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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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ST34LTH1/4/15 11:56am
She might simply have seen Wisp as a rival that was moving up the 'Nabby ladder' a little too quickly, and wanted to stomp her down a few levels, as to remain one of Nabby's top lieutenants and not getting overtaken by said interloper.

The possible reasons seem abundant, but there doesn't really seem to be a surefire way for us to figure out the real reason, save for going straight to Dave with the question.

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Kirito1/4/15 12:10pm
but that would take all the fun out of the speculation =)

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Kymastrider1/4/15 1:55pm
You really seem to be stuck to your theory about Ravet not killing Paige, I honestly don't even feel like reading all that. But until more is revealed in future volume's he is the prime suspect, not like it really matters at this point.

Moderator edit: This post and the next 4-6 posts refer to an earlier post that was deleted by request of the poster.

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Kirito1/4/15 1:58pm
In the future please link the text instead of pasting a huge wall o' text. We've already heard your theory, and I agree with it. I don't exactly know what your trying to point out here...

My theory is that Ravat is actually trying to help Mace, and that he did actually kill Paige.

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Asora1/4/15 2:51pm

But it has better details though...............*cries*

..........should've freakin copy n' pasted it and replaced it from the old one..........

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Kirito1/4/15 3:39pm
you should have edited the old one, and linked it.

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Asora1/4/15 3:43pm
Yea-wait a minute.......

*thinks about the moderators*


*PM's DanWithTheHat and re-edit's old posts - puts links in next post with explanation*

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Kirito1/4/15 5:12pm
you should do that. Can you post the link for the page they show Rav in a Shock uniform?

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 5:29pm
@Asora: Um, dude, you can do that yourself. As you can see at the bottom right of your post, there's an edit button, then click that. After clicking that cut and paste that big wall o text post of yours into a word document then re-edit and attach the link.

You could do that to your old post, except that you just have to replace the old one with the new one. Does that help you?

@Kirito: It'sd abit small, but you can still see it.

(Dave should really need to put the GNS archive page, it's kinda difficult to flip pages over and over just to find it though, no offense to him)

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Asora1/4/15 5:29pm

I already did. It's in the very first page of this thread. Or, what Bryan posted is fine too. :3



I have a Macbook. I am NOT an expert on Macs, so...........yeah. :3

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Kirito1/4/15 5:31pm
Yes, I completely agree. I hate having to flip to pages ugh. Anywho, I've seen that picture so many times, but I haven't scrutinized it. I see it now.

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Kirito1/4/15 5:57pm
Good. So what do you think is happening between Tinsel and Ravat? Can you pull up the scene where Tinsel is being told off by Nabby in his realm? I'm too lazy.

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 6:21pm
I would, but then I would flip the pages again, oh wait-- You already posted it, my bad.

Looks like I can't tell now, it looks like they want to work with Nabi, but wants to save Mace as well. And maybe Ravat is giving Mace and empty threat. But then again, it would seem that they also want to kill Mace and Paige, because they are important to Nabonidus for future plans, with risks of course.

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Kirito1/4/15 6:22pm
Gosh this is so complex

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 6:27pm
Think about it, why would they kill them? Paige and Mace (with Whip) can really help Nabonidus, but what if Nabi's plan backfired? That's why Mace is the hero of the story, of course he won't let the dark seeker possessed him or join them. But with Paige as an allowance, if his "little sister" (like I would say) joined Nabonidus and activated her power, Mace has no choice but to join them as well.

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