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Subscribe to this thread Scuttler's Accomplice created by MrAerospace on June 7, 2013

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MrAerospace6/7/13 9:13pm
Because no one has brought the topic up yet. Nabonidus confronts Scuttler in V3 about an accomplice, as if he doubted whether Scuttler was able to plan the treason alone.

Who is this Accomplice, and what motive would this 'entity' have in bringing back Void?

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CalvinCopyright6/8/13 6:13am
I have no idea who the accomplice might be. But motivation is easy - Void is crazy powerful, just as powerful as Nabonidus, and probably still gaining strength. If he's around, the dreamkeepers will be that much easier to defeat. Probably the only possible motivation, as Nabby and Void have reached an accord, and seem to be cooperating - until the dreamkeepers are defeated.

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MrAerospace6/8/13 4:59pm
Nah, there's millions of motives to bring Void back. For example, what if the accomplice wasn't a nightmare, but a dreamkeeper?

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 7:43pm
A Dreamkeeper wanting Void? That Dreamkeeper must be more mentally messed up than Wisp.

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MrAerospace6/9/13 12:02am
That might stand true if the keeper wants Void OVER Nabonidus, but what if the keeper wants BOTH Void and Nabby?

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wildcard6/9/13 3:46am
What about Arazu? He gets name dropped once in the beginning and never again. He's going to show up eventually.

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MrAerospace6/9/13 6:05pm
Hmm, do you reckon Void would be happy to see the Nightmare who seceded him as leader, but subsequently failed at eradicating a bunch of DK's that Void had already defeated? I doubt it. I'm pretty sure if Arazu was alive, he'd definitely NOT want to see Void again.

He might show up, but he's most definitely not the Accomplice

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Wulfspyder6/10/13 6:30pm
Naby may have killed Arazu to attain the position of leadership.

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CalicoYorki8/15/13 1:59pm

..."A dreamkeeper who wants BOTH Nabonidus AND Void"...What an interesting conjecture.

Perhaps the plan was for the two of them to destroy each other, or for one to permanently kill the other...The plan never accounted for the idea that they could reach some kind of agreement.

It is possible...

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Prometheus8/16/13 12:34pm

Well, I think reaching an agreement would be the only way it could work out. Let's not forget that Void is a Nightmare. He will always be around. Nabonidus, I'm convinced, is a dreamkeeper, but he is on an equal level with Void in terms of strength.

So, having them both destroy each other wouldn't really work well. Void would return from the grave while Nabonidus stays in his.

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MrAerospace8/29/13 9:10pm
Well, ok. Not what I was envisioning, but clever ideas all the same.
What I meant is that bringing back Void could be seen as a strategic plan. Nabonidus has been preparing for war against the DreamKeepers for years so his battle plans would have been perfected years ago. Also the usual affairs of going about business unopposed was easy, as there were no time frames to worry about, no questioning of decisions and rebellions could be brutally quashed without any fear of reprisal.
Now, along comes Void and everything gets screwed up. It is obvious that neither party was able to outright kill the other that first time, yet for either one to succeed as the leader of the nightmares the other must die. Surviving during a stalemate is hard enough as it is, the nightmares have flocked to support Void, so at any moment he could be betrayed, which means all the meticulous planning could be for nothing.
Void as leader also has advantages for the DreamKeepers too. He won't know of Nabonidus' plans, which may make his attack on Anduruna far less effective. He hasn't been around nearly enough to know the strengths and weaknesses of the city or its inhabitants, whereas Nabonidus is probably well aware of them.

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ezioauditore978/30/13 1:47pm
Good points from all of you.I think that a nightmaric version of "Game of Thrones" is in the mix.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 2:28pm

Game of Thrones of Bones.

I'm inclined to agree with Aerospace, but we must remember to not overthink things. If the two had kept on fighting, they very well could have destroyed each other.

Imagine Nightmares with no shred of leadership - OH I AM SO STUPID


Who would benefit from an absence of Nabonidus? The one whom Nabonidus ousted.

Who would benefit from the destruction of Void? The one whom Void will be very displeased to see what he's done and failed to do in his absence.

What if Arazu is -actually- the accomplice? Trying to get Nabonidus and Void out of the way, so that he can return to power in safety?

It's a longshot, but -just maybe-...

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DanWithTheHat12/16/13 9:16pm
Super spoilers ahead! (Just to be safe :))

I've been thinking Scuttler's accomplice was Ravat. Scuttles is the builder of the Sandmen which are Ravat's main tool of terror in the first three volumes. Also, Ravat has no allegiance to anyone; he does what is best for himself. Even though he is currently hunting down Mace for Nabonidus, he was also working against Nabonidus plans previously when he was getting paid off by Tinsel to sabotage Wisp's plan. That makes him the ideal accomplice for Scuttler. He has the connections get close to Nabonidus without being truly loyal to him.

As for his motive, my first guess would be that having void around creates more conflict, which in turn creates more work for him to carry out and make money with. The more hands he has in people's pockets, the better off he is.

He could also have some more lofty goals as well. Having both Void and Nabonidus fight it out could make way for him to take command of the nightmare forces for his own take over of Anduruna. At this point in the novel though, he hasn't really shown any ambition for power yet so I would say this is unlikely atm.

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CalicoYorki12/17/13 8:50pm

I don't think Ravat wants power. I think he wants to kill. Plus, we know that Tinsel sent Ravat to sabotage Wisp. Then again, it's entirely possible that the Sandman was his minion, sent by the Scuttler. I still think he wasn't playing sides, or anything. He's just going with opportunities to kill and maim.

Plus, he's obviously very intelligent. He probably knows just how far he can push his luck, and knows that he doesn't want to get Nabonidus -too- royally pissed off. Plus, in the event that Void had won, Ravat would be just as dead as all of the other dreamkeepers.

...He could always be a nihilist, though...

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