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Dreamkeepers Forums - Who here has a Steam or PSN profile?

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Subscribe to this thread Who here has a Steam or PSN profile? created by ezioauditore97 on May 28, 2013

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DanWithTheHat7/28/14 6:07pm
BTW, the is a DreamKeepers Steam group. Not much goes on with it but it is there!

Actually, I just realized it still links to the old forum. I guess the owner doesn't update it anymore...

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MobileCrusader7/29/14 4:01am
Wow. Maybe we should make a new one.

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ezioauditore978/2/14 9:04pm
That might not be a terrible idea with the massive influx of people coming in and then the group can have a little more vitality than the old one as well hopefully.

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MobileCrusader8/3/14 5:48pm
Hey, Just made a new one.

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DanWithTheHat8/4/14 6:57pm
Nice! Now we can have DK game events! (TF2? Counterstrike?)

I may have to get my laptop set up as a game server again...

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Prometheus9/4/14 11:19am
Okay, I broke down and got a Steam account. Same as my art accounts, junkhunterjr. I also have the custom flag as my avatar so you'd know it's me. I went ahead and joined the new DK group. I'll be installing the Steam software later this evening. :)

It'd be great to have DK fan-held TF2 matches.

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PotatoFox9/4/14 2:52pm
I have recently decided to share my steam, affiliated and similar accounts though have been aghast in that my computer no longer recognizes its internal wifi card, the backup USB bluetooth-tron-er-ator-9000(tm) doesn't work and the router is too far away to use a cable. Now I am on a lappytop that can't possibly run steam, I wont be sharing my accounts.
Hooray, yet another expense to go on this computer -.-

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PotatoFox9/11/14 11:15am
It is fix! Steam user name is fargle234

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ST34LTH12/12/14 8:37am
I go by ST34LTH pretty much everywhere, though steam in particular managed to botch it at some point, so that one of my earlier alias's has become the only correct search term >.> *Sigh*

So instead, here's a link:

Anyone interested in playing a game or two (or more), add me on steam and send me a message. I usually spend the majority of my time at the pc and typically online on steam too.

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Codefreak512/13/14 12:43pm
I've got a Steam account as well. Username is Soldier Codefreak.

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Aman37121/1/15 12:38pm
I also have a steam account and my username is aman3712. There are now 46 members of the Dreamkeepers Steam group XD

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MobileCrusader1/26/15 11:36am
We should really try to get ahold of the old group leader and get hm to update it.

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MobileCrusader1/26/15 11:49am
I posted a discussion on the older dk group to try and get ahold of the dude. We should try and consolidate the groups.

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ST34LTH1/26/15 2:39pm
Indeed. It'd definitely be easier, even if it doesn't require much to migrate.

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DanWithTheHat1/27/15 1:14pm
That is a good idea. No need for two groups if one of them doesn't have active mods.

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