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Subscribe to this thread Viscount Calah created by Gloves on June 6, 2013

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SuperTurbo43/24/14 9:24pm
Either way, it will probably hurt his campaign.

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MobileCrusader3/25/14 5:24am
lol thats true

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ZycantAlpha3/25/14 10:00am
Rampant death tends to do that.

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MobileCrusader3/25/14 2:28pm
Keep calm and ignore the nightmares.

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DanWithTheHat5/3/14 1:53pm
Calah is getting himself into a no win situation and he doesn't even realize. His Ignorance may not kill him in the near future but it will come back to get him eventually.

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MobileCrusader5/3/14 3:21pm
When the city lies in ruin, he will shoulder the blame.

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MobileCrusader5/3/14 3:21pm
He may not live to see himself blamed, though.

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GodofVelcro5/3/14 8:26pm
I think a man in his position can find someone to give the shaft to, but yeah, I very well doubt he will live very long when things get rolling.

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MobileCrusader5/4/14 7:25pm
I wonder how his public opinion polls are looking right now. If only to contrast the rates to after the fall.

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ZycantAlpha5/5/14 9:41am
I'd imagine relatively normal. It doesn't sound like people actively despise him or anything and I doubt he's made any large sweeping changes, so it's probably stable.

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MobileCrusader5/6/14 5:02am
If he's not done jack shit to the system, people might be a bit cross with him to begin with.

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Kymastrider1/29/15 9:44am
I really dislike Viscount Calah on so many levels. Its amazing he'd rather believe Tinsels story about them inviting two boys (that no one else but her saw) and they destoyed the antichamber. As upposed to Lilith and namahs story that she tried to kill them using her powers. Surely a police investigation would suggest more evidence to there story since there are no other witnesses to these two boys that don't exist.

I'm just going to say it, Calah is a terrible father (to both his daughters) aside from keeping Namah locked up her entire life to hide an afair. He barely spends any time with Lilith and his only fatherly advice is some BS political speech. He clealry doesn't love either of them from my point of view atleast. And I often get the feeling he only cares about lilith to boost his ego as the viscount and to boost his poles for press appearances by parading around that he has a cute smart daughter.

He clearly cares about his perfect reputation as the viscount more then he does for his own children. IMO there uncle Igrath Winters is a better father figure to them then there real father. I certainly hope he looses his stupid re-election, and hopefully in the after math of the nightmare war Lilith and Namah no longer have to live with there horrible biological father, and can live with there uncle Igrath Winter's instead.

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Dawonguy1/29/15 2:34pm
or both, both is good. At first, I thought I could barely overlook the Viscount's and Tinsel's bad parenting skills as there isn't many examples of good parenting in DK, but then the Holiday special happened: (she totally had what happened next coming)

btw, yeah, I kind of overlooked it at first, but Igrath dropped practically everything to help Lilith here: Now that's good parenting.

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TFeathersB1/29/15 4:29pm
As Dreamkeepers mirror their human's lives, would that make the human Calah the President of the US or something?

Either way, he's a terrible father, I can't remember where in the comic I saw it but he apparently divorced Lilith's mother as a publicity stunt or something similar. But I'm amazed that he took Namah in inserted of sending her off to some foreign orphanage or something. (Sadly, she may have had a better childhood if he did but she would have to sacrifice Lilith)

However, I do think that he "loves" Lilith at least in his own special way. He listens to her and gives her what ever she wants and in return Lilith boosts his popularity... As for him not believing them about Tinsel, for a start Tinsel has the guards and police on her side and Namah is known for causing lots of damage. They never once said that Tinsel used her "Power" just that her hair tried to kill them. In normal circumstances it would have been hard to believe, but he should have taken it more seriously, especially that Lilith was telling him. But but at the same time it just goes to show that Tinsel and his job means more to him then his kids.

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Kymastrider2/2/15 1:27pm

Was this the page you were talking about?

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