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Dreamkeepers Forums - Who here has a Steam or PSN profile?

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Subscribe to this thread Who here has a Steam or PSN profile? created by ezioauditore97 on May 28, 2013

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ezioauditore975/28/13 11:35am
Hello!Seeing as a lot of you are gamers I figured we might as well exchange IDs for them if any of you are interested in perhaps gaming it up a little with other DK fans.I go by "cade97" on both Steam and Playstation Network.

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joeden5/28/13 11:44am
I got steam and i go by James-kuhn

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Hakuzo5/30/13 3:09am
Hakuzo_NightFox on both Steam and PSN. The only game that I have is AC3 right now that supports multiplayer. Other than that, I haven't been playing much on atm. For steam, my computer can only handle a few things atm and I don't have any real multiplayer game unless someone has a Valley without a wind 1

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Havoc5/30/13 7:45am
I've got a PSN profile it's Crush7

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DanWithTheHat5/30/13 5:52pm
I'm DanWithTheHat on both PSN and Steam. I haven't used my PS3 in ages though.

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dyingdutchman7/5/13 3:25am is my steam account

i don't own a playstation

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Wulfspyder7/9/13 2:42pm
I'm Wulfspyder03 on Steam.

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HazzardousEco7/12/13 2:25am
I go by Philo Vestige [DK] on Steam; although I've not played on Steam in quite some time...

Your better off finding me on PSN by the name hazzardous_eco

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ezioauditore977/13/13 6:40pm
Sending you a request as cade97 on PSN Eco.

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Iggy7/16/13 10:46pm


Add me yo

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HazzardousEco7/24/13 1:50am
@Ezio: Oh that was you? Sorry Ezio, I ended up deleting that request, as I thought it was just some random blok wanting to be best-buds cause I helped them through Borderlands 2 or Last of Us.

Send a friend request again...

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GodofVelcro7/29/13 8:17pm
I go by God of Velcro on Steam

I will add whoever friend requests me but say who you are directly afterwards, I have a lot of people randomly inviting me for some reason...

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WiseOwlReader12/1/13 2:42pm
Is there anyone here playing Rome: Total War? I play the shit out of that game and would love to find someone else to play against. I also play Medieval 2 Total War, Team Fortress 2

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GodofVelcro12/2/13 9:34pm
I play some Rome and TF2, add me and we could play sometime, at least if I'm able to.

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MobileCrusader2/6/14 9:23am
I'm MobileCrusader on PSN and Sugisaki-kun on Steam.

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