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Subscribe to this thread You know you're addicted to DreamKeepers When.... created by DanWithTheHat on May 7, 2013

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GodofVelcro2/24/14 11:49pm
73: You constantly make casual jokes related to Dreamkeepers, to those who have never heard of it and would like you to stop.

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Digitigraderobo7/31/14 9:31pm
74: You pretend your cat is a ryuu-neko.

75: You forget that pumpkins are not purple.

76: You pretend your laptop is a data-scroll -_-

77: You wonder why there are no good pairs of digitigrade pants.

78: You contemplate how to go on in life if Vi gets killed off.

79: You find yourself saying "fermentae" in the place of normal names for drinks.

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Animefan188/1/14 7:08pm
80: you make a dreamkeepers sim date game

not a 18+ kind though

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MobileCrusader8/3/14 5:34pm
Have you done this? Links?

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Animefan188/4/14 12:27pm
No im not the game maker type

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/4/14 3:54pm
81: You force a friend to read the first two volumes over Skype, and then bring them to the chatroom one night. Spreadin the word yo.

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Asora8/4/14 6:14pm
82.) You try and make a DK related paint/vinyl job to your car in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

83.) Try to show and explain to your friends who love Anime/Manga about DK.

84.) You get on the DK Forums every single freaking day for updates/new threads/comments/e-mails.

85.) You try and figure out the plot holes/cameos/references/easter eggs/etc. in DK.

86.) You try and buy every single special edition book in the Graphic Novel saga and the Prelude Saga.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/4/14 11:20pm
87. You like DK

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GodofVelcro8/4/14 11:48pm
88. You lie awake all night when you aren't able to get on the forums that day.

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FoxPhantom8/5/14 10:47am
89. When you can't stop drawing DK Fanart

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Asora9/3/14 3:46pm
90.) You try to make concept art of DK weapons that you came up with.

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PotatoFox9/3/14 11:47pm
91. You stay up until sunrise just for the weekly chat

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Prometheus10/24/14 8:23am
92. You plan to name your unusual TF2 weapons after DK characters.

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Asora10/24/14 7:33pm
93.) When you try and create a class set-up of DK-like weapons and kits on BF3.

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Digitigraderobo10/24/14 9:29pm
Ooh I play Battlefield! if you don't mind, please tell me more about these DK class set-ups, I am interested. :P

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