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Subscribe to this thread Xbox One created by Thegunner18 on May 22, 2013

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Thegunner185/22/13 11:59am
I feel that this whole debacle needs a topic to itself...

After watching the reveal, I have to say I was bitterly disappointed with what microsoft managed to pull out of the seemingly shallow hat. Sure, no always online DRM crap, but not allowing people to let their friends borrow games without said friends needing to pay a fee for doing so? Microsoft have basically gone and shot themselves in the head with this. At the moment, the PS4 is far, *far* the better console. I don't know how microsoft are going pull this one back.

Also, tv anyone?

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ezioauditore975/22/13 12:37pm
They have literally shot themselves in the foot in multiple areas and do not seem eager to patch things up.

Why do they hate indies and small developers?Serioulsy not everyone is boring enough to make another rehashed game!

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joeden5/22/13 1:12pm
TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV... That's all i got out of that and call of duty and dog based on a dog...

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Ares5/22/13 1:35pm
This is a sinking ship i hope they can salvage it be for the xbox one is release.

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HazzardousEco5/29/13 1:03am
I could put my own thoughts on this, but I think my boys MovieBob and Jimquisition worded my thoughts fairly well. I recommend listening to Jim first, as MovieBob is the funnier of the two: (Bob) (Jim)

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DanWithTheHat6/1/13 7:28pm
This is my favorite version of the reveal on Youtube:

I don't understand why Microsoft thought that focusing on TV broadcasts and shows on a video game console would have caused excitement for this console. In a console generation where the hardware in both consoles is so similar, the exclusive games are what will make the difference in what console people want to buy. It also doesn't help Microsoft that users will have to pay to reactivate used games on top of an Xbox Live subscription while offering not much more in value over Sony's system. Unless they reveal something spectacular at E3, the Xbox One looks like it is set up to fail.

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ezioauditore976/1/13 7:42pm
They are going to have a hard time at E3.....

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RennacFaintheart6/2/13 7:41pm
Ya... gonna just put that money toward a new video card, maybe an extra processor. Not gonna waste it on this crap

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ezioauditore976/3/13 8:17am
Good choice.You can buy a nice processor AND video card with the money you will be saving provided you are not interested in a PS4.

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DanWithTheHat6/3/13 6:38pm
I agree. My GPU will be due for an upgrade this year and my money would be better spent on that than either new console.

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ezioauditore976/11/13 10:42am
E3 has confirmed that there will be no XBOX One for me!

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T3rminal7/24/13 7:58pm
As for an update on the Xbox One...

Due to the exceedingly high amount of backlash and unhappy gamers speaking up, they will be making actual disks and enable game-sharing. They are also rethinking the whole "Always online DRM" policy.

Bout time they got their heads out from their bums.

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ZycantAlpha7/26/13 5:36pm
I think the biggest problem is that they haven't really settled on ANYTHING yet. I think every single feature has been changed at least once and nobody has any idea what it's going to do when it finally hits shelves.

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GodofVelcro7/29/13 8:22pm
Consoles as a whole aren't doing so well, I would just ignore both of them and stick with the PC.

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ezioauditore977/30/13 4:19pm
Good point although I am pleased they have the self publishing option for the indie titles because they do help the industry a bit.

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