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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale10/5/14 9:59pm
Aww, Asora, that should be my explanation; you took it from me, lol. XD

But anyways you explained it far better than I am, and I gotta say very well done. Though, like Alex said here, that Ravat may have killed Paige after all with his powers and may as well be planning this afterall.

The question remains here is THIS: For whom is that Sandman Nightmare working from? Is it Nabonidus, Scuttler, Ravat, Tinsel, OR the mysterious orphan named STEVE?

Cue lightning*

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Prometheus10/6/14 10:39am
From what I understand, the Sandman was originally from Wisp, who wanted the Sandman to kidnap Mace for Nabonidus. But, Tinsel sent Ravat to screw up the plan and must've immobilized the Sandman somehow and kept it for himself. Either that or the Sandman fled and Tinsel convinced Wisp to hand it over to Ravat later on.

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Asora10/6/14 12:23pm

*OTHER PART OF THEORY (kind've a response to Alex and Bryan's comments on my previous theory)*

Anyways, Alex and Bryan - yeah, you guys do have a point, but there's one thing you missed - it's the result and outcome of Ravat's power.

Now, we all know that Ravat's power is decay, which perfectly fits with his personality. But lets compare Paige's death scene to the transcopis slob's death scene that was caused by Ravat himself.

Like I said before (but now in better detail), judging by the way the remains of Paige's body, it seems like she has been torn nearly in half, her upper torso being brutally gutted until whats left of her ribcage, had her blood splattered all over the lower half of the laundry room, and had her face "smashed" in mainly in two bits, with pieces of torn off hair sticking to the walls.


Oh Gosh, even describing the scene makes me want to just "cringe* in disgust.

Anyways, about the transcopis slobs death, and how it decayed. You can see that the way the slob decayed was like it had been covered in extreme doses of acid. When it got hit by Ravat's power, it's skin first torn, showing off the flesh beneath it, then most of it's upper half torn off and turned into rotten flesh and bone, then all was left of it's body was the remaining infected body fluids (that formed mostly into a pool of blood), followed by it's rotten flesh, and on top it was the slob's skeleton, or what remains of it.

So, basically, it was like Ravat's power just melted the transcopis slob into just rotten dark flesh, contaminated blood, and dry skeleton.


So, if Ravat really used his power on Paige, her body would be almost completely unrecognizable what so ever. What would most likely be there would just be her skeleton, her rotten flesh and clothes, and a pool of blood. But besides that, there would be no blood on the walls, the sink, the floor, NOTHING. Just the small area of her corpse (or what would be left of it). Which brings us back to the sandman, which is still the prime suspect.

Now, about the way Ravat "described his killing on Paige".

He said that while Mace was out there with the sandman, he "went to work" on Paige. While he was hurting her, he mentioned that he "was about busted a gut by the time she finally transitioned to gargling." He also mentioned that he "might have a few pieces left of her on the bottom of his boot."

Let's go back to Paige's death scene. On the page were Lilith and Namah are watching the news, the data-scroll shows a person collecting the remains of the girls body. But next to it is a large footprint-shaped like the bottom part of Ravat's boot. Now, if look behind the guys knees nearly on the top right of the frame. Even though it is disgusting, it looks like half (or a piece) of Paige's busted face.

I am not joking. I wish I was, but..........oh gosh. *throws up in toilet*

*ahem* Sorry about that.

Anyways, remember when Ravat said that he "might still have a few pieces left of her on the bottom of his boot"? Well, I think he was telling his part of the story "partially true". I think this is what went down.

Like I said before (IN BETTER DETAIL! :D), Wisp had the intention to send her own sandman to capture Mace (I think), hopefully to make Nabonidus happy and pleased about her. Tinsel somehow learns about this and sends Ravat in to spoil her plans and to make Nabonidus think that Wisp deserves to get punished or killed, leaving Tinsel to think that the plan is going to leave her without Wisp annoying her for the rest of her life.

Ravat arrives at the orphanage , only to find out that the sandman is already there, and was just finishing it's job on Paige. This leaves Ravat feeling some-what "disappointed" that a being with no conscious and is weak, was able to get the kill before him, but it also leaves him surprised too. So, in order to make him self feel better, he decides to stomp his boot on Paige's face very hard, and ends up smashing her face in half.

Oh gosh. *throws up again - 10 minutes later*


So, Ravat then smiles and leaves the room, but only his right foot (the one that was used to stomp of the poor girl's face) ends up being covered in her blood and leaves a clear foot print on the wooden floor.

After catching the sandman, Ravat decides to meet up with Mace without him knowing, face to face, and is going to try and lie to him that it was him the entire time, forcing Mace toward his breaking point and hopefully activating his power. Which is sort-of what happen later in Vol. 3.

Now, about the sandman though.

