherwise, Jiuli is a very accomodating character. She likes to people-watch, chat, debate, and all of these things are especially pleasant for her while enjoying good food with people she likes. Jiuli generally lives in Calypsa, because the climate is kind to her amphibious traits. Among her pleasures are setting up little situations to make young men uncomfortable, because she finds a modest guy being put into a less-than-modest situation to be one of the most singularly adorable things in the dreamworld. Jiuli loves music, particularly anything to dance to - so long as no one tries to get -her- to dance, because she has two left feet when there are many people watching her dance.

However, when she's at work, this clumsiness and truer, kinder side of her personality evaporates. She becomes cold, calculating, and lethally efficient. She is an aquatic specialist in sabotage and counter-terrorism, and is under contract by the Andurunan government to make terrorists - particularly Power-abusing terrorists - disappear with any amount of blood and thunder she finds is necessary. In exchange for full expendability, all removal of the government's liability for her damages to property and health (on anyone's counts), and the full knowledge that abuse of her privileges will earn her life in prison (and likely worse), Jiuli is able to employ her Power on missions.

She has presently erased twenty-two terrorist cells, six of which included Power abusers. I say erased because generally there are at least bones left from murder. Jiuli uses only the best of explosives and other weaponry.

POWER: [Multi-purpose oil generation]
- HALO: A slightly ochre-shade of yellow
- While in effect, Jiuli is coated in an oily, rippling, bubbling aura. While in effect, Jiuli easily slips through narrow openings (thanks to discarding her largely unnecessary clothing in most cases before using her Power), and slides away from all blunt force. However, things which slash and pierce, or burn, or freeze, these are another matter entirely, and can rapidly destroy her protective aura.
- Jiuli can also spit out an oil slick which makes gripping impossible, and globs of oil which splash across a large radius. The latter usage generates oil which is extraordinarily volatile, prone to going up in a blaze just from friction between two surfaces coated in it.

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joeden4/19/13 8:10pm
nicely done amazing keeper XD

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joeden4/19/13 8:54pm
this is one that i got for the future Ollow when he's 20 and not 9 also i`m posting the older Ollow with this one XD

name Lila firespring
age 20
power fabrical: meaning she can control fabrics and make any cloth she wants which is tough strong and self repairing she mainly makes cloths for Victoria to fashion into clothing but can also make the cloth as a weapon.
personality she is kind, loving, confident and always outgoing. she also has a habit of jumping in first without thinking just like a Hellsing would (she is not a Hellsing if that thought was running through someone's head lets not get twisted pervert here); she usually loves shy boys and hit the literal jackpot with Ollow. She is always in his face teasing and bugging him in a playful way. She literally got him to start dating her, her favorite game is to whisper things into his ear that makes him blush uncontrollably, but she truly loves him.

appearance Lila is snow leopard with long blue and red hair. she has a scare on the back of her right hand along with a bit of her right ear missing it doesn't effect her hearing thou. she is 6ft and usually wears long grey pants along with a nice black shirt and usually wears a jean jacket. she carries two special pistols (light weight quick reload and interesting design that would allow it to become an assault rife with the attachment. made by Narlack) she also has a special designed knife. Which is flexible and easy to use and looks are different and if stuck into a person would cause massive massive bleeding internally and externally.

history: at the age of 9 she lost her mother and father to some psychopath; who took them hostage, the only reason she was still alive. Was because Jamie had gotten there and got the kill on the nut. Dropping him dead; she how ever lost a bit of her right ear and was beaten pretty badly, Jamie took her to the compound and got her fixed up, unfortunately she had no other family and begged to stay. Because she didn't want to end up in some horrid place. she started to pick up the art of bounty hunting slowly, she met Patrick who she was creep-ed out by with his bugs; at the age of 13, Jamie came back with Ollow who was still very shy, she took one look at him and liked him. She had instantly gotten a crush on him after talking to him which was him replying in a stuttering shyness, after a few years there she, like everyone else revived the fist of love. But at 16 on a job, one day partnered with Ollow she had made the kill with him and standing in the alley, she forced him against the wall and kissed him after that she told him that she loved him and his reply was literally "w-w-w-wow i-i-i-i-i had a c-c-c-crush o-on y-y-you t-t-to" he had finished his voice was cracked and then fainted. she swore his face was so red he became a flashlight, after that they started dating and has always loved him since. after the mess with the nightmare and Jamie dying she tried to cheer him up with little to no success but the thing that surprised her was him purposing to her she blushed but said yes right away, and she was the one blushing uncontrollably.

name ollow Hellsing
age: 20
power an orange halo that shows only when fighting but his power is always active which is great strength is explained this way: Normally, the brain restricts one's power, shutting down muscles in response to pain in order to prevent serious injury; unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he doesn't have this limitation, and is capable of using his full strength. His power is described as the naturally unlimited form of human strength, and Shinra likens it to the incredible "adrenaline power" that people rarely display in times of emergency.

about ollow is a grey Aegean cat with scares on his face and a few on his arms but has short brown hair and a part his right ear is cut out but doesn't effect his hearing but he is usually seen with a smile on his face a friendly attitude, he is also really tall he stands at 6.7ft he had a growth spurt. XD other then that he was never able to get rid of that lost meek look on his face so he looks like a innocent child.

