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Subscribe to this thread Viscount Calah created by Gloves on June 6, 2013

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TFeathersB2/2/15 1:58pm
Yeah, that's it. Thanks.

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Dawonguy2/2/15 4:53pm
Hold up, by "getting rid of the mother", is that page saying that the Viscount had Lilith's mother assassinated? (even though assassination is kind of more Tinsel's shtick, so maybe that's how she got in with the Viscount?)

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Prometheus2/2/15 5:47pm
It could mean a lot of things. Those emissaries probably think he quietly divorced Lilith's mother, which would be the most acceptable reason as to why she's gone. They also point out how her being gone has allowed Calah to relate to the public by making himself look like a struggling single parent. He may have gotten rid of Lilith's mother for quite a number of reasons. Using her disappearance to convince the people into voting for him may be just a perk, but I doubt it's one of the main reasons he got rid of her.

Not to mention the fact that there's still Namah's mother to wonder about.

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Dawonguy2/2/15 7:53pm
True. So far, all we know is that Namah is an illegitimate child, so the most we can really assume is that the Viscount had an affair with presumably Namah's mother in secret. Perhaps this affair could have been the reason for a divorce between the Viscount and Lilith's mother if assassination wasn't the method of "getting rid of the mother". (We still haven't heard from or of either of the mothers, so I'm not sure if they are even still around. Maybe they are in the Troika if they're not dead.)

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BryanDimmsdale2/2/15 8:41pm
How about the mother either went away from anduruna or join the Troikas perhaps, since he may as well know Igrath. About Namah's mother, on the other hand, she might have been assassinated due to the controversy.

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Kymastrider2/3/15 9:24pm
So we know Lilith and Namah had different mothers, it makes you wonder how he could have disposed of Lilith's mother that still would have been held in legal boundaries. The affair with Namah's mother is an even bigger mystery, how do you manage to keep a lid on that without letting her walk around free. How do you hide things like the birth records and doctor witnesses from the public?

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TFeathersB2/4/15 2:25am
Maybe Namah's mother kept her father a secret from every one, in return the Viscount takes care of Namah? It would explain why she wasn't just sent away to some foreign orphanage.

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Kymastrider2/4/15 6:09am

I was also drawing that conclusion as well. It's possible that before his election he was married and Lilith was born (I think we can safely assume that Lilith is older then Namah) and at the time he was probably a runner up for Viscount. However he was secretly having an affair with someone, We do know something happened and the supposedly the wife found out, or maybe it was something else entirely.

I'm going to throw in my two cents that if Calah came from a wealthy background that he used his massive income to hire the best layers he could get to divorce his wife, keep most of his wealth, and claim legal custody over Lilith.

That could very well be the struggling single parent angle he threw in to help his election campaign. It's also possible that around that time he stopped seeing Namah's mother as it would be bad publicity. However sometime after he won his election Namah was born, and since she was now a single parent who couldn't afford to take care of a child she approached her former Lover now the viscount, and making a deal that if he took care of Namah instead of sending her to an orphanage she wouldn't tell anyone that he had an affair.

so yeah it could very well be that.

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BryanDimmsdale2/7/15 6:53pm
Looks like it's connected to the toll wars, don't you think?

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Prometheus2/13/15 9:26am
So, reading over the copy of last night's relatively quick chat meet, we can confirm that Calah is indeed legally divorced. This doesn't explain what happened to Lilith and Namah's respective mothers, but we at least know Calah went through the proper channels to be rid of his wife.

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FoxPhantom2/13/15 9:29am
So when you mean proper channels, you mean like hiring an assassin right? (just confused over that)

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Prometheus2/13/15 9:38am
Sorry, I meant like legal proceedings for a divorce. Stuff like that. XD

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BryanDimmsdale2/14/15 2:14am
I have posted something related to Viscount Calah, and it's in the Namah thread:

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Digitigraderobo2/14/15 2:10pm
If there's one character I can hate who isn't truly evil. It's the Viscount, as I said before he's not really evil, but to be blunt, he's just a HUGE ass. And he deserves the worst dad of the year award.

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Asora2/16/15 11:05pm

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