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Subscribe to this thread The Indigo Twins created by Tenebrae on June 8, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale9/11/14 7:35pm

Hmm, this page got me a bit curious. Even though I read about your comments in some thread in the storyline, who do you guys think Ravat's looking (or stalking) at, Indi or Digo?

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Asora9/12/14 5:52pm
No idea. I can't even tell which sister is which until someone calls out one of them specifically.

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ezioauditore979/13/14 7:18am
Well they are spys so I could see them maybe being on the nightmare's hit list although they are good at what they do so it would take a lot of effort actually nabbing them.The thought of Ravat getting a hold of them (Or any other character whom isn't "evil") though is really horrifying.I know if I ever saw anybody in his get up in real life I'd leave the state!

Also to clarify for Asora I think Indi is predominantly lighter colored with the majority of her patterns and Digo is mostly darker hued ,but don't quote me on that.

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DanWithTheHat9/13/14 9:04am
I don't think I can even guess at if it is Indi or Digo in that panel. They both change their fur patterns so much, its impossible to tell them apart by looks. Actually, I believe they look different in every new scene have been in so far. Their power is so effective, it confuses us XD

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BryanDimmsdale11/8/14 11:45pm
Looks like I'm beginning to pinpoint who's who now, despite them changing colors. I mean, in the real world you can't distinguish them when they are alone, but when they are togother, you can see now the subtle difference.

Here are my thoughts:

Indi Marallang - She has a more broader head, and the color she chooses are most likely dark in her center line body or preferred a more darker skin tone, or see has the 'dominant trait' color. If that doesn't work, I believe she is seen mostly alone, and she is mostly serious about stuff and independent type of twin sister, as shown here:

Digo Marallang - Her, on the other hand, has a smaller head in terms of width, and she prefers the lighter color over the darker ones, or 'recessive trait' color as I call it. Another hint here is that she is seen asking a lot of questions, and mostly dependent or more clingy with Ingrath than her elder sister.

If that still doesn't work, I believe this is how they talk:

*The Indigo Twins sees Whip

Digo: AWWWW, he looks so ADORABLE! Where did you come from, lil guy? *Hugs him tight

Indi: Wow, I've never thought I've seen someone who's as cute as you are, niño pequeño. *Cuddles his cheeks

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ST34LTH12/14/14 1:52pm
What is with the twins' ears btw? Either they are wearing some type of screen around their ears, or do they in fact have... well... unique or even double pair of ears? I'm confused.

Anyways, I've been trying for almost an hour now to see if I could find a way to identify them, sitting with the two instances where we get told names, as well as the others to see if there is something that never changes (or at least keeps a pattern to identify them seperately), but I'm beat. If there is something to help identify them, then I can't find it outside their behaviour. And on that note I believe Bryan is right, although I can't see the difference in head width.

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Asora12/14/14 2:57pm
It could likely be just some kind of extra ear "screening" that's larger than the other, or, something like that. However, if they do have two sets of ears, then, that would mean that each ear conal in each ear would have to cross paths inside, leading towards the ear drum.

That's the best I could explain it.

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ST34LTH12/14/14 2:59pm
Oh yeah, so it's... no wait... still confused :S

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Asora12/14/14 3:01pm
We have to ask Dave on that one during chat. If anyone sees this, make sure to mention it to Dave right away.

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BryanDimmsdale12/14/14 6:03pm
The ears he would explain, yes.

However, the identity, he will remain it in plot vault. Trust me, we already ask him a couple of times; he like his fans guessing.

But to ensure or to find out who Indi or Digo is atm

- Indi has dominant colors, Digo has recessive ones
- Indi's face is wider, and Digo's head is a bit smaller
- Indi is more serious, while Digo is optimistic

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TruthQuest12/15/14 3:21pm
eh, he did confirm both of your questions once, they do have double ears and if I remember correctly, that is supposed to be a cameo of Indi in V1.

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Asora12/15/14 4:17pm
BUT SHE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT! I hope that maybe after Dave and Liz finish the DK GNS, they will have enough time and money to re-illustrate the first two novels for some kind of special event (maybe for the celebration of the conclusion of of the GNS or a DK anniversary event).

But that's just my thoughts.

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Kirito12/15/14 4:25pm

you can clearly see the double ears here

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Asora12/16/14 9:10am

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ST34LTH12/16/14 9:52am
Thank you for the clarification Truth. I figured it wasn't an oversight or some such thing, given its repeated occurances with them.

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