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Animefan185/13/13 8:39pm
from the old forums + rules :

lilith landed that kick on evzen ?

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Asora8/4/14 9:09pm
Then Evzen would yell out in pain for a moment while Lilith is thinking that that move had worked out so perfectly! After that both of them look at each other in awkward silence, and Lilith realizes what she has done and apologizes. Evzen acceptes the apology, however he questions Liliths actions and then they both argue. After that they agree that this has never happened and they both head out to there classes.

Thats all I got. Heh.

WHAT IF.....

While Lilith was in the mall, Mace decided to look for better looking bras for Vi at the mall also. Then both of them accidentally bumped into each other, like they did it Vol. 1?

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GodofVelcro8/9/14 8:37pm
He would probably ask her to help him. Then receive an awkward stare accompanied with silence. Then Mace would continue on his way. Just my opinion.


Vanth actually flew?

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BryanDimmsdale8/14/14 5:13pm
Then she would have the chance to soar in a wide and open sky, like a butterfly, unless she crashed into one of the tall buildings or caught by the guards, and then the story would be entirely different, because possibly she might not meet Bast at all, and possibly not join in with the street clan.


Bast and Namah have a romantic relationship for the FIRST TIME?

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jumbleniter8/14/14 5:21pm
Bast would be breaking up with Namah every other day, lots of drama, shippers rearranging charts, and orphan mace might get a date with Lilith, the president's daughter. Scandal!


Grunn accidentally struck gold?

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Asora8/16/14 8:47am
Three possible outcomes:

1.)Grunn would basically run off with the loot, abandoning the orphanage and the kids, followed by spending the money the gold was worth on luxury, at strip clubs, prostitutes, all the stuff Grunn loves. But I highly doubt it though, since there is a secret room in Grunn's Orphanage that was shown in V3 and if Grunn sold the Orphanage after he found gold, chances are somebody might buy the Orphanage, thinking that all it needed was some structural repairs, but then suddenely, they accidentley found the trapdoor leading to the secret room, and it could spell disaster for The Troika, since Grunn was associated with them and there could've been a telapad below the hatch where Grunn headed with Kalei.

2.)Grunn would use the money to repair the docks, but not going over board, if you know what I mean.

3.)Grunn would lose the gold by the time he found the shit. XD


The Sabboton Towers collapse?

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BryanDimmsdale8/19/14 5:04pm
"Sabatton is falling down, falling down, falling down. Sabatton is falling down, my dear baby!"

Serious answer: Then many casualties will occur, and the heirachy will quickly crumble due to the fact that most governance and finance are there.


The people know the nightmares' existence and both the Troika and the Shocktroopers patrol the city 24/7, while the nightmares attack the city frequently?

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Animefan188/21/14 7:12pm

Lilith and Namah go to ingrath's house only to find Indigo instead?

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Asora8/21/14 7:40pm

Then we have a whole new plot line instead! Woot!

Besides that, I think we will see an entirely different view to what would have happened if everyone knew about the nightmares existence. If the nightmares really tried and attacked the frequently at any given time, then I think some of the citizens would be paranoid to the breaking point.


A Few outcomes.

1.) If the Indigo's where doing there "business" in the house, and suddenly out of now where Lilith and Namah come in, I think they would either stay focused and help the girls out and after they patch them up, they will pretend like nothing ever happened, or after patching them up, they will invite Lilith and Namah to "have a little fun" for the night while they wait for Igrath and the others to come, if you know what I mean. Also if Mace and Whip are there too, then we will really see some real action there!

2.) Lilith and Namah and the Indigo's will stare awkwardly at each other for a while and the sisters will walk back slowly in shock and try and look for other help.

WHAT IF.....

Namah escaped from the Sabboton Towers, roamed freely and telling everyone that she is one of the Viscounts daughters?

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Tango8/21/14 8:27pm

O.O' Mr. Asora... you have a pervy mind and I like it. That one possible outcome most become a glorious reality.

As for how a Namah great escape would pan out either A) people believe her and she leads a glorious revolution against "the man", thus inserting herself as the ruler of entirety. or B) People don't believe her and shes brought to some childrens lost and found. Where Woods, Damon, and bill discretely pick her up returning her to her room, now with added security gorgons.

