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Subscribe to this thread Viscount Calah created by Gloves on June 6, 2013

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Gloves6/6/13 5:27pm
No thread for him yet? Really? Huh, check that out.

Okay, here's a thought, I'm gonna pitch it, see what you guys think.

There's a lot of talk going about about how deeply infiltrated by Darks the government has gotten, and something struck me today that might support that. Hear me out, okay?

What if Calah is a Dark as well?

It's implied thus far that he's simply a dumbass. And I am in no way disputing that. But there's being a dumbass, and there's being such a terrible parent that he would honestly put his own children's health and wellness below some woman you aren't even really married to yet?

What if he was sent BY the Darks to get to the head of the government?

It would make sense, if you really think about it. He's a very typical government man, the kind of person a common onlooker would want to get behind. Family values, good children, things that are looked for in a candidate. He's perfect. It would explain his willingness to completely hide Namah from the spotlight--she IS his child, after all, and all parents should have that instinct of protection and caring. He's clearly never actively been a part of Lilith's life, even if she is the "favourite" child.

And speaking of, we don't know what happened to Lilith OR Namah's respective mothers. If he were a Dark, it would support that greatly--he'd want them to be forgotten and unmentioned to leave room to bring Tinsel even higher up in the ranks.

Of course, I might be completely overthinking it, and he might just be a dumbass.

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MrAerospace6/6/13 8:49pm
Ever heard of the term "useful idiot"?

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Roan6/20/13 6:52pm
My main guess for Lilith's mother was that she died when Lilith was at a very young age, thus, leaving Lilith to be cared for by Ms. Muliebral.

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MrAerospace6/20/13 8:39pm
Nah, Calah divorced her and raised Lilith alone to get the whole struggling single parent vibe going to pull votes.

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ZycantAlpha6/20/13 9:14pm
What horrifies me is that I can actually see him doing that.

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Gloves6/25/13 3:14pm
Well wait, is the mom dead or just out of the picture? It seems like if she were just divorced, she might still be involved in Lilith's life, or at least fighting for the right to be, and the media would have more speculation on it in the news scene in V3.

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MrAerospace6/25/13 7:19pm
I'm pretty sure I recall a story somewhere that she was just shoved out of the way. Politicians do love their character assassinations. Just about anyone is a target if it furthers someone's personal agenda.

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ezioauditore976/29/13 8:04pm
You got that much right.

He is not the most competent father that is for sure!

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Wulfspyder7/9/13 2:44pm
@MrAerospace: Lilith's mom might not even be in Anduruna then, or Calah might very well have gone the extra-assholey mile and gotten her locked up indefinitely.

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CalicoYorki8/15/13 1:47pm
I think Calah's problem is that he's, well...

He's an excellent politician, but has absolutely zero competence for anything other than politics. I don't think he's -evil,- per se, just so absorbed in his career that he's forgotten how much more important the rest of his life is.

I don't think he -hates- Namah, because he could have easily disposed of her, and no one would have been the wiser. I think that somewhere in there, he recognizes that he has -some- responsibility to her, as her father; he just wants to dump the responsibility on others, and try to keep up his facade.

Which he'd better do, because I honestly doubt that he could handle being anything but a politician for a career.


heh heh heh

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Prometheus8/16/13 12:28pm
I'm hoping we will get some answers as to what he did with Lilith and Namah's biological mothers. I don't think he would stoop to murder to make his political image look more comparable to the average citizen. I don't think he has the balls to resort to that. Still, would be interesting to see what he did with them or if he even had a part in their disappearance.

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Wulfspyder8/19/13 12:15pm
That last bit is a good point there Prometheus. Calah may have had no hand in their disappearances, or possibly deaths. What if the Nightmares made them disappear, or murdered them, as part of the plan to get Tinsel close to him?

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MrAerospace8/29/13 8:37pm
Hey, that ain't a bad idea wolf! Although, to me, a number of quick murders makes Nabonidus' planning look rather simplistic. I would kinda hope that he is slightly more Machiavellian and can manage his schemes with some finesse. Coz, you know...disguising the truth about Nightmares and remaining undetected for thousands of years is no mean feat.

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ezioauditore978/30/13 1:49pm
Nabonidus does seem like someone who can appreciate discretion alright.

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JackyV2/22/14 7:48pm
There is a theory going around in Maces thread that the Viscount Calah is actually Maces father and that he sent him to the orphanage as a convenient way of disposing of him.

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