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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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CalicoYorki4/12/13 6:24pm

A blood knight, love a blood knight.

It seems to me that Ravat is the archetype for a Dark Dreamkeeper -

- For all appearances, his motivation does not lie in riches, women, ruling, or even mortal protection.

He just seriously -loves- getting to kill things. All of the things.

Also - blood knight. If he wanted to, he could have just incapacitated Whip and Mace and captured them, as per Nab-a-Tall's standing - prfft - orders. However, he did all he could to provoke Mace's Power into awakening.


To have fun. Sometimes, I'm -sure- that Ravat gets tired of having no one fun to kill. Powerless chumps are one thing, but children?

Ahhhh children. Children who are awakening their Powers, one by one. And two who have drawn Nabonidus's attention.

It doesn't take being privy to Nabonidus's Secret Circle of Secrecy to know that something is special about Mace and Whip.

Ravat's probably betting that he will have a -killer time- if he provokes Mace into awakening his Power, and using it against him.

btw Decay is so -perfect- for such a despicable creature.

And he is a -stud-

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 12:06pm
Ravat is a very manly wolf-ish creature, indeed. And yeah, he's a sadistic monster, but in an oddly enjoyable way.

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CalicoYorki11/8/13 4:19pm
Bump-dee-bump-bump. I wonder if Ravat could have a guttural Australian accent...

Sometimes, you just need a spectacularly irredeemable villain to liven things up.

Does anyone remember the mention of an incident at a Fallguard tournament? The one that ended up with Powers being outlawed?

I'm thinking that I might know who the Power abuser was who did that.

His name begins with R and ends with -avat.


Who would benefit -most- from Powers being outlawed?

The Nightmares.

Who could have been leading the Nightmares at this time?

Nab-a-Tall. hee hee

Aaand who do we know who serves Nabs and has serious murderification potential?

Yeah. I think about this stuff a lot.


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wildcard11/8/13 5:25pm
I always thought the power attack was a false flag by the city government to justify the toll war.

Though, that doesn't mean he didn't do it.

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MrAerospace11/10/13 5:56pm
Hmm, I tend to think Yorki's on the right track here. The Liddo government wasn't exactly the most level-headed or competent group of politicians around, and with the Bandits already being vilified, a trigger such as that 'attack' would be enough to start a war.
(Hell, even 'good' governments over-react in the same way: I've seen the speed limit of a 6 lane major road drop from 80km/h to 70km/h for no discernible reason except that it happened almost immediately after 5 kids died on the road ... driving at 170km/h+ ... in the one car ... while drunk. Gotta look proactive now don't we?)

However, we can't prove Ravat or Nightmare involvement, nor exclude the government launching a false flag op (using powers or otherwise) nor in fact exclude it from actually being the bandits or just some random catalytic accident.

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ZycantAlpha11/11/13 11:12am
Though, while we can't necessarily link Darks to the Fallout tournament it certainly wasn't the only time that happened. Think of the power-based murder that happened before that. Ravat could easily be linked to that incident as well, and it may be more his style since he's

A) probably sadistic and therefore

B) enjoys watching people suffer. Of course, this is just conjecture on my part.

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Prometheus11/12/13 12:10pm
I tend to think Ravat was involved in that whole Fallguard incident myself. For all we know, Ravat could've been working for Nabonidus during the time of the incident. The Bandits may have strayed too close to something outside of the city that Nabonidus didn't want them to find. So, he had Ravat go on a killing spree at a major sporting event and framed the Bandits for the killings so that the government would react and send an army of soldiers out in retaliation. That's just what I think.

According to the recollection of the massacre in the Timeline, someone with a deadly power was "butchering" the crowd. Since Ravat has the power to completely turn someone into a pile of flesh and bone almost instantly, I just thought of him as the suspect.

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 10:21am

I'm fascinated to see where Ravat comes from.

I get the feeling that Bast would end up like him, if he didn't have people like Vanth early on. Vanth seemed to be a good influence on Bast way back whenever, I'm just guessing though. I personally, however, feel that Ravat really is just walking evil.

Think about the other Dark Dreamkeepers and potential Darks we've seen characterized thus far.

- Wisp is just hopelessly lost, because she believes she -means- something to the group. Nabonidus and Company are her entire -world,- and she becomes furious if anyone challenges the thought that they all love her and cherish her.

- Tinsel is a vain manipulator, and is obviously in this for her own skin. Then again, we don't know much more about her than Ravat - she's vain, petty, and evil, but we don't know how or when she came to serve Nabonidus, nor under what circumstances.

