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Subscribe to this thread You know you're addicted to DreamKeepers When.... created by DanWithTheHat on May 7, 2013

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Asora10/25/14 12:10pm
Okay then Digigraderobo! I will send you a pm about the DK inspired class-set ups soon. Regards to that -

94.) When you ask the person you personally like if they have seen Dreamkeepers or not every single day.

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DanWithTheHat10/26/14 3:55pm
I guess I'll just add on to that one:

95. When you like every Dreamkeepers Facebook post so your friends see something Dreamkeepers related every week whether they want to or not.

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SandwichPie2/13/15 8:36am
96. When you care so much about the posts you notice the 35 and 79 are just reworded.

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Asora2/13/15 9:12am
97.) When you realize that you haven't sent the PM to the guy you said you contact soon, which was about 4 months ago, due to you doing other DK stuff.......OH SHI-

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DanWithTheHat2/15/15 7:00pm
98.) When you drop everything you are doing at work to see the new DK preview video.

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Asora2/15/15 7:29pm
99.) Seeing DK pornography almost everyday.........SOCIETY PEOPLE!

DanWithTheHat Edit: You can't take #100 for something that lame. Try Again.

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DanWithTheHat2/15/15 7:54pm
100.) When you make a list of 100 things that show you are addicted to DreamKeepers.

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crazyhead422/15/15 8:21pm
101.) when you read up on all 100 statements of evidence only to come across the most powerful of all numbers (101) being having read up all of the reasons why others are addicted to the web comic.

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FoxPhantom2/15/15 8:50pm
102. when you are drawing Dreamkeeper sketches every single day for practice.

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ST34LTH2/16/15 5:57am
103.) When you wish you could finance the Lillies, making their extra job(s) unnecesary.

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Kirito2/16/15 8:00am
104.) When you spend most of your free time talking with you blokes. And enjoying every minute of it. <3

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MobileCrusader2/16/15 8:19am
105. When you can manage to keep the skype chat under 1000 unread messages.

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Asora2/16/15 9:59am
106.) When you get your statement taken away by a DK moderator for saying something "lame", and vow revenge against that moderator.........MWMWMAHAHAHAHAH!

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FoxPhantom2/16/15 11:35am
107. when you are naming your guns based on the characters. :P

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Asora2/16/15 2:04pm
(Response to FoxPhantom's comment)

108.) For example, you call your handheld Railgun "Void".

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