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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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Asora11/15/14 12:46pm

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BryanDimmsdale11/15/14 10:09pm
Speaking of which, why do you think he stopped being a shocktrooper though, any more ideas?

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CalicoYorki11/15/14 10:38pm
Well, I can say that it seems at least -some- Shock Troopers are on what is effectively Nabonidus's payroll - whether they know it or not, if Tinsel can dispatch them, then they can be used to leverage anything Nabonidus wishes to maneuver. By the way, all those kids were sleeping when Mace was being attacked -in their bedroom0, and Paige was in a separate building. In the middle of a storm. See where this is going?

As far as why he switched sides, take your pick. Maybe he lost a child, or a lover, because of a botched assignment, or corruption in the ranks. Maybe he uncovered some dark, ancient secret of Anduruna's which made him just decide he might as well join the Nightmares so he could take out his dark, twisted desires on them. Hell, maybe he was always a psycho, and Nabonidus just gave him a way to express it. We'll find out when we find out, but someone doesn't just automatically go from benevolent lawman to twisted psychopath-for-hire because of an external event. He always had the potential to snap, I'm betting, and Nabonidus probably ensured he snapped in his favor.

What I'm personally thinking about our Dark Dreamkeepers is that they have all, in some way or another, been conditioned by Nabonidus. Wisp obviously has a childlike affection for her Nightmare master, and Tinsel behaves in a manner almost similar to a spoiled teenage daughter who assumes her 'daddy' will let her do whatever she wants, and she can hide anything he doesn't like. We have yet to see Ravat interacting directly with Nabonidus, however.

I'm betting the reason why we haven't seen them interacting, is because this will be significant to the plot. I'm betting that Ravat has probably been conditioned by Nabonidus to have no value for other dreamkeepers, and to be a more efficient combatant - note we have no reference to his skills with a springer, but clearly note his familiarity with a knife. A springer, though not powered by noisome gunpowder, will still make an obnoxious sound which could betray one's presence. The knife, however, is for someone who not only can dispatch someone quietly - and eliminating the need to 'police the brass,' although I doubt this is necessary; springers probably are all government issue and made by private companies.

It is also the implement of someone who wants to be close to someone, smell their breath and feel each hot splash of their blood as they succumb. The fact that Ravat obviously prefers a knife to a springer suggests to me that he has been conditioned by Nabonidus to handle 'special assignments.' I'm personally betting that although he may not be the most loyal to Nabonidus, that Nabonidus has put a lot of work into this particular killer. There's also nothing to say that Ravat was not already a dark dreamkeeper whilst he was a Shock Trooper - a sociopath is, unfortunately enough, frequently accustomed to 'faking it' so they can fit into society, and get what they want out of the systems we have in place.

That's also my personal thought on why Mace was to be apprehended by Ravat. Wisp received no punishment, because her missteps were only committed out of loyalty. Tinsel directly jeopardized 'the Plan' by dispatching Ravat to the Orphanage, and so was imparted with the black spot to attack her vanity. If Ravat is indeed Nabonidus's "Golden Boy" in a way, even if one-sided - if this were the case, then Ravat would surely be aware of how valuable he is - then being sent to apprehend someone of so much -more- value to Nabonidus could be a different punishment.

Because Nabonidus does not control his subordinates with mere physical threats; he cannot harm them, lest they become ineffective in the Plan. No, no. He punishes their personality, their ego, their mental wellbeing. He punished Tinsel by attacking her vanity, her self-image, and it obviously had powerful effects on her. If I'm right about Ravat, then he was sent after Mace to attack his pride. He was sent after Mace, with full knowledge that he would suffer outstanding punishment if Mace was killed, in order to worm its way into his pride.

If you look at it that way, then a lot of Ravat's comments take a different light. His constant questions about Mace's Power, and his worthiness, and his insistence on Mace's worthlessness all show a different psychological underpinning, if my theory is correct. He's caught between the need to follow Nabonidus's orders, and the need to punish the new kid on the block who's threatening his own importance to the Plan.

This is how Nabonidus keeps control - he doesn't use his own abilities to harm their physical bodies, not while they still have use. He keeps them in line by torturing them mentally, with their own weaknesses on the psychological front. Now that this monsterpost is finished, what do you guys think?

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Asora11/16/14 8:03am
*tries to speak*

Um, Calico, the other orphans were awake by the time Mace was being attack by the sandman. The reason they woke up was because of the deadly thick smoke that was spreading across there room that was coming from the sandman's wound.

Also, there is so much text...........I MUST READ ALL OF IT!!!

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MobileCrusader11/16/14 11:19am
you've been on a roll Calico. I may have to type up my extended theories soon.

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Asora11/17/14 11:08am
2 hours later....

What the hell am I readin- OH! Wrong thing, sorry!

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BryanDimmsdale11/17/14 11:39pm
I don't if this is an assumption or not, but doesn't Ravat have Bast?

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Asora11/18/14 10:03am

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SuperTurbo411/19/14 11:27pm
One must wonder what the inspiration for Ravat is?

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Asora11/20/14 6:01pm
The human mind has the ability to go into the deepest and darkest thoughts ever to exist in the mental universe.... me, I've been there......

*dramatic face*

.....the horror.......

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TruthQuest11/21/14 5:12pm
That was a frightening amount of incite into Ravat's character, and I believe it. I believe it because I remember a statement David made in the chat-compendium that Ravat can be quite sophisticated when hes not on the job.

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DanWithTheHat12/10/14 9:12pm
I finally digested your analysis there Calico. At is a very well thought out theory. There is one assumption you make though that may be a bit off. I don't know if he has a weak enough mind for Nabby to have that type of mental dominance over him. Out of all the DKs who are doing Nabby's work, he is the most independent of them all. Based on how he's acted so far, he just likes to cause other DK's pain and suffering. Doing Nabonidus's work just gives a purpose (and some money?) to what he would be doing for fun anyway.

What would be telling of there relationship would be if Nabby pays him a visit in Vol 4 to get an explanation on why Mace got away. I would really like to see the interaction between the two.

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Kirito1/3/15 6:40pm
Part of me wants to say that Ravat is actually trying to help Mace by forcing him to discover his power.

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Asora1/3/15 7:27pm

Yeah, it is totally helpful for killing a man's close friend, and hopefully forcing him into achieving something unimaginable.



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ST34LTH1/3/15 10:31pm
Not all people believe in a politically correct way of doing things. Some believe that the end justify the means, no matter how cruel means were employed. Most special forces type people I've known in real life are of such a mind, and need to be of such mind, to be able to do what they do (or just avoid thinking about what they are doing). Sadly many corporate people are also that type however, which makes them the biggest dicks on earth; the worst byproduct of capitalism imo.

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