- Randy is in this to save his own skin, and he has -no idea- what he's gotten himself into. I don't think he has a clue, at least.

- Ravat, though, has been stated in an (admittedly outdated) character profile as being driven by his cruelty. I'm not sure which would make him a more excellent villain - if he was once good, and become this way, or was rotten to the core from the start.

I'm also fascinated by Ravat's drive to awaken Mace's Power. Unless we can add blood knight to his resume, I think he must know something more about Mace than he's letting on. I will withhold my theories, but I can say that none of them are exactly pleasant.

I really appreciate such a vile villain.

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MrAerospace2/2/14 2:25am
I'm not sure Ravat does know what Mace's power is. We can be fairly certain Nabonidus has an inkling as to what it is, and if Mace is of interest to him, then surely he's likely to be extremely powerful. If that's the case, and Ravat knew what the power was, then I'd honestly think he'd be a little more weary. I have a feeling Nabonidus is a little annoyed at Ravat for killing Paige, so this little 'test' was a means to remove a dangerous (in)subordinate.

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SuperTurbo42/18/14 4:10pm
Somehow, I get the feeling Ravat's human counterpart is the Joker. Or Hannibal Lecter.

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MobileCrusader2/18/14 4:39pm
I feel that Ravat was attempting to confirm or deny suspicions based around Mace's power. I feel that is why Nabonidus wants him alive.

Ravat could save himself a lot of trouble by finding out Mace is not what they are looking for; one less thorn in his side.

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CalicoYorki10/4/14 8:08pm
I may have found the origins of Ravat's name! Not sure, but maybe!

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DanWithTheHat10/5/14 3:46pm
I can see Ravat driving something that in the DK world. Just replace the gas engine with something spring/air powered.

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Asora10/5/14 6:26pm

Men, I decided to re-post my theory (or theories) about Ravat killing Paige, because, well, I want to state my views again on what was going on here, so, I decided to give my own take on it..........AGAIN! :D

I would like to note that what I have is VERY LONG, so brace your selves. Also, IT HAS BETTER DETAIL! :D

So, WHAT IF, Ravat did not kill Paige at all, but that it could've been the sandman all along, but Ravat, however, stole the credit anyway and lied to Mace about what had happened and trying to get him extremely angry at him, into hopefully activating his power?

Think about this for a sec guys.

Now, chances are, I might be down right wrong. In order to support my theory, I putted in the info of what happened in the events throughout the GNS and also keeping an eye on the detailed settings.

This is how it went down.

On the day of Paige's death and Mace n' Whips departure from the orphanage, we see Ravat as an "Easter Egg" in the page were Mace n' Whip are entering the Market in Vol. 1. Later, the incident between Mace and the sandman happens. While Mace is drowning under water, the sandman sniffs with it's nose and sneaks towards the laundry room. After that, Mace gets rescued by Whip and rushes toward the laundry room, wear he find the remains of Paige's body.

We cut to Namah doing her usual thing, with Vincent accompanying her. Namah sneaks into one of, what looks be like, a pub room. when suddenly, the door bursts open out of nowhere, revealing Ravat. Tinsel then comes in from the other side of the room, only wearing a bathrobe. They both get into an argument, while Ravat soon bringing up in the beginning of the conversation that "he has all ready done the job, now pay up."

What was he considering by "all ready done the job", before Vol. 3?

Before we go deeper, we have to keep an eye on later events.

In the beginning of Vol. 2, we see Tinsel being, well, Tinsel. Suddenly, Wisp comes through the wall and confesses that "she didn't do it, it was all a big accident," and also saying that "he was going to be so surprised!"

She was obviously mentioning about Nabonidus. With a calm and "sarcastic" attitude, Tinsel replies to Wisp saying that (in short) "Well, your in big trouble. There is nothing I can do. All I can say is that you better run, and good luck." After Wisp runs crying through the wall, Tinsel snickers like a b**ch and continues with her business, like a b**ch.

Anyways, we go forward to Vol. 3, we see a scene were Scinter and Igrath are discussing about the search for our main characters in this page here:

On one of the shots, we see Scinter doing his work on data-scrolls, but on those data-scrolls, we catch a glimpse that on one out of five those data-scrolls, which contains a portion of personal info and images on Ravat, but in SHOCKTROOPER UNIFORM, confirming that he is an ex-trooper who used to work for Adurnuna's Law Enforcement.

I will talk about this later.

But for now, we go a little bit further in Vol. 3, were we catch glimpses of Ravat, yet again, with portions of his tail, fur, and pants as "easter eggs", were we see pages of Mace and Whip (sometimes with Bast) investigating.