Chances are, maybe it was the result of what Prometheus said, and I quote: "From what I understand, the Sandman was originally from Wisp, who wanted the Sandman to kidnap Mace for Nabonidus. But, Tinsel sent Ravat to screw up the plan and must've immobilized the Sandman somehow and kept it for himself. Either that or the Sandman fled and Tinsel convinced Wisp to hand it over to Ravat later on."

That could very well be the case. Or maybe.................the sandman was actually.........A DEFECT! :O

*gasp everywhere*

Now, I know that chances are that could be unlikely, but remember when Whip bit into the head of the sandman, and took out a piece of its the sandman's skin and flesh, which led blue thick poisonous smoke coming out of it? Well I think that some-how led the sandman misunderstanding Wisp's commands and then leading it to believe that it should kill a nearby innocent person instead, which happened to be Paige, or maybe, all this time the sandman a defect all along and misunderstood commands at times at the beginning of it's "life".


Few! That's was a lot of explaining for a comment (Or two, which ever you put it).

Anyways, I want to here you guys opinions about my theory. Its just that the reason why I thought about this was the way Paige's death scene was represented, and it was highly possible that the sandman could've done it, but it was instead by Ravat. It was just bugging me for some reason.

As always, I want to hear your opinions on this, and correct me if I am wrong, because there is in fact a high chance that I missed something or did something wrong.

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MobileCrusader10/6/14 3:47pm
I like a lot of your points Asora. Comes together nicely. Maybe we will see in the next volume how right you are.

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Asora10/6/14 4:37pm
Heh, many thanks Mobile! Also thank you Alex and Bryan for the compliments too!

Also, I kept saying "now" a lot on my comments. I need to work on my writing grammar more......

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BryanDimmsdale10/7/14 4:55am
I wanna post this out of the blue a bit, does the crazy dude have a family? Well for my opinion or theory I post on Bast's thread that Ravat is maybe his father, perhaps?

But I don't know about you guys, it may seem impossible, but do you think his kinda like an abusive father like figure somehow if he has a family of his own?

And yes, you're welcome Asora. :)

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AlextheTeknian10/7/14 7:00am
Your welcome Asora glad to contribute to the conversation, now your theory is better built. In other things I had this funny tought. imagine if Ravat was not evil and crazy, a good Dreamkeeper, but still he has his rotting powers. would they be useless to do good? or could he do something beneficial with them?, one tought I had is him making fertiliser for crops fast and in quantity with his rotting powers, mind you I we dont know if the fertiliser could be tainted or not if the rotting does something else like poison it, but if it was man he would be stuck with a negative power. hope I explained well, its just fun to think that if Ravat had been a good guy and if his rotting powers could be used in a positive way or not.

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ZycantAlpha10/9/14 7:38am
Considering Ravat's "disposition," I sort of doubt that he's got any family to speak of. I'm pretty sure that he killed his family when he got the chance (or if his psychopathic tendencies appeared after the family-dying event, he could have seen his parents dying as the trigger).

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Prometheus10/9/14 1:03pm
It would be interesting if we could gain more insight in villains by seeing what their childhood must've been like and seeing what prompted them to pursue evil.

For Ravat, it's hard to say. The death of a family would be enough for an unstable person to cross the threshold. Maybe the death of a lover or a close friend. Maybe he already chose evil at a young age and had his fate sealed by accepting deals from Nabonidus to do dark deeds for a price.

I hope we get more insight on him. Maybe when Dave gets around to making bio's of the cast.

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 7:31am
Maybe Ravat is an orphan.

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BryanDimmsdale11/8/14 2:43am
I think that he's more of a father that lost his children or a widower who has lost the love of his life. Remember, he was a Andurunan Shocktrooper before (Sorry about the spoilers), and I was thinking; what makes him quit or what makes him a blood-lust murderer?

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MobileCrusader11/10/14 7:34am
Being an orphan and a widower are not mutually exclusive.

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CalicoYorki11/14/14 5:27pm
I would like to step up and note, however, on the matter of Ravat possibly not...


...Killing Paige. I honestly don't think he'd cop to something like that if he didn't do it. And let's just remember,

Ravat hardly needs his Power to kill a little girl. He's obviously powerful physically, keeps knives on him, and is otherwise well-equipped.


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Asora11/14/14 5:42pm
Yeah, but, if someone killed Paige like the way she is shown after her death in Volume 1, it would be like breaking into a small house full of active kids while it is raining outside.

Trust me, Ravat can't just randomly kill a little girl while risking the chances of getting caught through the techniques of what crime scene investigators use to catch criminals. It doesn't add up that a EX-SHOCKTROOPER can just do point-blank murder out of nowhere and suspect to come out scot-free.

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MobileCrusader11/15/14 12:08pm
He seems bloodthirsty enough to overlook the reasonable, honestly.

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