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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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Kirito1/4/15 6:40am
Ravat is probably not completely okay in the mental department. If he really was opposing Nabby and the crew, it would be of uber importance that Mace discover his power.

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Kirito1/4/15 7:08am
Okay here's what I think. Paige was obviously important in some aspect. However, what Randy says confirms that she wasn't supposed to die. Take a look at this scene:
Tinsel says "She's getting too amitious!" She as in Wisp. But than Tinsel also says "Having Nabonidus kill her will help his plan in the long run." Does this mean having Nabby kill Wisp or Paige? I believe this means Paige. But than Tinsel worries about being found out. So this confirms that Paige wasn't originally supposed to die, however I'm fairly confused about this. Tinsel obviously hired Ravat to kill Paige. But what I can't get out of my head is that perhaps Ravat killed Paige to defy Nabonidus, Paige being important to his plans. Then, when Mace is attacked by Ravat, I can't help but feel that Ravat is trying to help. Take a look:

Ravat is trying very hard to get Mace to use his power. Ravat could have killed mace at any point here. But he has alternate objectives. I believe Ravat was trying to help Mace.

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:19am
So, what you're saying that Ravat is a hero in Disguise? That's...actually possible, assuming Dave. :D

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Kirito1/4/15 8:21am
Yes exactly.

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:23am
Though, can that be connected to him being as a father, assuming he has a son, and that might be Bast XD

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Kirito1/4/15 8:24am
That would be a huge plot twist if Bast is his son, but I could totally see it =D

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Kirito1/4/15 8:25am
Not sure what you mean though, the being connected to him being a father

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:27am
Well, it let's me think that if you are a father, you are more likely to be good hearted and may have more chance into being good despite the evil you have done than just single with has a tendency to be more evil, but that's just my opinion.

Note: You can edit your posts to combine two into one post though

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Kirito1/4/15 8:30am
okay that's what I thought you said. This could be true. If he was a father he probably would be more kind hearted.

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ST34LTH1/4/15 10:45am
In response to your second post on this page, then I don't think she was talking about Paige. Given the context (and the later conversation between Tinsel and Wisp), I'd say everything points towards them only talking about Wisp in that scene. Though I could be wrong.

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Kirito1/4/15 10:47am
See, this is where it's confusing. She says that having Nabby kill her in the long run will help his plan, but how would killing a Dark DK help him?

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Kirito1/4/15 10:48am
And than she says if he found out she was involved they would both be killed. I think it's about Paige.

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ST34LTH1/4/15 10:57am
Having a Dark DK that isn't only useless, but also a downright hindrance (in Tinsel's eyes), is bad for business, and she would be right to assume that removing her would make help Nabby in the long run (if Wisp really was useless).

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Kirito1/4/15 10:59am
But Nabby must like her enough to give her a Nightmare and a second chance.

So I guess this would make sense, but why would she hire Ravat to kill Paige? How would she know Paige existed unless Nabonidus told her about it.

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Kirito1/4/15 11:00am
She could be using Wisp's sandman as a scapegoat as to why Paige died.

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