Now, we go a bit further towards the scene were Ravat confronts Mace, face to face, and "confesses" to him that he was the one who killed Paige during the night of the Sandman attack. While confessing, he messes with Mace, while trying to activate his power by forcing him into fighting the same Sandman from the night of the attack and assaulting him, and by describing how he killed Paige in horrific detail.

Now, this is were we go to - *puts on Sherlock outfit* - DETECTIVE MODE! :D

Lets start off with the day were it all began: The day were CRAZY STUFF went down.

Lets put our eyes on Paige's death scene first. We see that Paige's body has been brutally torn apart, gutted, and multiple remains of her corpse, spreaded apart everywhere, and having her blood being splattered all over the walls. (Dang, even describing the murder scene gives me a cringe.)

When we see Ravat in the next few scenes, he is only armed with a knife in his belt holder (or, whatever you call it).

Now, judging by the way on how Paige's body looks and the way it is damaged, it appears to be that it has been torn apart furiously, like something wanted to just use every single force it had to tear the poor little girl apart until the job was finished. There had to be something such as a weapon that was sharp (yet, claw-like) that had the capability to tear flesh and bone apart very quickly and furiously within a short amount of time................and I think thats were the sandman comes in.

The sandman is perfect for doing damage like on what happened to Paige, and also has other advantages as well. Since the sandman is a nightmare and is a servent/weapon-like being that can follow orders, and act very stealthy, it is less likely to get caught by regular investigating.

But, in Ravat's case however, if he had truly killed Paige, why not just stab her out of nowhere, cut her major arteries, let her bleed to death, OR just cut her throat, and leave quickly and catch the sandman?

In real life, if you commit a murder scene like on what happened to Paige, you are very likely to get caught by the end of the week (if not more, depending on the type of situation), due to today's technology. Another thing is that if Ravat really did it, then he should be pretty worried about the fact that:

1.) He is currently in one of, if not, the largest city in the DK world, that is about 440 miles long, that possibly has millions of civilians in public, has HUGE patrols by law enforcement, and quiet possibly have thousands of surveillance cameras all over the vast area.

2.) He is an ex-shocktrooper and has his personal info and images on the Troika's data-base, possibly including the Law Enforcement's data base as well.

3.) There would be a high possibility that some of his DNA, finger prints, and/or some strains of the hair from his fur could be in the crime scene.

Another thing is that if Ravat really is the sadist of what many fans say (which he is), then why can't he just did the stuff that I just mentioned earlier. Just sneak up to the girl, cover her mouth, stab the crap out of her while she screams and tries to breath, then slice her throat while she cries in agony until she stops moving? I mean, if Ravat can sneak into the Sabboton Towers (ONE OF THE MOST, IF NOT, THE MOST HEAVILY GUARDED BUILDINGS IN THE CITY), then why can't he commit a murder swiftly and cleanly like the one that I told you about earlier?

Also, remember that frame where the sandman crawls toward the laundry room? Even though it was sticking out like a sore thumb, WHY DID David include that shot in the book anyway? It had to serve a good purpose, instead of just giving the viewer a false sense that the sandman killed Paige, but later telling the viewers that it was really Ravat all along. There has to be a better reason.

Now, I think this what went down.

Ravat was hired by Tinsel into trying to get the run-away sandman and mess up Wisp's plans, as ordered by Tinsel. While Whip tries to help Mace from drowning, Ravat finds the sandman in the laundry room, along with Paige's mangled body. Ravat captures the sandman, but leaves a footprint of blood while stepping on little puddles of it in the laundry room.

During the confrontation with Mace n' Whip, Ravat lies to Mace into taking the credit from the sandman into killing Paige, because he felt like he had been beaten by a being that has no conscious and is somewhat weak, yet, it still beaten him to the kill. So, hoping that what he says to Mace that he was the one who did it all along, then it would push Mace towards his breaking point of anger, and some-how activating his power. But he all know that that ended embarrassing for Ravat.

*continued till next part*

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AlextheTeknian10/5/14 9:39pm
Thats a nice theory of Ravat Asora, and hope you dont take this badly but, remember Ravats power is that rotting dark green energy he does and is quite messy, so that is what I tought happened to Paige, specially how he gruesomely describes it to Mace, so it adds evidence that she got rotted to death by Ravat and thats why she ended a gory mess. Now speaking of Ravat he is turning to be a great villain, makes me wonder what more nasty things he will do or what will be discovered of his past, I guess in prelude.

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