WHAT IF.....

Grun went stone-cold sober

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Xeverusmiller8/22/14 12:14pm

"Eheemmmm, dis thing un'? A'irght" said Grunn as he fixed his tie a little and looked at the viewers.

"Naw I know that nun of yer ain't und'rstandin' me too much, buh lemme tell ya ah story. Few munths bef'r, I wus a drunk tryin' to run an orphanege, and I dun even need to suger-coat tha words here: it wuz bad and I wuz terrible. Erry single day, I tried tha get to, escapin' me problems with booze hopin that one day they'd vanish, but they didn't, and I had tha throw tha bottle of fermentae out and get my stuff straight." The shark explained, tapping the surface of the podium that was in.

"Anduruna 's in baaaad shape righ' now, we've got politicians shoving food down there throats while others could barely find enough tha scrounge for a meal and we've got politicians shovin' down so much cash down their pockets when people... Men, women an' children are slavin themselves away jus' fer a few lucres!" he shouted, earning a lot of nods from the audience as agreeing whispers began to spread through the crowd.

"Ah may not have no fancy background like that Calah or whatever, but ah tell ya one thing: The moment I threw tha fermentae away, ah wuz finally able to pick me life together, and Anduruna needs to do tha same! Our problems won't vanish unless we do somethin', these policies have done nothin' but made the poor poorer while makin' the rich richer! And I say it's time we got out of our drunken stupor and face it: all these policies against poverty and whatnot did nothing and ahm tired of it! Don't vote for me, vote for Andruna's future. I can't do this alone, no one can do this alone. If any, there's only one way we can survive this: Together"

And cue the former-child stomper being given a thunderous standing ovation while Nainso and Igrath stared in the background in disbelief.


What if Bast met Mace earlier and became friends?

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Asora8/23/14 7:03pm
If Bast and Mace became good friends some time before the school year started and the fight didn't happen, or if they met in the prelude, then basically I think we wouldn't see the the kind of conflict that is going on between them in the graphic novels.

If that where the case either way, I think they would actually try and help each other out at some points in there lives, but not all the time. Bast is more of the seriously rough, but quiet rebellious type of person seeking answers and trying to go under the radar while Mace is more of the person trying to help others out if possible with the attention to goof around and trying to enjoy the good things in life. Even though these two look like to be polar opposites, it is possible for two very different people to become friends.

If Bast and Mace form a some what regular friendship for some time and Bast gets engaged with Lilith at that time, it could result in either Mace having a strong affection towards Lilith and becoming a little jealous, or Mace respecting Bast and Lilith's relationship and moving on.

It could also drastically change some key plot points in the novel itself. For example, if Mace hadn't had that fight against Bast, then chances are, Mace couldn't have met up with Namah.

WHAT IF.....

Paige Lived?

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BryanDimmsdale8/25/14 10:54pm
I think Dave already answer this question in the "Answer me Anything" that he post a long ago, so:

Anonymous: "If Paige had survived, how would the story be turning out differently?"

"That's an interesting one. Mace and Whip would have run away with her. With no murder in the orphanage, it's possible the adults never would have been aware that there was a sandman- so they might not have tried to find Mace, Whip, and Paige. That trio would likely be hiding out somewhere, and they never would have met Lilith and Namah. It'd be a very different chain of events."


Nainso is secretly a dark dreamkeeper and his main purpose for creating (somewhat) the Troika organization is to "cooperate" with the Nightmares of their invasion without the other members of the Troika noticing until it's too late?

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Digitigraderobo8/29/14 6:33pm
Then the Troika is... FUCKED.

WHAT IF... Vi accidentally kills Bill, Damon and Woods during training?

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Asora8/29/14 6:50pm
Vi would be suspended from the Troika for a week due to manslaughter of multiple innocents. Followed by Vi being mentally scarred for what she had done and later becomes emotionally psychotic for the rest of her life.

WHAT IF......

Tinsel managed to kill both Lilith and Namah back at the Sabboton Towers?

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