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Dreamkeepers Forums - Who here has a Steam or PSN profile?

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Subscribe to this thread Who here has a Steam or PSN profile? created by ezioauditore97 on May 28, 2013

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grdeleo2/6/14 7:11pm
i got a steam. It is Dr.Walrus

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Hakuzo2/8/14 7:08pm
I recently got Borderlands game of the year edition for the PS3 anyone that has it let me know. Maybe we can post up and do co-op.

Also if anyone has a Dust 514 account let me know as well, we can squad up sometime. I'm currently in Dust University.

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Salahir2/9/14 4:11am
Due to timezone madness, I'm up gaming when you're sleeping, I fear^^ I'm sometimes playing Warhammer 40k stuff, Dota and Left4Dead2 on Steam. Same Acc Name as my forum name.

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Prometheus2/13/14 5:35pm
My PSN is junkhunterjr (same as my art account names, lol). Usually playing Battlefield 3 or CoD: MW2 or MW3. I was playing nearly every night during my break between college terms, but now I only play every Friday and Saturday night when I've got no work due.

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Animefan182/13/14 8:50pm
Steam:RobArt94 only when prop hunt on garry's mod

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WaitWat2/16/14 3:42am
My Steam is A Misanthrope. You can probably tell how sociable I am from the title. xD

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MobileCrusader2/16/14 5:42am
Lol dude, I use misanthrope for some of my account names!

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Ashielf4/14/14 7:06am

I find that's the easiest way to tell people your ID.
Just open your steam profile and copypaste the url at the top!

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 7:48am
I'm on mobile 90% of the time, so its w real bitch to sign in and what not.

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Korangar4/15/14 5:52am
It didn't work. I couldn't get to your profile.

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 10:10am
Yea, it gave me a "page jot found" error.

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GodofVelcro4/15/14 11:04pm
Try sticking a "www." in front of it, it should work, did for me.

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MobileCrusader4/16/14 8:30am
Some URLs are so fickle...

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RubahaParen4/24/14 6:43am
Steam: nurikabe1

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 11:21am
If you guys have origin, I'm MobileCrusader there too.

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