Clothing he wears a bartenders uniform carries a sludge hammer along with black gloves.

After the fiasco with his cousin Jamie and his brother, he managed to escape as jack aka Lector Dahmar killed his parents, two brother's and sister, at the age of 6 he had thought that he was safe from the maniac but that was proven wrong. He spent the next two years hiding through out the city, surviving on the kindness of others and through theft, he had a hard time getting by and he witnessed a lot of horrible things that where done by shock troopers. He hid for the two years in a warehouse before it burnt down. He then found the shadow knaves and found out about his cousin, after time with the knaves he and Jamie left for the compound were Ollow spent his time training to be a hunter like Jamie. He met Lila and that was a fun ride all the way around she had always whispered things in his ear making him blush, but his shy behavior made him an easy target for her. When he was 16, he was on a job with Lila and his life literally changed he was still shy but now had a girlfriend, who was a blessing and a curse at the same time. Even though his date life brought, Jokes from his cousin Jamie and apparently Jessica who told them about her and explained a a lot of things. He was having a good time and started learning new things, which he did enjoyed. But he also picked up the sciences real easy; but after years of training he stopped breaking his bones when he used his power and can now use it without worry about breaking bones. He is also highly resistant to pain. When he was 19 the compound was attacked by a nightmare, which wrecked the compound a bit before it felt, the full shit storm it had stepped into. but As a final act of revenge, the nightmare infected Jamie with a parasite which forced him to try to kill everyone he was quickly restrained. before they could remove it the parasite killed him, which was painful on him and everyone else. Which left everyone including him in a depressed state, until he decided to live on knowing that, that would be better then wasting his life. which he was sure Jamie would hate to see, along with Lila always trying to cheer him up which was a scary, scary, you have no idea how scary thing to do coming from her. After the mess Ollow purposed to Lila and in for the first time she was the one that was blushing.

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joeden4/19/13 9:08pm
but yea thats all i go for tonight tell me what you think :)

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CalicoYorki4/20/13 7:53am
I like your idea of putting together a family of characters -

What I would do is things like research historical families of great power, crime families, and things like that; as well as menacing and heroic families, in fiction. That gives an excellent idea of how to portray them, in the event you write or roleplay for them.

: )

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joeden4/20/13 7:59am
i know; what i`m trying to do is pretty much put a name like Hellsing with a family history like the Monkey D family from one piece and that family is far from normal in anyway

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CalicoYorki4/20/13 8:05am
You remember that assassin-dreamkeeper I posted, a few pages back?

I'm trying to build an organization around the concept of "assassins who kill for the good of all dreamkeeperkind." Basically, Nightmare-aware assassins who dispatch Dark Dreamkeepers and help arrange assistance for, say, the Troika; their only constant goal is the extermination of all things Nightmare and Dark Dreamkeeper.

What do you think? : O

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Esayo4/20/13 8:09am
Sounds quite interesting ^^ Like vigilantes \oDo/

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joeden4/20/13 8:12am
it's a good idea but you need to set it in a time period because they will run out of business really fast. if you set it in the silent centuries then they would have business or if you set it in the near future like vol 4 or 5 when the fight starts happening and nightmares start showing up. in between those time tables there is pretty much no nightmares running around and darks would be small in numbers and assassins tend to work through their prey pretty fast. but i got to go afk for a bit heading out for a bit to think and then get some lunch and a drink before i go back to watching Austin powers :) (but other then that i would extend there range of targets also i forget which page is your assassin on?

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CalicoYorki4/20/13 8:13am
They really are - but extremely organized.

They have defined ranks and roles to fill, and have collected artifacts from days of old which were used to wage war against or for Nightmares. Most of them are still inscrutable as to how they work, but the mysteries of just a few have been cracked.

...Yep, they've been at this for a while. X D

EDIT: Sorry, missed your message, Joe. D X

And this organization doesn't work so much for business, as a moral obligation. That's not to say that all, or even the majority of them are truly heroic, though.

Also, she's on page 9; third post up, from the bottom.

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joeden4/20/13 10:02am
calico why don't you join; in with her on the tournament RP? she would be a good fit, and it would be fun to see how she would fit in. But yea i find that if you want to make the organization, its best to just play around with the char. i entered Jamie into the cotn and i got him fixed up, and turned into a proper char; along with coming up with the compound and interesting chars that fit into the whole compound. i came up with Taw (originally Garp. thanks for the name) and he brawled it out with a nightmare general and won. not many can do that which makes him really unique and interesting in a way but other then i'd say just play around with the chars you can really come up with some interesting things.

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CalvinCopyright4/24/13 5:20am
Wow, this is awesome.

I had no idea that this thread would get so many posts without my involvement, lol.

I have a total of 5 dreamkeepers left; two pairs and a singlet.

Should I post some?

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joeden4/24/13 5:55am

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